The Search For Modern China By Jonathan Spence Pdf For Free

📒The Search For Modern China ✍ Jonathan D. Spence

✏Book Title : The Search for Modern China
✏Author : Jonathan D. Spence
✏Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
✏Release Date : 1990
✏Pages : 876
✏ISBN : 0393307808
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Search for Modern China Book Summary : Covering more than four centuries of Chinese history, this work chronicles the various dynasties, the ideas of reformist Confucian scholars, and China's poets, novelists, artists, students, and leaders

📒The Future Is Asian ✍ Parag Khanna

✏Book Title : The Future Is Asian
✏Author : Parag Khanna
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2019-02-07
✏Pages : 448
✏ISBN : 9781474610698
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Future Is Asian Book Summary : Five billion people, two-thirds of the world's mega-cities, one-third of the global economy, two-thirds of global economic growth, thirty of the Fortune 100, six of the ten largest banks, eight of the ten largest armies, five nuclear powers, massive technological innovation, the newest crop of top-ranked universities. Asia is also the world's most ethnically, linguistically and culturally diverse region of the planet, eluding any remotely meaningful generalization beyond the geographic label itself. Even for Asians, Asia is dizzying to navigate. Whether you gauge by demography, geography, economy or any other metric, Asia is already the present - and it is certainly the future. It is for this reason that we cannot afford to continue to get Asia so wrong. The Future Is Asian accurately shows Asia from the inside-out, telling the story of how this mega-region is coming together and reshaping the entire planet in the process.

📒Strange Rebels ✍ Christian Caryl

✏Book Title : Strange Rebels
✏Author : Christian Caryl
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2014-03-11
✏Pages : 432
✏ISBN : 9780465065646
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Strange Rebels Book Summary : Few moments in history have seen as many seismic transformations as 1979. That single year marked the emergence of revolutionary Islam as a global political force, the beginning of market revolutions in China and Britain that would radically alter the international economy, and the first stirrings of the resistance movements in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Strange Rebels, veteran journalist Christian Caryl shows how the world we live in today and the problems that plague it began to take shape in this pivotal year. Weaving the story of each of these counterrevolutions into a brisk, gripping narrative, Strange Rebels is a groundbreaking account of how these upheavals marked a startling conservative challenge to communist and socialist systems around the globe, giving birth to our modern age in the process.

📒A Very Principled Boy ✍ Mark A. Bradley

✏Book Title : A Very Principled Boy
✏Author : Mark A. Bradley
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2014-04-29
✏Pages : 384
✏ISBN : 9780465036653
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏A Very Principled Boy Book Summary : Duncan Chaplain Lee was an unlikely traitor. A Rhodes Scholar, patriot, and descendent of one of America's most distinguished families, he was also a communist sympathizer who used his position as aid to intelligence chief “Wild Bill” Donovan to leak critical information to the Soviets during World War II. As intelligence expert Mark A. Bradley reveals, Lee was one of Stalin's most valuable moles in U.S. intelligence, passing the KGB vital information on everything from the D-Day invasion to America's plans for postwar Europe. Outwitting both J. Edgar Hoover and Senator Joseph McCarthy, he escaped detection again and again, dying a free man before authorities could prove his guilt. A fast-paced cat-and-mouse tale of misguided idealism and high treason, Perry's book draws on thousands of previously unreleased CIA and State Department records to reveal the riveting story of one of the greatest traitors of the twentieth century.

✏Book Title : The Chinese Century
✏Author :
✏Publisher : Random House Incorporated
✏Release Date : 1996
✏Pages : 264
✏ISBN : UOM:39015066023030
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chinese Century Book Summary : Chronicles historical events in the lives of rural peasants and the privileged elite from the time of the Qing dynasty to the People's Republic

📒Civil War In China ✍ Suzanne Pepper

✏Book Title : Civil War in China
✏Author : Suzanne Pepper
✏Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
✏Release Date : 1999
✏Pages : 508
✏ISBN : 0847691349
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Civil War in China Book Summary : Many books have tried to analyze the reasons for the Chinese communist success in China's 1945_1949 civil war, but Suzanne Pepper's seminal work was the first and remains the only comprehensive analysis of how the ruling Nationalists lost that war_not just militarily, but by alienating the civilian population through corruption and incompetence. Now available in a new edition, this authoritative investigation of Kuomintang failure and communist success explores the new research and archival resources available for assessing this pivotal period in contemporary Chinese history. Even more relevant today given the contemporary debates in Hong Kong and Taiwan over the terms of reunification with a communist-led national government in Beijing, this book is essential reading for anyone seeking a nuanced understanding of twentieth-century Chinese politics.

✏Book Title : Introduction to Politics of the Developing World
✏Author : William A. Joseph
✏Publisher : Houghton Mifflin College Division
✏Release Date : 2006-01-30
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 0618604480
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Introduction to Politics of the Developing World Book Summary : This derivative of the innovative Introduction to Comparative Politics includes the same organizing framework, themes, and features, but focuses on developing nations. Country studies include China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, and Iran. New! Streamlined chapters and updated descriptions of political developments take into account major events and regime changes. New! An expanded Chapter One provides a more extensive survey of the many approaches to studying comparative politics as well as a richer discussion of democratic transitions. New! The country studies now include more focused coverage of the consequences of globalization on domestic politics.