The Chinese In America

📒The Chinese In America ✍ Calif.) Chinese American Conference 1999 (San Diego

The Chinese In America Book
✏Book Title : The Chinese in America
✏Author : Calif.) Chinese American Conference 1999 (San Diego
✏Publisher : Rowman Altamira
✏Release Date : 2002
✏Pages : 463
✏ISBN : 0759100012
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chinese in America Book Summary : This new collection of essays demonstrates how a politics of polarity have defined the 150-year experience of Chinese immigration in America. Chinese-Americans have been courted as 'model workers' by American business, but also continue to be perceived as perpetual foreigners. The contributors offer engrossing accounts of the lives of immigrants, their tenacity, their diverse lifeways, from the arrival of the first Chinese gold miners in 1849 into the present day. The 21st century begins as a uniquely 'Pacific Century' in the Americas, with an increasingly large presence of Asians in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The book will be a valuable resource on the Asian immigrant experience for researchers and students in Chinese American studies, Asian American history, immigration studies, and American history.

The Chinese In America Book
✏Book Title : The Chinese in America
✏Author : Iris Chang
✏Publisher : Penguin
✏Release Date : 2004-03-30
✏Pages : 512
✏ISBN : 9781101126875
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chinese in America Book Summary : In an epic story that spans 150 years and continues to the present day, Iris Chang tells of a people’s search for a better life—the determination of the Chinese to forge an identity and a destiny in a strange land and, often against great obstacles, to find success. She chronicles the many accomplishments in America of Chinese immigrants and their descendents: building the infrastructure of their adopted country, fighting racist and exclusionary laws, walking the racial tightrope between black and white, contributing to major scientific and technological advances, expanding the literary canon, and influencing the way we think about racial and ethnic groups. Interweaving political, social, economic, and cultural history, as well as the stories of individuals, Chang offers a bracing view not only of what it means to be Chinese American, but also of what it is to be American.

📒Asian America ✍ Roger Daniels

Asian America Book
✏Book Title : Asian America
✏Author : Roger Daniels
✏Publisher : University of Washington Press
✏Release Date : 2011-10-01
✏Pages : 400
✏ISBN : 9780295801186
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Asian America Book Summary : In this important and masterful synthesis of the Chinese and Japanese experience in America, historian Roger Daniels provides a new perspective on the significance of Asian immigration to the United States. Examining the period from the mid-nineteenth century to the early 1980s, Daniels presents a basic history comprising the political and socioeconomic background of Chinese and Japanese immigration and acculturation. He draws distinctions and points out similarities not only between Chinese and Japanese but between Asian and European immigration experiences, clarifying the integral role of Asians in American history. Daniels� research is impressive and his evidence is solid. In forthright prose, he suggests fresh assessments of the broad patterns of the Asian American experience, illuminating the recurring tensions within our modern multiracial society. His detailed supporting material is woven into a rich historical fabric which also gives personal voice to the tenacious individualism of the immigrant. The book is organized topically and chronologically, beginning with the emigration of each ethnic group and concluding with an epilogue that looks to the future from the perspective of the last two decades of Chinese and Japanese American history. Included in this survey are discussions of the reasons for emigration; the conditions of emigration; the fate of first generation immigrants; the reception of immigrants by the United States government and its people; the growth of immigrant communities; the effects of discriminatory legislation; the impact of World War II and the succeeding Cold War era on Chinese and Japanese Americans; and the history of Asian Americans during the last twenty years. This timely and thought-provoking volume will be of value not only to specialists in Asian American history and culture but to students and general historians of American life.

An Illustrated History Of The Chinese In America Book
✏Book Title : An Illustrated History of the Chinese in America
✏Author : Ruthanne Lum McCunn
✏Publisher : Design Enterprises of
✏Release Date : 1979
✏Pages : 133
✏ISBN : STANFORD:36105039517698
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏An Illustrated History of the Chinese in America Book Summary : Traces the history of the Chinese in the United States focusing on their struggle for acceptance by the white population and their contributions to the development of their new country.

Becoming Chinese American Book
✏Book Title : Becoming Chinese American
✏Author : H. Mark Lai
✏Publisher : Rowman Altamira
✏Release Date : 2004
✏Pages : 397
✏ISBN : 0759104581
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Becoming Chinese American Book Summary : Collection of essays by Chinese-American scholar Him Mark Lai; published in association with the Chinese Historical Society of San Francisco.

The Chinese Americans Book
✏Book Title : The Chinese Americans
✏Author : Benson Tong
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2003
✏Pages : 307
✏ISBN : UOM:39015056681748
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chinese Americans Book Summary : This fully revised and redesigned edition traces the Chinese experience in the United States from the 1780s to the present, demonstrating that Chinese Americans have played an active role in shaping the history of our nation. This revised edition includes new material on children's history, transnationalism, and health care, and the author has expanded his original text and included more Chinese American voices.

America S China Trade In Historical Perspective Book
✏Book Title : America s China Trade in Historical Perspective
✏Author : University Ernest R May
✏Publisher : Harvard Univ Asia Center
✏Release Date : 1986
✏Pages : 388
✏ISBN : 0674030753
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏America s China Trade in Historical Perspective Book Summary : This volume explores commercial relations between the United States and China from the eighteenth century until 1949, fleshing out with facts the romantic and shadowy image of "the China trade." These nine chapters by specialists in the field have developed from papers they presented at a conference supported by the national Committee on American-East Asian Relations. The work begins with an Introduction by John K. Fairbank, then moves on to analysis of the old China trade up to the American Civil War, centering on traditional Chinese exports of tea and silk. A second section deals with American imports into China--cotton textiles and textile-related goods, cigarettes, kerosene. Finally, the impact of the trade on both countries is assessed and the operations of American-owned and multinational companies in China are examined. For both the United States and China, the economic importance of the trade proves to have been less than the legend might suggest.

At America S Gates Book
✏Book Title : At America s Gates
✏Author : Erika Lee
✏Publisher : Univ of North Carolina Press
✏Release Date : 2004-01-21
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 0807863130
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏At America s Gates Book Summary : With the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Chinese laborers became the first group in American history to be excluded from the United States on the basis of their race and class. This landmark law changed the course of U.S. immigration history, but we know little about its consequences for the Chinese in America or for the United States as a nation of immigrants. At America's Gates is the first book devoted entirely to both Chinese immigrants and the American immigration officials who sought to keep them out. Erika Lee explores how Chinese exclusion laws not only transformed Chinese American lives, immigration patterns, identities, and families but also recast the United States into a "gatekeeping nation." Immigrant identification, border enforcement, surveillance, and deportation policies were extended far beyond any controls that had existed in the United States before. Drawing on a rich trove of historical sources--including recently released immigration records, oral histories, interviews, and letters--Lee brings alive the forgotten journeys, secrets, hardships, and triumphs of Chinese immigrants. Her timely book exposes the legacy of Chinese exclusion in current American immigration control and race relations.

The Chinese In Latin America And The Caribbean Book
✏Book Title : The Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean
✏Author : Walton Look Lai
✏Publisher : BRILL
✏Release Date : 2010
✏Pages : 242
✏ISBN : 9789004182134
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean Book Summary : The Chinese migration to the Latin America/Caribbean region is an understudied dimension of the Asian American experience. There are three distinct periods in the history of this migration: the early colonial period (pre-19th century), when the profitable three-century trade connection between Manila and Acapulco led to the first Asian migrations to Mexico and Peru; the classic migration period (19th to early twentieth centuries), marked by the coolie trade known to Chinese diaspora studies; and the renewed immigration of the late 20th century to the present. Written by specialists on the Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean, this book tells the story of Asian migration to the Americas and contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of the Chinese in this important part of the world.

China In America A Study In The Social Life Of The Chinese In The Eastern Cities Of The United States Book
✏Book Title : China in America A study in the social life of the Chinese in the eastern cities of the United States
✏Author : Stewart Culin
✏Publisher : Stewart Culin
✏Release Date : 1887
✏Pages : 16
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏China in America A study in the social life of the Chinese in the eastern cities of the United States Book Summary : China in America : A study in the social life of the Chinese in the eastern cities of the United States The immigrants are much influenced by local traditions and those from different sections keep much to themselves. They establish separate shops when their numbers warrant it, as well as assembly-rooms and guild-halls. The Six Companies in San Francisco, under which nearly all of the Chinese in the United States are enrolled, are the guilds formed in this manner by the emigrants from different parts of the province. The ties of kindred, preserved with so much care in China, are recognized here, and many of the immigrants claim relationship. People of the same village naturally drift together, and as all the inhabitants of a Chinese village frequently belong to the same clan and bear the same name, it happens that many members of the same family are often found associated here, the numbers of any particular family varying much, however, in different localities. Some thirty or forty of these clans only are represented among the Chinese in our Eastern cities. A Chinese storekeeper in Philadelphia has furnished me with the following list of the names and numbers of each clan among some four hundred and fifty of his acquaintances in that city. It will be observed that the Lí clan outnumbers any other. In New York city, the Chiús predominate, numbering some five hundred souls.