The Crusoes of Guiana or The white tiger

Produk Detail:
  • Author : Louis Boussenard
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Pages : 246 pages
  • ISBN :
  • Rating : /5 from reviews
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The White Tiger

The White Tiger
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When he relocates to New Delhi to take a new job, Balram Halwai is disillusioned by the city's materialism and technology-spawned violence, a circumstance that forces him to question his loyalties, ambitions, and past.

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It all began with a dream. A young woman saw a white tiger leap into her lap. It was both auspicious and unlucky -- her son, the fortune-teller said, would grow up with no brothers, and his father's health would be endangered by his birth. That son, however, would have a distinguished career, after going through many misfortunes and dangers. The dream was prophetic. The child was his mother's only male child and his father died of illness when the

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White Tiger, Green Dragon follows the spiritual, erotic and psychic evolution of Tu Ming, a Taoist monk in Old China. Tu is apprenticed in sequence to five female adepts in the discipline known as the “dual cultivation,” a kind of tantra yoga in which sexual techniques replicate states of spiritual progress. This practice culminates in the creation of a spiritual embryo at the moment of enlightenment. The five masters who instruct Tu run the gamut of Chinese folklore characters, including

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White Tigers
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Operating from a clandestine camp on an island off western North Korea, Army Lt. Ben Malcom coordinated the intelligence activities of eleven partisan battalions, including the famous White Tigers. With Malcom's experiences as its focus, White Tigers examines all aspects of guerrilla activities in Korea. This exciting memoir makes an important contribution to the history of special operations.

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On the frozen planet of Kassouk, where a few aliens rule as dieties on a medieval Human world, Tora -- a Human warrior trained by tigers -- seeks her father's murderer. But what she finds at the point of her sword confuses her. How dare Dragomir, the handsome Mutant, question her bloodline and her loyalties? And could a new enemy control the savage hordes of the fringe? Dragomir offers to help, but Humans and Mutants are forbidden to fraternize under

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“With her patented page-singeing sensuality” (Booklist), New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley returns to the primal and passionate world of her Shifters Unbound series as a woman is lured into the shadows of a dangerous manhunt... For twenty years, Kendrick, a white tiger Shifter, has been the Guardian of un-Collared Shifters who spend their lives living in secret—and in fear of being shunted into Shiftertowns. When Kendrick’s group is discovered and forced to flee, Kendrick is more

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A man-eating tigress, a ghost tiger and three children in a thrilling forest adventure When Dev, Diti and Avi are sent to live with their father’s friend in Ratnapur, a remote village by a forest, they find themselves in a whole new world. They make new friends, sight their first tiger and explore the mysteries of the wild. Then one day a tigress is shot dead and the children are caught in a web of intrigue as they join

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White Tiger
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The murder of a Vietnamese woman reawakens wartime trauma for cop John Thinnes and psychiatrist Jack Caleb in an “absolutely gripping” police procedural (Chicago Tribune). After a woman is shot in the Little Saigon neighborhood of Chicago, Detective John Thinnes realizes he knew the victim when he was stationed in Vietnam. In fact, he was the best man when his friend Bobby Lee married Hue An. When an anonymous tip comes in that Thinnes might be the real father of

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Publisher’s note: This book was previously published in 2008. It has been revised for re-release with Ai Press. Japanese police inspector Toshi and his American partner John are back in this sequel to His Beautiful Samurai. Toshi and John are still reeling from their last adventure, dealing with family issues and trying to get ready for Toshi's uncle's funeral. Toshi’s uncle died with a secret that’s kept Toshi tied to his family, unable to fulfill his own life.

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Blue Dragon  White Tiger
  • Author : Chang Sen Feng,Sanfeng Zhang,Shifu Hwang,Cheney Crow
  • Publisher : Singing Dragon
  • Release : 01 November 2012
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Dating from the Tang dynasty, this unusual tantric guide documents a sexual tantra that is thought to have been practiced by kings for several dynasties. The ancient text, translated into English for the first time, carefully describes the methods of this sexual internal alchemy practice in beautiful poetry and prose, with explanatory commentaries.

Touch of the White Tiger

Touch of the White Tiger
  • Author : Julie Beard
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Release : 01 December 2009
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"You're asking me to give up my career to love you? that's not fair, Marco." Angel Baker knew the risks. Every day she put her life on the line to protect those Detective Ric Marco and his overwhelmed police force couldn't. In twenty-second-century Chicago, victims of violent crimes turned to certified retribution specialists like Angel for justice. But when someone started murdering her colleagues, Angel had to unravel a cold-blooded conspiracy that led her to question the integrity--even the identity--of