The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings

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  • Author : Peter Sawyer
  • Publisher : Oxford Illustrated History
  • Pages : 298 pages
  • ISBN : 9780192854346
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 2 reviews
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Download or Read online The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings full in PDF, ePub and kindle. this book written by Peter Sawyer and published by Oxford Illustrated History which was released on 18 May 2022 with total page 298 pages. We cannot guarantee that The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings book is available in the library, click Get Book button and read full online book in your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile whenever and wherever You Like. Covers the different geographical areas of the Viking world, and traces the Viking story from the first raids on isolated coastal communities toward the end of the eighth century to the establishing of permanent settlements


  • Author : W. B. Bartlett
  • Publisher : Amberley Publishing Limited
  • Release : 15 November 2019

A comprehensive new history of the infamous Vikings. Those men and women raided and traded their way into history whilst at the same time helping to build new nations in Scandinavia and beyond.

Vikings in America

Vikings in America
  • Author : Graeme Davis
  • Publisher : Birlinn
  • Release : 23 May 2011
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The first book to tackle the subject in forty years, the true extent of the Viking discovery and colonisation of the eastern seaboard of America is fully examined, taking into account the new archaeological, linguistic and DNA evidence which supplements the historic account. When Columbus claimed to have discovered America in 1492, and the Borgia Pope claimed it as a New World for Catholic Spain, the Vatican started a 500 hundred year conspiracy to conceal the true story of Viking America. In

The Vikings Classic Histories Series

The Vikings  Classic Histories Series
  • Author : Magnus Magnusson
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Release : 06 October 2016
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The Vikings hold a particular place in the history of the West, both symbolically and in the significant impact they had on Northern Europe. Magnus Magnusson's indispensable study of this great period presents a rounded and fascinating picture of a people who, in modern eyes, would seem to embody striking contradictions. They were undoubtedly pillagers, raiders and terrifying warriors, but they were also great pioneers, artists and traders - a dynamic people, whose skill and daring in their exploration of

Carolingian Coinage and the Vikings

Carolingian Coinage and the Vikings
  • Author : Simon Coupland
  • Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
  • Release : 18 May 2022
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This volume brings together for the first time Simon Coupland's series of significant articles on Carolingian coinage. The author draws out the economic and political implications of coin types and coin hoards from the reign of Charlemagne to the Edict of Pîtres in 864. This numismatic survey is complemented by other studies which use the evidence of coinage and contemporary texts to consider aspects of trade and power in the ninth century, particularly the impact of the Viking raids.


  • Author : Hourly History
  • Publisher : Hourly History
  • Release : 11 April 2016

The saga of the Vikings rises and falls on the banks of history, ebbing and flowing with popular opinion and whimsical anecdotes. The Vikings are routinely typecast and labeled anywhere from bloodthirsty tyrants to valiant heroes. They have been condemned as pirates and praised as explorers. We have all heard the stories of the fierce warriors with long ships and horned helmets storming onto the shores of medieval Europe; but who were these men really? Inside your will read about... ✓


  • Author : Martin J Dougherty
  • Publisher : Amber Books Ltd
  • Release : 01 February 2014

“From the fury of the Northmen, good Lord deliver us.” – Anonymous monk, Noirmoutier, France, 9th century AD Beginning in 789AD, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked cities and invaded western Europe. They looted and enslaved their enemies. But that is only part of their story. In long boats they discovered Iceland and America (both by accident) and also sailed up the Seine to Paris (which they sacked). They settled from Newfoundland to Russia, founded Dublin and fought battles as far afield

Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments

Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments
  • Author : Elsebeth Lavold
  • Publisher : Trafalgar Square Books
  • Release : 30 October 2021
GET THIS BOOK Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments

Traditional knot and interlace patterns, combined to form uniquely striking contemporary designs. Ever since her ground-breaking book Viking Patterns for Knitting was published, Elsebeth Lavold has been recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cabling. It was within the pages of her international bestseller—described as “an indispensable milestone in 20th century knitting literature”—that Lavold first introduced the world to her own innovation: using lifted increases to create interlace patterns, and bringing new life to the

Kings and Vikings

Kings and Vikings
  • Author : P.H. Sawyer
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 15 April 2013
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Professor Sawyer offers some new interpretations of the development of Scandinavian society and history of the Christian conversion.

The Vikings

The Vikings
  • Author : Martyn Whittock,Hannah Whittock
  • Publisher : Lion Books
  • Release : 16 March 2018

The popular image of the Vikings is of tall red-headed men, raping and pillaging their way around the coast of Europe, stopping only to ransack monasteries and burn longships. But the violent Vikings of the 8th century became the pious Christians of the 11th century, who gave gold crosses to Christian churches and in whose areas of rule pagan idols were destroyed and churches were built. So how did this radical transformation happen, and why? What difference did it make

Craved Captured Claimed Viking Warriors Dark Romance Trilogy

Craved  Captured  Claimed   Viking Warriors Dark Romance Trilogy
  • Author : Emmanuelle de Maupassant
  • Publisher : Emmanuelle de Maupassant
  • Release : 28 May 2021
GET THIS BOOK Craved Captured Claimed Viking Warriors Dark Romance Trilogy

A woman enslaved. A battle of passion and loss in a dark and dangerous world. Three rivals seek to possess Elswyth. To take her liberty. To make her their pawn. Caught in a storm of jealousy and passion, her life hangs in the balance. Just as she believes herself safe, an unseen enemy drags her to the depths of desire. Elswyth must fight if she wants to survive. Before she loses herself completely. A pulse-pounding dark romance you won't be

Only Heathen Vikings

Only Heathen Vikings
  • Author : David James Smith
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 13 September 2017
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A story of Heathen Vikings enabling Cinaed (or Kenneth) MacAlpin take over Christian Scotland. Cattan, warrior priest and Chief of the Clan Chattan, converted the ambitious, Kenneth of Dal Riada and became his personal advisor. Follow James who became the caretaker Chief, forming alliances against the greater threat of raiding Vikings, by a circumnavigation of mainland Britain noting changes of the time and developing tactics to fight back. The Chattan Fleet's reputation was such, that neither Dane nor Norse wished

Vikings at War

Vikings at War
  • Author : Kim Hjardar,Vegard Vike
  • Publisher : Casemate Publishers
  • Release : 22 November 2016
GET THIS BOOK Vikings at War

An illustrated guide to Viking warfare from strategy and weapons to culture and tradition: “a very excellent introduction to the Viking age as a whole” (Justin Pollard, historical consultant for the Amazon television series Vikings). From the time when sailing was first introduced to Scandinavia, Vikings reached virtually every corner of Europe and even America with their raids and conquests. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounters between cultures also brought immense change to

The Viking Age Vol 1 2

The Viking Age  Vol  1 2
  • Author : Paul B. Du Chaillu
  • Publisher : e-artnow
  • Release : 19 February 2021
GET THIS BOOK The Viking Age Vol 1 2

The Viking Age in two volumes as a broad study of the early history, manners, and customs of the ancestors of the English-speaking nations. He labored for eight and a half years and carefully read hundreds of Sagas that describe the life of the people who inhabited the Scandinavian Peninsula from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages (including literary remains). This scholarly work demonstrates what is now generally recognized, the importance of the Norse, including Norway, Sweden, and Denmark