The Plastic Magician

📒The Plastic Magician ✍ Charlie N. Holmberg

The Plastic Magician Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Plastic Magician
✏Author : Charlie N. Holmberg
✏Publisher : 47North
✏Release Date : 2018-05
✏Pages : 236
✏ISBN : 1542047919
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Plastic Magician Book Summary : Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg returns to the enchanting world of The Paper Magician. Alvie Brechenmacher has arrived in London to begin her training in Polymaking--the magical discipline of bespelling plastic. Polymaking is the newest form of magic, and in a field where there is so much left to learn, every Polymaker dreams of making the next big discovery. Even though she is only an apprentice, Alvie is an inventor at heart, and she is determined to make as many discoveries--in as short a time frame--as she can. Luckily for her, she's studying under the world-renowned magician Marion Praff, who is just as dedicated as Alvie is. Alvie's enthusiasm reinvigorates her mentor's work, and together they create a device that could forever change Polymaking--and the world. But when a rival learns of their plans, he conspires to steal their invention and take the credit for it himself. To thwart him, Alvie will need to think one step ahead. For in the high-stakes world of magical discovery, not everyone plays fair...

📒Veins Of Gold ✍ Charlie N. Holmberg

Veins Of Gold Book PDF
✏Book Title : Veins of Gold
✏Author : Charlie N. Holmberg
✏Publisher : Mirror Press, LLC
✏Release Date : 2018-07-17
✏Pages : 300
✏ISBN : 9781947152212
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Veins of Gold Book Summary : A new historical fantasy novel from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg: VEINS OF GOLD Desperate to save her siblings from poverty, a young woman discovers magic fueled by gold . . . and a love for the man who wields it. Abandoned by their father for the gold rush, Gentry and her siblings labor to survive alone in the inhospitable west. When bizarre natural disasters begin wreaking havoc on the land, Gentry discovers a world of magic. Desperate for help, she accepts aid from a mysterious stranger. Winn not only sees the magic, but controls its hunger by feeding it gold—the very thing Gentry’s father left to acquire. But the earth’s unrest only grows worse, and Gentry’s fear leads her to a terrible choice: marry a wealthy man she does not love, or trust in Winn’s unpredictable power to save her family. Other Books by Charlie N. Holmberg: The Paper Magician The Glass Magician The Master Magician The Plastic Magician Followed by Frost Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet The Fifth Doll

📒Beware The Magician ✍ Molly Mirren

Beware The Magician Book PDF
✏Book Title : Beware the Magician
✏Author : Molly Mirren
✏Publisher : Molly Mirren
✏Release Date : 2018-09-18
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9780996146036
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Beware the Magician Book Summary : The greatest magic lies in the human heart. Stella Burberry made a huge mistake. She pushed away Ben Ware, the only guy who can save her brother with his mind-blowing telekinetic abilities—and the only guy she's ever truly fallen for. She wants to make amends, but Ben seems out of reach. For one thing, he's now the star of the hottest “magic” act in Las Vegas, with little time for old flames. The entire town is abuzz over his tricks, which have baffled even the most talented illusionists. But what would his adoring public say if they knew his illusions aren’t illusions at all? Her brother still languishing in a coma, Stella must break through Ben’s inner circle and make him realize his true calling as a healer. But she discovers there's even more to his magic act than she expected. Ben is being given a steady supply of steroids by his devious manager so he can enhance his powers and push the limits of entertainment, regardless of his health. Now it’s not just Stella’s brother who needs saving: it’s Ben too. Can Stella save Ben from his manager’s greed? Or will she betray Ben’s trust in one last desperate move to save her brother’s life before it's too late? Author's note: This is the second book of the B. E. Ware Series. For a richer reading experience, Book 1, Beware the Stranger, should be read first.

📒Table Magic ✍ Thomas Canavan

Table Magic Book PDF
✏Book Title : Table Magic
✏Author : Thomas Canavan
✏Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
✏Release Date : 1900-01-01
✏Pages : 32
✏ISBN : 9781477790533
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Table Magic Book Summary : Master a number of magic tricks with this manual of the mysterious! The illusions—made accessible with step-by-step instructions and amusing illustrations—will have young magicians defying the laws of physics, reading minds, and much more in no time.

Picture Yourself As A Magician Book PDF
✏Book Title : Picture Yourself as a Magician
✏Author : Wayne N. Kawamoto
✏Publisher : Cengage Learning
✏Release Date : 2008-01-01
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 9781598636772
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Picture Yourself as a Magician Book Summary : Picture yourself astonishing your friends as you dazzle them with classic card tricks, mystifying coin routines, mind-reading magic, a levitation of yourself, escapes, tricks with your iPod, and more. "Picture Yourself as a Magician: Step-by-Step Instruct

📒The Magician S Land ✍ Lev Grossman

The Magician S Land Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Magician s Land
✏Author : Lev Grossman
✏Publisher : Random House
✏Release Date : 2014-10-06
✏Pages : 416
✏ISBN : 9781473518858
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Magician s Land Book Summary : 'The Magicians is to Harry Potter as a shot of Irish whiskey is to a glass of weak tea . . . dark and dangerous and full of twists' – GEORGE R. R. MARTIN THE BOOKS BEHIND THE HIT SYFY SHOW _____________________________________ Quentin Coldwater has lost everything. He has been cast out of the secret magical land of Fillory and now, friendless and broke, he returns to where his story began: Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic. But Quentin’s past soon catches up with him . . . Meanwhile, Fillory’s magical barriers are failing, and barbarians from the north have invaded. To save their beloved world from extinction, Eliot and Janet, High King and Queen of Fillory, must embark on a final, dangerous quest. Quentin’s adventure takes him from Antarctica to the enchanted Neitherlands, where he finds old friends. But all roads lead back to Fillory, where Quentin must put things right, or die trying. THE FINAL BOOK IN LEV GROSSMAN'S CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED MAGICIAN TRILOGY _____________________________________ Praise for the Magician Trilogy: 'Stirring, complex, adventurous . . . superb' – JUNOT DIAZ, author of DROWN and THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO 'A sophisticated, subtle novel that is also magical fun' – THE TIMES ‘Lev Grossman has conjured a rare creature: a trilogy that simply gets better and better as it goes along . . . Literary perfection.’ – ERIN MORGENSTERN, author of THE NIGHT CIRCUS 'The Magicians ought to be required reading . . . Lev Grossman has written a terrific, at times almost painfully perceptive novel of the fantastic' – KELLY LINK 'The best fantasy trilogy of the decade' – CHARLES STROSS 'The Magicians is angst-ridden, bleak, occasionally joyous and gloriously readable. Forget Hogwarts: this is where the magic really is.' – SFX 'The Magicians is fantastic, in all senses of the word. It's strange, fanciful, extravagant, eccentric, and truly remarkable – a great story, masterfully told.' – SCOTT SMITH, author of THE RUINS

📒Breaking Balls ✍ Paul Lebowitz

Breaking Balls Book PDF
✏Book Title : Breaking Balls
✏Author : Paul Lebowitz
✏Publisher : McFarland
✏Release Date : 2001-01-01
✏Pages : 228
✏ISBN : 0786410655
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Breaking Balls Book Summary : Brett Samuels isn't the kind of pitcher that strikes fear in the hearts of opposing players. At not quite 6'0", not quite 175 pounds, he looks more a member of the grounds crew than of the pitching corps. With a semi-nimbus of curls emanating from beneath his cap, he cuts a figure that is equal parts defiant and hilarious, like a Napoleonic Max Patkin gazing angrily in at the signs. And he throws a fastball scarcely more stirring to dustmites than to minor league batters. But he has a broad-sweeping curve and an off-the-table forkball, the kind of out-pitch most hitters say just isn't fair. And they're right. Breaking Balls is the story of a sharp-tongued junkball pitcher from New York who, surrounded by vastly superior athletes and thriving on guile, wisecracks his way through the Northwest timber towns of the low minor leagues.

The Magician And The Fool Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Magician and the Fool
✏Author : Barth Anderson
✏Publisher : Spectra
✏Release Date : 2008-03-25
✏Pages : 304
✏ISBN : 9780553903935
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Magician and the Fool Book Summary : For hundreds of years, men have sought their hidden futures in the legendary images of the tarot—but what secrets of the past are harbored by the priestess, the magician, the hanged man…and the fool? The author of the explosive The Patron Saint of Plagues returns with a richly textured mystical mystery exploring the dark heart of one of our oldest traditions. Years ago, fallen scholar Jeremiah Rosemont left the bitter rivalries of academia behind and now lives a simple nomadic existence in South America, far from the arguments that once defined his life. But he can’t outrun his past…or the dangerous truth that lurks beneath his abandoned studies. Following an enigmatic summons to Rome, Rosemont finds himself at the center of a mystery that dates back to the fall of Troy, the pursuit of a mystical treasure many are willing to sacrifice fortunes and lives for: the earliest known tarot deck. As Rosemont delves deeper and deeper into the tarot’s unsettling secret origins, his own fate is inexorably intertwined with that of the Boy King, a homeless man with an unspeakable gift…and a mysterious past of his own. For these two men—and the demons, dupes, and power seekers drawn to them—the cards will reveal everything, even the shattering, unseen truths of human life itself.…

The Mayan Magician And Other Stories Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Mayan Magician and Other Stories
✏Author : Jim Musgrave
✏Publisher : James Musgrave
✏Release Date :
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9780977650385
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Mayan Magician and Other Stories Book Summary :

📒The Magician S Keeper ✍ Nicola E. Sheridan

The Magician S Keeper Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Magician s Keeper
✏Author : Nicola E. Sheridan
✏Publisher : HarperCollins Australia
✏Release Date : 2017-11-01
✏Pages : 250
✏ISBN : 9781489252678
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Magician s Keeper Book Summary : A brand new steamy paranormal romance about learning to love all of yourself. In a world where people judge one another by exacting standards of size and style, being a big girl like Eudora Splat was never going to be easy. Though trouble is brewing between magic folk and human purists who would see them all destroyed, Dora, a half–giant, tries to eke out a quiet, unnoticed life for herself, but it's hard to be subtle when you're over seven feet tall. Losing her job as a gardener due to human complaints, Dora is recruited as a prison guard, where she's enlisted to protect the magician Evander “Bear” Gordon from human purist attack. Bear encourages her to embrace her power and celebrate her heritage, introducing her to a world where she can be extraordinary and not just weird. But after years of hiding and shying away, can Dora find the strength to grab onto a new life – and hold on to the man she's falling in love with?