The Winter Fortress

📒The Winter Fortress ✍ Neal Bascomb

✏Book Title : The Winter Fortress
✏Author : Neal Bascomb
✏Publisher : Head of Zeus
✏Release Date : 2016-05-05
✏Pages : 400
✏ISBN : 9781784977030
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Winter Fortress Book Summary : It's 1942 and the Nazis are racing to build an atomic bomb. They have the physicists, but they don't have enough 'heavy water' – essential for their nuclear designs. For two years, the Nazis have occupied Norway, and with it the Vemork hydroelectric plant, the world's sole supplier of heavy water. Under threat of death, its engineers push production into overtime. For the Allies, Vemork must be destroyed. But how could they reach the plant, high in a mountainous valley? The answer became the most dramatic commando raid of the war: the British SOE brought together a brilliant scientist and eleven refugee Norwegian commandos, who, with little more than parachutes, skis and tommy guns, would destroy Hitler's nuclear ambitions. Based on exhaustive research and never-before-seen diaries and letters, The Winter Fortress is a compulsively readable narrative about a group of young men who survived the cold of a Norwegian winter and evaded the clutches of the Gestapo, to save the world from destruction.

✏Book Title : Summary of the Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb Conversation Starters
✏Author : Bookhabits
✏Publisher : Blurb
✏Release Date : 2018-01-17
✏Pages : 68
✏ISBN : 1389003299
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Summary of the Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb Conversation Starters Book Summary : The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb: Conversation Starters The Winter Fortress is the newest novel from historical writer Neal Bascomb. It is the story of the men who went into a hydroelectric plant in Norway to stop the Nazis from creating an atomic bomb in World War II. During World War II, The Allied Forces and the Nazis were in a race to build the atomic bomb first. The Nazis were close to producing an atomic bomb, but they did not have the "heavy water" they needed. After they took over Norway, they found it in a hydroelectric plant. The Allies knew they would have to destroy the plant, but trying to do that would prove difficult. Eventually, The Allies were able to devise a plan to infiltrate the plant and stop the Nazis before they could win the war. The Winter Fortress by Neal Bascomb became a bestseller for The New York Times, and it was a Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee in 2016. The book was also optioned for a film by Scott Rudin. A Brief Look Inside: EVERY GOOD BOOK CONTAINS A WORLD FAR DEEPER than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive, and the characters and its world still live on. Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to bring us beneath the surface of the page and invite us into the world that lives on. These questions can be used to... Create Hours of Conversation: - Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups - Foster a deeper understanding of the book - Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately - Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen before Disclaimer: This book you are about to enjoy is an independent resource meant to supplement the original book. If you have not yet read the original book, we encourage you to before purchasing this unofficial Conversation Starters.

✏Book Title : Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress
✏Author : Peter Tyson
✏Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
✏Release Date : 2012-05-31
✏Pages : 219
✏ISBN : 9781449314941
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress Book Summary : The author presents a guide to the computer game Dwarf Fortress, playable on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X-based computers, with the author focusing on the game's simulation mode and how to establish and maintain a Dwarf Fortress city, manage its resources and train a dwarf military--

✏Book Title : The Winter Palace A novel of the young Catherine the Great
✏Author : Eva Stachniak
✏Publisher : Random House
✏Release Date : 2012-01-19
✏Pages : 512
✏ISBN : 9781446487242
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Winter Palace A novel of the young Catherine the Great Book Summary : When Vavara, a young Polish orphan, arrives at the glittering, dangerous court of the Empress Elizabeth in St Petersburg, she is schooled in skills ranging from lock-picking to love-making, learning above all else to stay silent - and listen. Then Sophie, a vulnerable young princess, arrives from Prussia as a prospective bride for the Empress's heir. Set to spy on her, Vavara soon becomes her friend and confidante, and helps her navigate the illicit liaisons and the treacherous shifting allegiances of the court. But Sophie's destiny is to become the notorious Catherine the Great. Are her ambitions more lofty and far-reaching than anyone suspected, and will she stop at nothing to achieve absolute power?

📒The Winter Vault ✍ Anne Michaels

✏Book Title : The Winter Vault
✏Author : Anne Michaels
✏Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
✏Release Date : 2009-06-15
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 9781408805770
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Winter Vault Book Summary : Egypt, 1964. The great temple at Abu Simbel must be rescued from the rising waters of the Aswan Dam. Block by block it is to be dismantled and resurrected sixty metres higher. This most delicate and daunting of tasks is overseen by Avery, a young engineer who at the same time is carefully, and joyfully, constructing a shared life with his new wife, Jean. But not everything can be saved once the floodgates have opened. Villages will be deluged. Graves will be moved. Thousands will be exiled from their ancient homes and from the river that has been their lifeblood, and no feat of engineering can prevent this. As the temple is taken apart and rebuilt, Avery and Jean suffer a terrible loss of their own. Their separate journeys through the landscape of grief will take them from Egypt, to Canada, to lands that have been flooded and reconfigured and homes that have been lost, to a guerrilla painter of the past whose story of destruction, reconstruction and replication in war-devastated Poland is built out of equal parts hope and despair. Weaving historical moments with the quiet intimacy of human lives, The Winter Vault tells of the ways in which we salvage what we can from the violence of life. It is the story of a husband and a wife trying to find their way back to each other; of people and nations displaced and uprooted and of the myriad means by which we all seek out a place we can call home. It is a breathtaking and heartbreaking novel about the inescapability of memories, the devastation of loss, and the restorative power of love.

✏Book Title : Finnish Military Effectiveness in the Winter War 1939 1940
✏Author : Pasi Tuunainen
✏Publisher : Springer
✏Release Date : 2016-06-25
✏Pages : 266
✏ISBN : 9781137446060
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Finnish Military Effectiveness in the Winter War 1939 1940 Book Summary : This book analyzes the multi-faceted phenomenon of Finnish military effectiveness in the Winter War (1939–40). Drawing on a wide array of primary and secondary sources, Pasi Tuunainen shows how by focusing on their own strengths and pitting these against the weaknesses of their adversary, the Finns were able to inflict heavy casualties on the Red Army whilst minimizing their own losses. The Finns were able to use their resources for effective operational purposes, and perform almost to their full potential. The Finnish small-unit tactics utilized the terrain and Arctic conditions for which they had prepared themselves, as well as forming cohesive units of well-motivated and qualitatively better professional leaders and citizen soldiers who could innovate and adapt. The Finnish Army had highly effective logistics, support and supply systems that kept the troops fighting.

📒The Winter Years Of World War Ii ✍ Freia Hooper-Bradford

✏Book Title : The Winter Years of World War II
✏Author : Freia Hooper-Bradford
✏Publisher : iUniverse
✏Release Date : 2007-03
✏Pages : 440
✏ISBN : 9780595432172
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Winter Years of World War II Book Summary : Walk with one German family on the most extraordinary journey through the Third Reich, on battlefields from Africa to Russia, in a Nazi-crazed village and bombed cities. A riveting human drama based on true events and the author's family. Beautiful Alice is a Lightening Girl in the Luftwaffe, in a highly secret bunker near Hitler's bunker. Karl faces death in a notorious Nazi political prison. Thousands die of cruel treatment. For Alfred, every crossing of the Mediterranean to Africa to supply Rommel, might be the last. Hundreds of ships are torpedoed, bombed and blown up. Will Charlotte's two children in Bavaria grow up without a father? Oma and Opa cling to the hope that Chemnitz will be spared the bombings and firestorms of other cities, but Chemnitz too must crash and burn under thousands of bombs. Colonel Baron Uli von Boxberg faces a hopeless last battle in Leipzig and starvation in a brutal POW camp that to this day is not publicized in American historical archives. Joachim has been wounded twice but must return to war. The Russians throw him into a cellar in Berlin where every morning begins with executions. Heinz is certain that his days in Berlin are numbered when the Russians enter the suburbs. If he does not escape he will no doubt be slaughtered in the last hopeless battle along with his entire ragtag army. Oma obstinately believes that someday her family will reunite. The news gives her little hope. With no mail and smashed trains there is harldy a chance to know if any of the family will return. A rare insight into little known historical events and places adds intrigue to a war story of epic proportions as well as a story of love and determination.

✏Book Title : The Original Garden of Eden Discovered and the Final Solution of the Mystery of the Woman the Tree and the Serpent
✏Author : John Martin Woolsey
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1910
✏Pages : 512
✏ISBN : HARVARD:32044051738748
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Original Garden of Eden Discovered and the Final Solution of the Mystery of the Woman the Tree and the Serpent Book Summary :

✏Book Title : The Works of Shakespear The comedy of errors The winter s tale The life and death of King John King Richard II
✏Author : William Shakespeare
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1768
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : NYPL:33433074894977
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Works of Shakespear The comedy of errors The winter s tale The life and death of King John King Richard II Book Summary :

📒Let S Go To Israel ✍ Rick Hill

✏Book Title : Let s Go to Israel
✏Author : Rick Hill
✏Publisher : First Edition Design Pub.
✏Release Date : 2012-11-08
✏Pages : 96
✏ISBN : 9781622870745
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Let s Go to Israel Book Summary : This guide is useful whether you are traveling to Israel with a group or studying about Israel in your home. It is filled with practical information that will enhance your tour experience and deepen your personal knowledge of the Land of the Bible and Bible times. It is designed to help both young and mature Christ-followers to grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures. But it can be used by anyone interested in knowing more about Israel, Christ-follower or not. There are a variety of maps and personal photos in this guide. Many of the maps I created with Accordance Software, which will be consistent throughout the guide. The maps and photos will help you to visualize the topic or land area you are reading about. There is a list of the major sites in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in alphabetical order. There is also a Quick Bible Reference Guide to assist you in finding more Scriptures about various sites in the Holy Land. Many people who travel to Israel wonder about communicating with the locals on their trip. This is a problem that you will hardly ever experience on a tour. However, to get a feel for the language, there is a section of important words, phrases, and prayers that will be helpful on your trip. I have included a section on terminology--a glossary of common words, names, and events found in the Bible and in history. There are biographies of many important historical and biblical characters. Learning about them in advance will enhance your time in Israel. They will 'come alive' as you see them in the context of their time. Finally, to organize the material, I have divided this guide into three sections: Section I: Getting Ready for the Trip Section II: Getting Acquainted with the Holy Land Section III: Additional Reference Material. I have told the many guests on my tours that with just a ten-day trip to the Holy Land, they will know as much or more Bible History and Geography than most first year Bible College students. I believe this to be true. When you can put the events, places, and characters of the Bible in their context, it really comes alive. You will never read your Bible the same again! Happy traveling, everyone! Author Bio: Pastor Rick was born in Arizona and raised in Southern California. He is an alumnus of San Diego State University, West Coast Christian College, Melodyland School of Theology, and California Graduate School of Theology. Rick has served the Christian community as pastor, missionary, and conference speaker. He is the founding pastor of Hillside Community Church in Julian, California where he now serves as senior pastor. He is married to Janet, his wife of 35 years. keywords: Christian, Israel, Tours, Holy Land, Travel, Jesus, God, Guides, Religion, Bible"