The Recovery Book

📒The Recovery Book ✍ Al J. Mooney

✏Book Title : The Recovery Book
✏Author : Al J. Mooney
✏Publisher : Workman Publishing
✏Release Date : 2014-09-09
✏Pages : 624
✏ISBN : 9780761183150
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Recovery Book Book Summary : “A classic. Read it. Use it. It can help guide you step by step into the bright light of the world of recovery.” —from the Foreword by Harry Haroutunian, M.D., Physician Director, Betty Ford Center “The Recovery Book is the Bible of recovery. Everything you need to know you will find in here.” —Neil Scott, host, Recovery Coast to Coast radio Hope, support, and a clear road map for people with drug or alcohol addiction. Announcing a completely revised and updated second edition of The Recovery Book, the Bible of addiction recovery. The Recovery Book provides a direct and easy-to-follow road map to every step in the recovery process, from the momentous decision to quit to the emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that arise along the way. Its comprehensive and effective advice speaks to people with addiction, their loved ones, and addiction professionals who need a proven, trusted resource and a supportive voice. The new edition of The Recovery Book features the revolutionary Recovery Zone System, which divides a life in recovery into three chronological zones and provides guidance on exactly what to do in each zone. First is the Red Zone, where the reader is encouraged to stop everything, activate their recovery and save their life. Next is the Yellow Zone, where the reader can begin to rebuild a life that was torn apart by addiction. Finally, the reader reaches the Green Zone, where he can enjoy a life a recovery and help others. Readers also learn how to use the Recovery Zone ReCheck, a simple, yet very effective relapse prevention tool. The Recovery Zone System works hand-in-hand with the 12-step philosophy and all other recovery methods. In addition, The Recovery Book covers new knowledge about addiction mechanisms and neuroplasticity, explaining how alcohol and drugs alter the brain. The authors outline a simple daily practice, called TAMERS, that helps people to use those same processes to “remold their brains” around recovery, eventually making sobriety a routine way of life. Written by Al J. Mooney, M.D., a recovery activist who speaks internationally on recovery, and health journalists Catherine Dold and Howard Eisenberg, The Recovery Book covers all the latest in addiction science and recovery methods. In 26 chapters and over 600 pages, The Recovery Book tackles issues such as: Committing to Recovery: Identifying and accepting the problem; deciding to get sober. Treatment Options: Extensive information on all current options, and how to choose a program. AA and other 12-Step Fellowships: How to get involved in a mutual-support group and what it can do for you. Addiction Science and Neuroplasticity: How alcohol and drugs alter pathways in the brain, and how to use the same processes to remold the brain around recovery. Relapse Prevention: The Recovery Zone ReCheck, a simple new technique to anticipate and avoid relapses. Rebuilding Your Life: How to handle relationships, socializing, work, education, and finances. Physical and Mental Health: Tips for getting healthy; how to handle common ailments. Pain Control: How to deal with pain in recovery; how to avoid a relapse if you need pain control for surgery or emergency care. Family and Friends: How you can help a loved one with addiction, and how you can help yourself. Raising Substance-Free Kids: How to “addiction-proof” your child. The Epidemic of Prescription Drugs: Now a bigger problem than illegal drugs. Dr. Al J. Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at his family’s treatment center, Willingway, and most recently through his work as medical director for The Healing Place of Wake County (NC), a homeless shelter. The Recovery Book will help millions gain control of their mind, their body, their life, and their happiness.

📒The Recovery ✍ Suzanne Young

✏Book Title : The Recovery
✏Author : Suzanne Young
✏Publisher : Simon and Schuster
✏Release Date : 2015-02-24
✏Pages : 80
✏ISBN : 9781481449007
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Recovery Book Summary : Realm hopes that with each past he helps to recover, he’ll be able to reclaim a small bit of his own in this spinoff story to Suzanne Young’s bestselling duology, The Program and The Treatment. Six months after the fall of The Program, ex-handler Michael Realm is struggling with his guilt. After all, he was instrumental in erasing the memories of several patients—including one he claimed to love. With a lifetime of regret stretched before him, Realm vows to set things right. Along with his friend (yes, friend) James Murphy, Realm will track down those he’s hurt in an attempt to give them back their lives—starting with Dallas Stone. He’s not looking for forgiveness or redemption; he’s not a hero. But helping others may be the only way to save himself.

✏Book Title : Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism
✏Author : Rick Kuhn
✏Publisher : University of Illinois Press
✏Release Date : 2007
✏Pages : 332
✏ISBN : 9780252073526
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism Book Summary : The first comprehensive English-language Grossman biography

✏Book Title : The Complete Recovery Room Book
✏Author : Anthea Hatfield
✏Publisher : Oxford University Press
✏Release Date : 2014-01
✏Pages : 560
✏ISBN : 9780199666041
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Complete Recovery Room Book Book Summary : Rev. of: The complete recovery room book / Anthea Hatfield, Michael Tronson. 4th ed. 2009.

📒The Recovery Of Truth ✍ Hermann Keyserling (Graf von)

✏Book Title : The recovery of truth
✏Author : Hermann Keyserling (Graf von)
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1929
✏Pages : 647
✏ISBN : WISC:89094552858
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The recovery of truth Book Summary :

📒Poetic Knowledge ✍ James S. Taylor

✏Book Title : Poetic Knowledge
✏Author : James S. Taylor
✏Publisher : SUNY Press
✏Release Date : 1998-01-01
✏Pages : 211
✏ISBN : 0791435857
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Poetic Knowledge Book Summary : Reveals the neglected mode of knowing and learning, from Socrates to the middle ages and beyond, that relies more on the integrated powers of sensory experience and intuition, rather than on modern narrow scientific models of education.

📒The Recovery Revolution ✍ Claire D. Clark

✏Book Title : The Recovery Revolution
✏Author : Claire D. Clark
✏Publisher : Columbia University Press
✏Release Date : 2017-05-02
✏Pages : 320
✏ISBN : 9780231544436
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Recovery Revolution Book Summary : In the 1960s, as illegal drug use grew from a fringe issue to a pervasive public concern, a new industry arose to treat the addiction epidemic. Over the next five decades, the industry's leaders promised to rehabilitate the casualties of the drug culture even as incarceration rates for drug-related offenses climbed. In this history of addiction treatment, Claire D. Clark traces the political shift from the radical communitarianism of the 1960s to the conservatism of the Reagan era, uncovering the forgotten origins of today's recovery movement. Based on extensive interviews with drug-rehabilitation professionals and archival research, The Recovery Revolution locates the history of treatment activists' influence on the development of American drug policy. Synanon, a controversial drug-treatment program launched in California in 1958, emphasized a community-based approach to rehabilitation. Its associates helped develop the therapeutic community (TC) model, which encouraged peer confrontation as a path to recovery. As TC treatment pioneers made mutual aid profitable, the model attracted powerful supporters and spread rapidly throughout the country. The TC approach was supported as part of the Nixon administration's "law-and-order" policies, favored in the Reagan administration's antidrug campaigns, and remained relevant amid the turbulent drug policies of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. While many contemporary critics characterize American drug policy as simply the expression of moralizing conservatism or a mask for racial oppression, Clark recounts the complicated legacy of the "ex-addict" activists who turned drug treatment into both a product and a political symbol that promoted the impossible dream of a drug-free America.

📒The Recovery Of Rhetoric ✍ Richard H. Roberts

✏Book Title : The Recovery of Rhetoric
✏Author : Richard H. Roberts
✏Publisher : University of Virginia Press
✏Release Date : 1993
✏Pages : 278
✏ISBN : 0813914566
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Recovery of Rhetoric Book Summary :

📒Universities ✍ Gordon Graham

✏Book Title : Universities
✏Author : Gordon Graham
✏Publisher : Andrews UK Limited
✏Release Date : 2013-11-06
✏Pages : 153
✏ISBN : 9781845407407
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Universities Book Summary : Research assessment exercises, teaching quality assessment, line management, staff appraisal, student course evaluation, modularization, student fees - these are all names of innovations (and problems) - in modern British universities. How far do they reflect a more conscientious approach to the effective promotion of higher education, and how far do they constitute a significant departure from traditional academic concerns and values? Using some themes of Cardinal Newman's classic The Idea of a University as a springboard, this extended essay aims to address these questions.

📒The Recovery Of Ecstasy ✍ Sandy Krolick

✏Book Title : The Recovery of Ecstasy
✏Author : Sandy Krolick
✏Publisher : Sandy Krolick
✏Release Date : 2009-02-10
✏Pages : 162
✏ISBN : 9781439227367
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Recovery of Ecstasy Book Summary : An ecstatic life can once again be recovered by recollecting the original, elemental intertwining of the body and the world as lived by the body... A journey unlike any you've ever taken before.