Toyota Culture The Heart And Soul Of The Toyota Way

✏Book Title : Toyota Culture The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way
✏Author : Jeffrey K. Liker
✏Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
✏Release Date : 2008-01-10
✏Pages : 288
✏ISBN : 9780071712576
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Toyota Culture The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way Book Summary : Winner of the Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publication, 2009 The international bestseller The Toyota Way explained the company's success by introducing a revolutionary 4P model for organizational excellence-Philosophy, People, Process, and Problem Solving. Now, in Toyota Culture, preeminent Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus reveal how Toyota selects, develops, and motivates its people to become committed to building high-quality products-and how you can do the same for your company. Toyota Culture examines the “human systems” that Toyota has put in place to instill its founding principles of trust, mutual prosperity, and excellence in its plants, dealerships, and offices around the world. Beginning with a look at the evolution of the Toyota culture and why its people are the heart and soul of the Toyota Way, the authors explain the company's four-stage process for building and keeping quality people: Attract, Develop, Engage, and Inspire. Drawing upon numerous examples from Liker's decades of research as well as Hoseus' insider access as a Toyota manager, Toyota Culture gives you the tools you need to: Find competent, able, and willing employees Start training and socializing your people as you hire them Establish and communicate key business performance indicators at every level of your organization Train your people to solve problems and continuously improve processes in their daily work Develop leaders who live and teach your company's philosophy Reward top performance-and offer help to those who are struggling Fascinating vignettes of Toyota's innovative culture highlight the nuances of translating and recreating a people-centric culture in factories and offices across the globe. These exclusive, behind-the-scenes details are just what your company needs to successfully learn from The Toyota Culture.

📒People Process And Culture ✍ Jeffrey P. Wincel

✏Book Title : People Process and Culture
✏Author : Jeffrey P. Wincel
✏Publisher : CRC Press
✏Release Date : 2013-04-23
✏Pages : 156
✏ISBN : 9781466557901
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏People Process and Culture Book Summary : Examining Lean processes in the context of the authors’ academic research in-progress, People, Process, & Culture: Lean Manufacturing in the Real World illustrates the impact of culture on the implementation of Lean Manufacturing (LM) across various geographic and cultural areas. It identifies cultural values, as examined against Lean manufacturing disciplines, and derives culturally based Lean Manufacturing (LM) values. It then assesses these cultural values in light of specific LM components, such as PULL systems and TPM, to demonstrate varying perspectives and applications. Illustrates global cultural influences on Lean implementation Uses academic research as the foundation of the material Examines the many Lean components currently in use around the world Building on the continued prominence of LM as the preferred operational approach, the book supplies time-tested advice to help you sort through the flood of information on Lean techniques and culture. It examines the numerous Lean components currently being deployed successfully around the world and identifies the limitations that can result from the varying interpretations and applications of Lean systems. Lean culture is all about Lean vision, mission, and values. This book not only identifies the Lean values required, but also supplies the understanding to integrate these values across all levels of your organization. The book will be especially helpful to international corporate managers working to demystify the sometimes hard-to-understand characteristics of Lean transformation.

✏Book Title : New Directions in Nursing Education An Issue of Nursing Clinics E Book
✏Author : Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2012-11-15
✏Pages : 240
✏ISBN : 9781455747283
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏New Directions in Nursing Education An Issue of Nursing Clinics E Book Book Summary : This issue of Nursing Clinics of North America, Guest Edited by Mary Ellen Smith Glasgow, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, will focus on New Developments in Nursing Education: A Focus on Contemporary Content, Pedagogies, Deans, Trends, with article topics including: Game-based E-Learning; Incorporating Evidence-Based Care of Individuals with Developmental/Cognitive Disabilities into the Curriculum; Doctor of Nursing Practice Graduate as Faculty Members; Clinical Nursing Education Evaluation and Re-Design; Transdisciplinary Simulation; New Dean of Nursing: Lessons Learned; Promoting a Healthy Workplace for Nursing Faculty; Nursing Education Trends; Learning from Business; Focusing Curricula on Primary Care, Health Promotion, and Public Health in Light of Health Care Reform; Genetics in the Nursing Curriculum; and A National Study of Doctoral Nursing Faculty.

✏Book Title : Lean Led Hospital Design
✏Author : Naida Grunden
✏Publisher : CRC Press
✏Release Date : 2012-03-16
✏Pages : 338
✏ISBN : 9781466558359
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Lean Led Hospital Design Book Summary : Instead of building new hospitals that import old systems and problems, the time has come to reexamine many of our ideas about what a hospital should be. Can a building foster continuous improvement? How can we design it to be flexible and useful well into the future? How can we do more with less?Winner of a 2013 Shingo Prize for Operational Excell

✏Book Title : Perioperative Safety E Book
✏Author : Donna S. Watson
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2010-03-08
✏Pages : 424
✏ISBN : 9780323081603
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Perioperative Safety E Book Book Summary : The only book devoted to this increasingly important issue, Perioperative Safety helps you reduce risk in a setting where even small errors can lead to life-threatening complications. Expert author Donna Watson addresses essential safety principles and concepts, covering patient safety with topics such as the latest safety strategies and initiatives, perioperative safe medication use, preventing infections, anesthesia safety, normothermia management, and electrosurgery. Coverage of staff and workplace safety helps you minimize risk with bloodborne pathogens, latex allergy, the use of lasers, and radiation exposure. Case studies show the application of safety concepts in real-world situations. Unique! The only book devoted to the increasingly important issue of perioperative safety, where small errors can lead to life-threatening complications. Unique! Highly qualified writers are some of the leading experts in the perioperative field, so material is up to date and emphasizes the most important information. Unique! Clinical Points boxes call attention to key points in promoting safety for both patients and staff in the perioperative setting. Unique! Case studies describe real-life scenarios related to promoting patient safety. Figures and tables are used to support important content.

✏Book Title : Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2016
✏Author : Ershi Qi
✏Publisher : Springer
✏Release Date : 2017-03-07
✏Pages : 309
✏ISBN : 9789462392557
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2016 Book Summary : International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is sponsored by Chinese Industrial Engineering Institution, CMES, which is the unique national-level academic society of Industrial Engineering. The conference is held annually as the major event in this area. Being the largest and the most authoritative international academic conference held in China, it supplies an academic platform for the experts and the entrepreneurs in International Industrial Engineering and Management area to exchange their research results. Many experts in various fields from China and foreign countries gather together in the conference to review, exchange, summarize and promote their achievements in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management fields. Some experts pay special attention to the current situation of the related techniques application in China as well as their future prospect, such as Industry 4.0, Green Product Design, Quality Control and Management, Supply Chain and logistics Management to cater for the purpose of low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction and so on. They also come up with their assumption and outlook about the related techniques' development. The proceedings will offer theatrical methods and technique application cases for experts from college and university, research institution and enterprises who are engaged in theoretical research of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management and its technique's application in China. As all the papers are feathered by higher level of academic and application value, they also provide research data for foreign scholars who occupy themselves in investigating the enterprises and engineering management of Chinese style.

📒Learn Or Die ✍ Edward D. Hess

✏Book Title : Learn or Die
✏Author : Edward D. Hess
✏Publisher : Columbia University Press
✏Release Date : 2014-09-30
✏Pages : 288
✏ISBN : 9780231538275
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Learn or Die Book Summary : To compete with today's increasing globalization and rapidly evolving technologies, individuals and organizations must take their ability to learn—the foundation for continuous improvement, operational excellence, and innovation—to a much higher level. In Learn or Die, Edward D. Hess combines recent advances in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and education with key research on high-performance businesses to create an actionable blueprint for becoming a leading-edge learning organization. Learn or Die examines the process of learning from an individual and an organizational standpoint. From an individual perspective, the book discusses the cognitive, emotional, motivational, attitudinal, and behavioral factors that promote better learning. Organizationally, Learn or Die focuses on the kinds of structures, culture, leadership, employee learning behaviors, and human resource policies that are necessary to create an environment that enables critical and innovative thinking, learning conversations, and collaboration. The volume also provides strategies to mitigate the reality that humans can be reflexive, lazy thinkers who seek confirmation of what they believe to be true and affirmation of their self-image. Exemplar learning organizations discussed include the secretive Bridgewater Associates, LP; Intuit, Inc.; United Parcel Service (UPS); W. L. Gore & Associates; and IDEO.

📒Agile Procurement ✍ Bernardo Nicoletti

✏Book Title : Agile Procurement
✏Author : Bernardo Nicoletti
✏Publisher : Springer
✏Release Date : 2017-09-19
✏Pages : 281
✏ISBN : 9783319610856
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Agile Procurement Book Summary : This book is the second of two volumes presenting a business model to add value through Procurement. Including several case studies of successful implementation, it demonstrates how the increasing complexity of the business environment requires a significant intervention on the management of processes and information within individual organizations and through inter-company relations. Agile Procurement presents the application of the Agile method which optimizes and digitizes processes in order to reduce wastage and defects. As a method, tool and a culture aimed at effectiveness, efficiency and economy of organizations, Agile Procurement requires a change of paradigm. This volume examines these areas of improvement and presents best practice in the digitization of the processes. The last chapter examines the near future developments of the procurement, which the author labels Procurement 4.0. It presents also how new solutions, like Blockchain, could revolutionize procurement.

✏Book Title : Toyota Culture
✏Author : Liker
✏Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill Education
✏Release Date :
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 0070264503
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Toyota Culture Book Summary : Toyota Culture examines the human systems that Toyota has put in place to instill its founding principles of trust, mutual prosperity, and excellence in its plants, dealerships, and offices around the world. Beginning with a look at the evolution of the Toyota culture and why its people are the heart and soul of the Toyota Way, the authors explain the company's four-stage process for building and keeping quality people: Attract, Develop, Engage, and Inspire.

✏Book Title : Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results
✏Author : Doug Herald
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2015-06-22
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 0692471936
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results Book Summary : The timeless treasures found in the book of Nehemiah give practical advice for leadership in one's personal and professional life. Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results is designed to move people forward through giving sound principles and systems that work regardless of what stage of life or profession you are in. This book helps you define you "why," or "purpose," and then helps you develop a plan and accountability system in order to achieve your goals and build character in the process. It discusses the PDCA process, (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust), which when applied to any desired goal, allows for overall growth and forward movement. The book discusses creating a culture of respect, thanksgiving, and trust. Whether this is inside one's home or in a business, culture will define how people respond to others. Conflict management, problem-solving strategies, people engagement, and more are all found in talked about in applicable ways. We all influence people, but are you ready to be intentional about leading and making a difference? "If you're looking for a book to help you develop a culture of continuous improvement and mutual trust and respect in your organization, Relevant Leadership Revolutionary Results is for you. Herald and Sparks have mined countless gems from a "not so well known" book and character in the bible, Nehemiah. They illustrate how we can operate today with the same principles Nehemiah did then. To have vision and purpose, care about the people you "serve" as a leader and get phenomenal results. This and other timeless principles of leadership and life are brought to life with present day examples and stories that will help us all "continually improve" in the workplace, family or any other organization." - Mike Hoseus, Co-Author "Toyota Culture, The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way"