When Kids Can t Read what Teachers Can Do

Produk Detail:
  • Author : G. Kylene Beers
  • Publisher : Boynton/Cook
  • Pages : 392 pages
  • ISBN : 978186723xxxx
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 7 reviews
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Download or Read online When Kids Can t Read what Teachers Can Do full in PDF, ePub and kindle. this book written by G. Kylene Beers and published by Boynton/Cook which was released on 17 August 2022 with total page 392 pages. We cannot guarantee that When Kids Can t Read what Teachers Can Do book is available in the library, click Get Book button and read full online book in your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile whenever and wherever You Like. A guide to help teachers reach struggling readers offers practical strategies, classroom skills, and activities.

The Digital Reader

The Digital Reader
  • Author : Terence W. Cavanaugh
  • Publisher : ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ
  • Release : 17 August 2022
GET THIS BOOK The Digital Reader

The rapidly increasing availability and low cost of e-book technology make it perfect for schools and educators looking to expand their resources for readers. This book introduces the unique features that have established e-books as a powerful, effective learning tool for all grade levels and for students with special needs. It includes descriptions and illustrations of the most popular e-book formats and programs, as well as dozens of practical ideas for using e-books for reading instruction, personal productivity, and curricular

Teaching to Complexity A Framework to Evaluate Literary and Content Area Texts

Teaching to Complexity  A Framework to Evaluate Literary and Content Area Texts
  • Author : Cappiello, Mary Ann
  • Publisher : Shell Education
  • Release : 01 March 2017
GET THIS BOOK Teaching to Complexity A Framework to Evaluate Literary and Content Area Texts

As an important tool for instruction and text selection, Teaching to Text Complexity helps teachers learn to evaluate children's and young adult literature and informational text for quality and complexity to support rigorous literacy and content learning. In addition, this timely resource explores how instructional purpose shapes not only the kinds of curricular texts used, but also considers their complexity relative to readers. By offering a framework for text selection, this book helps teachers more deeply understand text complexity in

Why Kids Can t Read

Why Kids Can t Read
  • Author : Patrick R. Riccards,Phyllis Blaunstein,Reid Lyon
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release : 18 December 2014
GET THIS BOOK Why Kids Can t Read

This book takes the reader step-by-step through an understanding of the research on reading and ways in which a single, determined person can make a difference in the learning ability of every student in our nation's schools.

Doing What Works

Doing What Works
  • Author : Judy Tilton Brunner
  • Publisher : R&L Education
  • Release : 12 January 2013
GET THIS BOOK Doing What Works

Doing What Works: Literacy Strategies for the Next Level will assist educators as they support students in the mastery of vocabulary, comprehension, and study skills required by the Common Core State Standards.

Management in the Active Classroom

Management in the Active Classroom
  • Author : Ron Berger,Dina Strasser
  • Publisher : EL Education
  • Release : 01 February 2021
GET THIS BOOK Management in the Active Classroom

About Management in the Active Classroom: A well-managed classroom almost runs itself. Students are focused and respectful, whether they are silent at their desks or active throughout the classroom—collaborating, experimenting, discovering, and creating. This book is a guide for teachers who want their classrooms to run well in all settings, where students are self-directed and self-disciplined learners. It is a book of proven, practical strategies harvested from successful schools across the United States. Strategies are described in concrete language,

Keep Them Reading

Keep Them Reading
  • Author : ReLeah Cossett Lent,Gloria Pipkin
  • Publisher : Teachers College Press
  • Release : 25 April 2015
GET THIS BOOK Keep Them Reading

Keep Them Reading is a concise handbook for teachers, librarians, administrators, and district personnel about how to prevent censorship in a school or district—and what to do if it happens. Written by two award-winning authors who have devoted much of their careers to anti-censorship work, this book discusses the overall importance of reading in all academic endeavors and demonstrates how challenges and censorship can derail even the best literacy program. Each chapter contains practical tools, advice, and resources for

New Teachers in Urban Schools Journeys Toward Social Equity Teaching

New Teachers in Urban Schools  Journeys Toward Social Equity Teaching
  • Author : Althier M. Lazar,Leslie M. Reich
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release : 07 March 2016
GET THIS BOOK New Teachers in Urban Schools Journeys Toward Social Equity Teaching

This volume informs the reader about new teachers in urban underserved schools and their development as teachers for social equity. The accounts of five novice teachers who grew up outside the communities in which they teach lead to chapters that contain advice for teacher educators, future and current teachers, and school leaders. These early career teachers learned much about bridging the cultural divide between themselves and their students, confronted and resolved big challenges that may immobilize some who set out

The Apple Shouldn t Fall Far from Common Core

The Apple Shouldn t Fall Far from Common Core
  • Author : Denise Skarbek
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release : 18 December 2015
GET THIS BOOK The Apple Shouldn t Fall Far from Common Core

The purpose of The Apple Shouldn’t Fall Far From Common Core: Teaching Techniques to Include All students is to offer teacher candidates, teachers, teacher educators, administrators, and other education professionals evidence based interventions to use when developing and implementing common core state standards or adopted state standards to children considered at-risk, English Language Learners, and students having disabilities.

Smuggling Writing

Smuggling Writing
  • Author : Karen D. Wood,D. Bruce Taylor,Katie Stover Kelly
  • Publisher : Corwin Press
  • Release : 30 October 2015
GET THIS BOOK Smuggling Writing

Can you sneak more writing into your already-jammed curriculum? Smuggling Writing shows how to integrate writing seamlessly into your lesson plans, with 32 written response activities that help students process information and ideas in short, powerful sessions. The authors invigorate time-tested tools and organize them into sections on Vocabulary and Concept Development, Comprehension, Discussion, and Research & Inquiry. Each strategy: Takes students through before, during, and after reading/learning Provides engaging digital applications Includes sample lessons Details connections to Common Core State

Focus on Text

Focus on Text
  • Author : Amy Benjamin
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 25 June 2014
GET THIS BOOK Focus on Text

As schools shift to the Common Core, many English language arts teachers are left with questions about how their classrooms should look. Is fiction out? Can I still do strategy instruction? Does close reading mean deliberating on each word? Finally, there’s a resource with all of these answers and more. In Focus on Text, bestselling author Amy Benjamin provides practical guidance on how to realistically implement the Common Core reading standards. Part I of the book examines misconceptions about

Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers

Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers
  • Author : Jan Lacina,Cecilia Silva
  • Publisher : SAGE Publications
  • Release : 08 February 2010
GET THIS BOOK Cases of Successful Literacy Teachers

Using teaching vignettes, cases for exploration, and research in the field, this text provides preservice and inservice teachers with effective, research-based literacy strategies they can use to improve their practice to best serve students from diverse backgrounds. The cases—based in urban, rural, and suburban settings—help teachers make connections between classroom challenges and the research literature that can help them to become problem solvers and reflective practitioners.

Struggling Readers Can Succeed

Struggling Readers Can Succeed
  • Author : Nina L. Nilsson,Sandra E. Gandy
  • Publisher : IAP
  • Release : 01 May 2013
GET THIS BOOK Struggling Readers Can Succeed

In spite of No Child Left Behind and the support provided by Response To Intervention, significant numbers of students continue to struggle with literacy. This text addresses learning-related needs of individual students in addition to interventions for the challenges they face. Struggling readers represent many different ethnicities, socio-economic levels, languages, and dialects in any combination and possess an even wider variety of social, cultural, motivational, literacy, and real world experiences. Through the presentation of case studies, this book considers these

Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs

Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs
  • Author : Barbara Combs
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Release : 07 April 2011
GET THIS BOOK Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs

"Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs: Cases and Instructional Strategies is designed to help preservice and inservice teachers understand the problems that children encounter when learning to read and to provide key instructional strategies related to best practices in literacy instruction. The text promotes reflection and analysis that will provoke thoughtful responses and discussions to help teachers use assessments to identify problems and employ appropriate strategies to help their students become better readers"-- Provided by publisher.