The Last Palace

📒The Last Palace ✍ Norman Eisen

✏Book Title : The Last Palace
✏Author : Norman Eisen
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2018-09-06
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 9781472237279
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Last Palace Book Summary : When Norman Eisen moved into the US ambassador's residence in Prague, returning to the land his mother had fled after the Holocaust, he was startled to discover swastikas hidden beneath the furniture. From that discovery unspooled the captivating, twisting tale of the remarkable people who lived in the house before Eisen. Their story is Europe's, telling the dramatic and surprisingly cyclical tale of the endurance of liberal democracy: the optimistic Jewish financial baron who built the palace; the conflicted Nazi general who put his life at risk for the house during World War II; the first postwar US ambassador struggling to save both the palace and Prague from communist hands; the child star- turned-diplomat who fought to end totalitarianism; and Eisen's own mother, whose life demonstrates how those without power and privilege moved through history. The Last Palace chronicles the upheavals that have transformed the continent over the past century and reveals how we never live far from the past.

✏Book Title : The Last Palace Europe s Extraordinary Century Through Five Lives and One House in Pra
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2019-09-02
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 1472237307
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Last Palace Europe s Extraordinary Century Through Five Lives and One House in Pra Book Summary :

📒The Palace Of Minos ✍ Arthur Evans

✏Book Title : The Palace of Minos
✏Author : Arthur Evans
✏Publisher : Cambridge University Press
✏Release Date : 2013-08-29
✏Pages : 434
✏ISBN : 9781108061025
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Palace of Minos Book Summary : Published 1921-35, this highly illustrated multi-volume excavation report documents the discovery of Minoan civilisation on Crete.

📒An Inconstant Landscape ✍ Thomas G. Garrison

✏Book Title : An Inconstant Landscape
✏Author : Thomas G. Garrison
✏Publisher : University Press of Colorado
✏Release Date : 2019-01-15
✏Pages : 492
✏ISBN : 9781607327646
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏An Inconstant Landscape Book Summary : Presenting the results of six years of archaeological survey and excavation in and around the Maya kingdom of El Zotz, An Inconstant Landscape paints a complex picture of a dynamic landscape over the course of almost 2,000 years of occupation. El Zotz was a dynastic seat of the Classic period in Guatemala. Located between the renowned sites of Tikal and El Perú-Waka’, it existed as a small kingdom with powerful neighbors and serves today as a test-case of political debility and strength during the height of dynastic struggles among the Classic Maya. In this volume, contributors address the challenges faced by smaller polities on the peripheries of powerful kingdoms and ask how subordination was experienced and independent policy asserted. Leading experts provide cutting-edge analysis in varied topics and detailed discussion of the development of this major site and the region more broadly. The first half of the volume contains a historical narrative of the cultural sequence of El Zotz, tracing the changes in occupation and landscape use across time; the second half provides deep technical analyses of material evidence, including soils, ceramics, stone tools, and bone. The ever-changing, inconstant landscapes of peripheral kingdoms like El Zotz reveal much about their more dominant—and better known—neighbors. An Inconstant Landscape offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary view of this important but under-studied site, an essential context for the study of the Classic Maya in Guatemala, and a premier reference on the subject of peripheral kingdoms at the height of Maya civilization. Contributors: Timothy Beach, Nicholas Carter, Ewa Czapiewska-Halliday, Alyce de Carteret, William Delgado, Colin Doyle, James Doyle, Laura Gámez, Jose Luis Garrido López, Yeny Myshell Gutiérrez Castillo, Zachary Hruby, Melanie Kingsley, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Cassandra Mesick Braun, Sarah Newman, Rony Piedrasanta, Edwin Román, and Andrew K. Scherer

📒Mitchell S Corn Palace ✍ Janice Brozik Cerney

✏Book Title : Mitchell s Corn Palace
✏Author : Janice Brozik Cerney
✏Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
✏Release Date : 2004
✏Pages : 128
✏ISBN : 0738532576
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Mitchell s Corn Palace Book Summary : The world's only Corn Palace began as "The Corn Belt Exposition" in 1892, a promotional enterprise established to showcase the rich agricultural region of the James Valley. The exposition became a popular annual event, and an icon of the American prairie. The Corn Palace has occupied three different buildings since 1892. Adorned each autumn with corn, grains, and native grasses in decorative patterns and themes, the Corn Palace has hosted famous entertainers, politicians, and community events. Now well into its second century and going strong, the Corn Palace has become a symbol of South Dakota. Mitchell's Corn Palace tells the unique story of the palace through a collection of over 200 fascinating vintage images, chronicling this unique piece of Americana.

📒Kadmos ✍ Ernst Grumach

✏Book Title : Kadmos
✏Author : Ernst Grumach
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1966
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : UVA:X001542216
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Kadmos Book Summary :

✏Book Title : Berlin Beyond Travel Adventures
✏Author : Henrik Bekker
✏Publisher : Hunter Publishing, Inc
✏Release Date : 2012-01-04
✏Pages : 45
✏ISBN : 9781588437617
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Berlin Beyond Travel Adventures Book Summary : This is based on the larger guide, Pocket Adventures Germany, which covers the entire country in depth. Here we focus on the country''s largest city and its surroundings - such cities as Potsdam and Oranienburg. Packed with all the practical travel information you could ever need, from places to stay and eat, tourist information resources, destination specific travel advice, emergency information, plus sections on history and geography that provide readers with the background knowledge essential to a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. The author''s passion for the destination comes across in the lively and detailed text, which is packed with the very best and most up-to-date information. This is a must-have volume for anyone really wanting to make the most of their German holiday. Color photos throughout. The author is a resident of Munich so he knows his subject well. Of the three Germany guidebooks I used, this one was the most useful and not only because it covers so many places that the others simply ignored. Although you never get 10% off for showing this book, it has enough sensible advice on how to shave unnecessary expenses off the budget without ever feeling or acting like a cheapskate. I enjoyed the author''s explanation of Germany''s complex history but others may like the History Cheat Sheet that reduces six pages of history to a half page summary. Although the author has the ability to focus on the essentials, he drops enough fascinating tidbits to keep it interesting. I also love the explanation of major trends in German culture, arts, music, and literature. The author clearly has opinions but never treats the reader like an idiot or writes down to you in any sense. As a non-German speaker I also loved the way all German terms are translated throughout the guide not expecting me to suddenly remember what is a kirch or Schloss halfway through the book. The accommodation lists are very useful especially as it focuses on the around 80-120 per night middle to upper class hotels that suit my tastes. However, even the lower priced hotels all have private bathrooms, which to me is rather essential when on vacation.--Jane S., Great to see a guidebook on Germany in English by an author who realizes that Germany is more than Berlin, the Rhine, and Bavaria. Not that the well-known areas are neglected but I particularly enjoyed the wide coverage on the former East German regions.--Steven, Berlin is the most interesting and most diverse of all German cities. It is probably most famous for its division during the Cold War and seeing related sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and a few surviving pieces of the Berlin Wall are priorities for many visitors. Berlin has more than 170 museums covering all genres. After four decades of division, some collections are now again united into world-class presentations. Highlights include the superb Gemnldegalerie (Paintings Gallery) and the excellent Pergamon Museum. While many modern buildings sprung up in the former no-man''s land, several historic buildings are finally being restored. Most of the fabulous Museum Island is either just restored or will be over the next couple of years. The luxurious Adlon Hotel was rebuilt to resemble its pre-War appearance. Unter den Linden, Friedrichstrae, and the Gendarmenmarkt are again vying for the heart and soul of the city. Berlin is easy to enjoy. It is not all museums, galleries, and history. It is not all museums, galleries, and history. It is a great city to stroll in and enjoy the monuments and monumental structures. It is a city that caters for all tastes in culture. It has three opera houses and 135 theaters. Its nightlife is recouping some of the fame of the go-go 1920s and ''30s. Everything, from Mahler to underground heavy metal is available in this city. It also plays host to the annual Love Parade - the world''s largest technotronic music festival."

📒Nineveh And Its Remains ✍ Austen Henry Layard

✏Book Title : Nineveh and Its Remains
✏Author : Austen Henry Layard
✏Publisher : Cambridge University Press
✏Release Date : 2013-10-31
✏Pages : 536
✏ISBN : 9781108065146
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Nineveh and Its Remains Book Summary : Published in 1849, this two-volume illustrated account of archaeological excavations illuminated the history, culture and customs of the ancient Assyrians.

📒The Last Dragonlord ✍ Joanne Bertin

✏Book Title : The Last Dragonlord
✏Author : Joanne Bertin
✏Publisher : Tor Books
✏Release Date : 1999-09-15
✏Pages : 400
✏ISBN : 9781466819757
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Last Dragonlord Book Summary : Dragonlord Linden Rathan, last-born of a race of immortal weredragons, has spent six hundred years alone, searching for his soultwin while his fellow Dragonlords watch over humanity's Five Kingdoms. When the Queen of Cassori dies mysteriously, Linden and the other Dragonlords are called upon to prevent civil war as two human claimants vie for the regency. As the battle for Cassori rule escalates, Linden becomes the target of the Fellowship, a secret society of true-humans who could actually destroy his immortal life. Then he meets a beautiful young ship captain named Maurynna who may be the only one who can help Linden bring Cassori back from the brink of chaos. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

📒The Last Heiress ✍ Stephanie Liaci

✏Book Title : The Last Heiress
✏Author : Stephanie Liaci
✏Publisher : AuthorHouse
✏Release Date : 2010-09
✏Pages : 640
✏ISBN : 9781452063072
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Last Heiress Book Summary : The Last Heiress is the story of Princess Ankhesenamun, daughter of the infamous heretic king Akhenaten and his ambitious chief wife, the beautiful Nefertiti. Born into a life of luxury and ease, Ankhesenamun's world soon dissolves into a frightening nightmare when the heretic king's religious revolution collapses, threatening to destroy the entire royal family. Out of the chaos rises the little known Prince Tutankhamun, who, with the support of Akhenaten's most powerful advisor, grabs the throne and takes the heiress Ankhesenamun as his chief wife. Together, they must face down famine, revolt, and intrigue in order to undo Akhenaten's destructive reforms and bring back the ancient gods of Egypt. But Ankhesenamun must also struggle with her own terrifying childhood memories, of a time when her father lost his mind and took a cruel and brutal revenge on his chief wife and her daughters. In order to find happiness with Tutankhamun, she must put her darkness behind her and learn to love again. And as they struggle to build back their family and the nation both, jealousy and greed broil beneath the surface in the court of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. When a tragic accident ends Tutankhamun's life on foreign soil, Ankhesenamun must rise to the tasks of leading her husband's army home, preparing Tutankhamun for his final journey, and ruling Egypt alone. However, it soon becomes apparent that Tutankhamun's death might not have been an accident at all, and Ankhesenamun finds herself caught in a web of deceit and desire. In order to survive, she must remember all that she learned in the hard school of her father's court, and soon she spins a deadly plot of her own, one whose consequences will change the course of history in Egypt forever.