The Chemistry Of Essential Oils Made Simple

✏Book Title : The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple
✏Author : David Stewart
✏Publisher : Care Publications
✏Release Date : 2005
✏Pages : 848
✏ISBN : 0934426996
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple Book Summary : "Whether you have a background in chemistry or not, you will understand and enjoy this book. It will enlighten and entertain you while demonstrating, by the chemistry of essential oils, that God's power and divine nature can be seen through the things he has made. (Romans 1:20). Based on both science and scripture, this book reveals the harmony between the two. Dr. Stewart describes the relationship between the material world and the spiritual world to explain how oils bring healing."--Back cover.

✏Book Title : Essential Oils Healthy Menopause History and Research Secrets
✏Author : Danny Purser
✏Publisher : DP Publishing Llc.
✏Release Date : 2015-08-26
✏Pages :
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Essential Oils Healthy Menopause History and Research Secrets Book Summary : From the NINE TIME #1 Bestselling Medical Author & Educator – Essential Oils for Your Healthy Menopause Your periods dried up eight months ago – you are in the throes of another meltdown (your friends called it a hot flash) and your 30 year old male doctor (who cannot even begin to relate to your middle age women issues) just announced with a grin that you have gone through menopause. You wonder if you should flip him a fish and also if you got an all woman jury would they let you off for killing all the men around you (like this smarmy young doctor)? He hands you a prescription for estrogens and you ask if it was from horses – he just looks at you. Then he offers you birth control pills. You reminded him he treated you for blood clots a few years ago plus your mom had died from breast cancer so NO THANKS. You eventually get out of that #@%*%$ office after paying an arm and a leg on your co-pay. And wonder if you’re going crazy. NO YOU ARE NOT. Your friends tell you to try essential oils. And you scratch your head. What are those? Journey now with Dr Dan Purser, the famous MD endocrinology and essential oil researcher, as he takes you gently through a healthy menopause, sharing with you the history and research secrets that have been shown to work in maintaining a healthy menopause. Learn what women’s hormones decline in menopause (detailed referenced lists) and what essential oils that have shown to help maintain a healthy natural menopause. This is his long awaited update and sequel to his SEVEN WOMEN’S HEALTH CONCERNS that was hugely popular and is written in the same easy and friendly medical vernacular that has made Dr Purser one of the most popular speakers and medical educators & authors worldwide (NINE #1 books here on AMAZON). In this book the famous endocrine researcher expertly covers technologies and lab tests few other doctors even mention or know about -- information such as: How to figure out which oils you might need rather menopause pills How these essential oils can help you relax and have a better quality of life Which oil can support your estrogen levels through your healthy menopause Roman history on the use of these oils Which oil was used in the Dark Ages throughout Europe to help support the nuns through menopause Learn what your menopause symptoms mean and which hormone is depleted to cause them Which oil has been historically used to decrease men’s libidos and increase women’s! How to know almost immediately if your essential oils are helping Why natural options and therapies are so much better than big pharma Why doing all of this naturally will make you FEEL BETTER & SEXIER Why making these more natural and considerate choices helps your HEART & BRAIN Learn about essential oils and how they can also help your rest A fun book full of tips for healthy natural remedies that help you balance hormones and get quick relief that you won’t be able to put down. Enjoy this natural menopause survival book as you see why Dr Purser, the MD author of the Program 120 Guide (a 750 page textbook on hormones and preventive medicine) is both entertaining and vastly enlightening, as you deal with your healthy menopause in a more positive and natural manner. BUY NOW! Every day that passes you have worse issues. Transform to more natural options – as natural as they get -- buy this little book and dive deeper and take charge of your menopause!

📒Essential Oils ✍ Teri Secrest

✏Book Title : Essential Oils
✏Author : Teri Secrest
✏Publisher : Whitaker House
✏Release Date : 2019-10-08
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9781641233309
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Essential Oils Book Summary : Have you ever wondered why the wise men brought frankincense and myrrh for the baby Jesus? As a curious and highly enthusiastic child, health and wellness coach Teri Secrest asked everyone she knew and met, but no one could tell her. She grew up thinking it was just a nice little story…but never stopped wondering. This thirst for knowledge sparked Teri’s twenty-three-year quest to learn about essential oils. It has taken her to the far corners of the world—from Croatia and France to Oman, Israel, and beyond. Teri has written this book to share the mystery, the romance, and the ageless intrigue of essential oils. She hopes you experience the Father’s love as He continually lavishes His children with these exquisite oils and you feel this rich, biblical history come alive in your spirit. Teri wants you to see how miraculous your body is and how it’s designed to heal itself when given proper nourishment and support. Essential Oils: God’s Extravagant Provision for Your Health offers practical how-to’s that you can use immediately, including the use of oils for romance, balancing hormones, cooking, cleaning, pets, children, and fragrance, as well as health concerns such as stress, negative emotions, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and anxiety. You will find practical guidance to regain and maintain health naturally. As you gain this understanding, Teri believes you will change the next generation as you discover the hidden secrets of these biblical plants and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

✏Book Title : Experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Second Edition
✏Author : Charles Dickson
✏Publisher : CRC Press
✏Release Date : 2014-02-21
✏Pages : 160
✏ISBN : 9781482225082
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Second Edition Book Summary : Written by an author with more than 40 years of teaching experience in the field, Experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Second Edition responds to a critical classroom need for material on directed laboratory investigations in biological and pharmaceutical chemistry. This new edition supplies 75 experiments, expanding the range of topics to 22 major areas of pharmaceutical chemistry. These include biochemical groups, botanical classes important to pharmacy, and major drug classifications: Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Enzymes Inorganics Vitamins Steroids Plant Acids Flavonoids Alkaloids Tannins Resins Glycosides Gums Balsams Volatile Oils Analgesics Anesthetics Sulfa Drugs (Sulfonamides) Psychotropic Drugs Antibiotics Nucleic Acids Sections contain introductions to basic concepts underlying the fields addressed and a specific bibliography relating to each field. Each experiment provides detailed instructions in a user-friendly format, and can be carried out, in most cases, without the need for expensive instrumentation. This comprehensive laboratory manual offers much-needed instructional material for teaching laboratory classes in pharmaceutical chemistry. The breadth of subject matter covered provides a variety of choices for structuring a laboratory course.

✏Book Title : Clinical Aromatherapy E Book
✏Author : Jane Buckle
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2014-11-14
✏Pages : 432
✏ISBN : 9780702064869
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Clinical Aromatherapy E Book Book Summary : Enhance patient care with the help of aromatherapy! Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare is the first and only peer-reviewed clinical aromatherapy book in the world and features a foreword by Dr. Oz. Each chapter is written by a PhD nurse with post-doctoral training in research and then peer reviewed by named experts in their field. This clinical text is the must-have resource for learning how to effectively incorporate aromatherapy into clinical practice. This new third edition takes a holistic approach as it examines key facts and topical issues in aromatherapy practice and applies them within a variety of contexts and conditions. This edition also features updated information on aromatherapy treatments, aromatherapy organizations, essential oil providers, and more to ensure you are fully equipped to provide patients with the best complementary therapy available. Expert peer-reviewed information spans the entire book. All chapters have been written by a PhD nurse with post-doctoral training in research and then peer reviewed by named experts in their field. Introduction to the principles and practice of aromatherapy covers contraindications, toxicity, safe applications, and more. Descriptions of real-world applications illustrate how aromatherapy works in various clinical specialties. Coverage of aromatherapy in psychiatric nursing provides important information on depression, psychosis, bipolar, compulsive addictive, addiction and withdrawal. In-depth clinical section deals with the management of common problems, such as infection and pain, that may frequently be encountered on the job. Examples of specific oils in specific treatments helps readers directly apply book content to everyday practice. Evidence-based content draws from thousands of references. NEW! First and only totally peer-reviewed, evidence-based, clinical aromatherapy book in the world. NEW Chapter on integrative Healthcare documenting how clinical aromatherapy has been integrated into hospitals and healthcare in USA, UK and elsewhere. NEW Chapter on the M Technique: the highly successful method of gentle structured touch pioneered by Jane Buckle that is used in hospitals worldwide. All chapters updated with substantial additional references and tables.

✏Book Title : Aromatherapy for Health Professionals E Book
✏Author : Len Price
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2011-11-11
✏Pages : 400
✏ISBN : 9780080982533
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Aromatherapy for Health Professionals E Book Book Summary : Aromatherapy for Health Professionals covers the full spectrum of theory and practice from essential oil science and the foundations of practice to the application of aromatherapy for specific conditions. The fourth edition of this highly successful book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to aromatherapy as practiced in modern health care settings. It gives valuable information for any health professional wishing to develop their understanding of the subject, providing the in-depth knowledge needed to use essential oils in the practice environment. NEW FOR THIS EDITION * Two new chapters – Wound Care and Bereavement – provide valuable additions to the text * The chapter ‘Aromas, Mind and Body’ has been enhanced * Several new essential oils – giving properties, indications and cautions – have been added * New case histories illustrate the practical application of theory and techniques described * References have been updated and new research added The book is supported by a CD-ROM of ancillary tables covering essential oils for general use in health-care settings including indications for safe, therapeutic uses of essential oils; those to be used with caution; and essential oil definitions.

📒The Aromatherapy Handbook ✍ Marian Johnson

✏Book Title : The Aromatherapy Handbook
✏Author : Marian Johnson
✏Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub
✏Release Date : 2013-02-26
✏Pages : 232
✏ISBN : 1482636972
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Aromatherapy Handbook Book Summary : Looking to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils? The Aromatherapy Handbook has you covered. This comprehensive look into the world of essential oils is packed full of the information you need to get started using essential oils effectively to improve your health. The following topics are covered in this book: What aromatherapy is and how it can benefit you. A brief history of aromatherapy. A review of the many ways essential oils can be used to improve your health. Topical application and inhalation of essential oils. Measuring essential oils. What essential oils are made of. The chemistry of essential oils explained in simple terms. Why quality matters when it comes to essential oils. Dangerous essential oils you need to avoid at all costs. Carrier oils. What they are and how to properly use them. 10 essential oils you need to own. Additional oils you may want to add to your collection. Essential oil blends that have therapeutic benefits. Covers everything from abdominal cramping to wrinkle control. How to create your own oil blends that smell great.

📒Organic Body Care Made Easy ✍ Samantha Stephenson

✏Book Title : Organic Body Care Made Easy
✏Author : Samantha Stephenson
✏Publisher : CreateSpace
✏Release Date : 2014-12-02
✏Pages : 192
✏ISBN : 150543503X
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Organic Body Care Made Easy Book Summary : Discover Natural Beauty! Discover Health! Everyone wants to have beautiful skin and radiant hair but this should not be achieved at the expense of your health. However, if we continue to use chemical-laden commercial beauty products, we could end up destroying the body we are trying to make more beautiful. In Organic Body Care Made Easy, Samantha Stephenson has provided a collection of natural, chemical-free formulations that provide safe and healthy alternatives for personal body care. Now you can take charge of your personal beauty regimen by controlling the substances that you apply to your body. Stephenson is a natural beauty enthusiast with a passion for creating homemade goodies for organic body care. Besides being effective, the 147 recipes in this book are simple and very easy to make. The ingredients can be bought easily and you may already have some of them in your home. They are fun, inexpensive and highly rewarding. These natural beauty recipes with essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients will deliver the results that you want without endangering your health in any way. Your skin, hair, face, hands and feet will radiate with health and freshness, your overall wellbeing will be enhanced and you will feel more confident. If you have never made natural balms, lotions and other potions before, get ready for a treat! Even if you have tried your hands on do-it-yourself beauty in the past, the 147 easy recipes in this book will simply blow your mind. Just dive in and start making body oils, lip balms, bath salts and other natural skincare stuff. This books covers every part of the body to give you an all-encompassing body makeover. You can have your own spa right in the comfort of your home. There are recipes for hair care, facial care, hand care, nail care, foot care and even oral hygiene. Each recipe is presented in a step by step format with notes to give you vital information about preparation, usage and storage. There is room to customize some of the recipes to fit your personal preference and you can make as many of them as you want to give out as gifts to loved ones.

📒Essential Oils For Skin ✍ Susan Henny

✏Book Title : Essential Oils for Skin
✏Author : Susan Henny
✏Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
✏Release Date : 2013-11-22
✏Pages : 24
✏ISBN : 1494240432
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Essential Oils for Skin Book Summary : Essential Aromatherapy Oils For Natural Beauty Care There are over a hundred different essential oils with varying benefits, and with different applications. There is often some confusion that essential oils are similar to perfumes. But while perfumes are artificially created fragrances, essential oils are natural extracts of plants. They are even referred to as Natural Essential Oils for this reason. That said, essential oils are used to make perfumes as well. You need to be aware of which kinds of essential oils are right for your skin, because there are a few oils that are known to be toxic. Essential Oils For Skin Is The Book For You How To Mix Essential Oils To Get Incredible Results Their chemical composition and varying aromas have different psychological and therapeutic benefits. In the field of skincare too, essential oils have proven to provide certain soothing benefits that can prevent or cure some common skin disorders. This is no doubt a good alternative for people who wish to get rid of their skin problems without having to resort to expensive medical treatment. Which Essential Oil Is Best For Your Skin There are over a hundred different essential oils with varying benefits, and with different applications. You need to be aware of which kinds of essential oils are right for your skin, because there are a few oils that are known to be toxic. Which Essential Oils You Should Avoid You Should use only those essential oils that are compatible with your skin type. This is an important thing to consider because there are a few oils which you should absolutely avoid using, because they might do more harm than good. These are few in number, and you won't run into them as long as you proceed according to your skin type. Still, it is useful to know about them so that you can keep clear of them. Key Sections of the Book The Best Types of Essential Oils For Your Skin Type The Essential Oils You Shouldn't Let Anywhere Near Your Skin Easy To Follow Home-made Essential Oil Recipes Tags: essential oils, aromatherapy, home-made, beauty, Beauty Products, Skin Care, Body Massage, Glowing, Radiant Skin

✏Book Title : The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes
✏Author : Ernest John Parry
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1922
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : UOM:39015016032073
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes Book Summary :