The Art Of Rivalry

📒The Art Of Rivalry ✍ Sebastian Smee

✏Book Title : The Art of Rivalry
✏Author : Sebastian Smee
✏Publisher : Profile Books
✏Release Date : 2016-10-13
✏Pages : 390
✏ISBN : 9781847659873
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Art of Rivalry Book Summary : This is a story about rivalry among artists. Not the kind of rivalry that grows out of hatred and dislike, but rather, rivalry that emerges from admiration, friendship, love. The kind of rivalry that existed between Degas and Manet, Picasso and Matisse, Pollock and de Kooning, and Freud and Bacon. These were some of the most famous and creative relationships in the history of art, driving each individual to heights of creativity and inspiration - and provoking them to despair, jealousy and betrayal. Matisse's success threatened Picasso so much that his friends would throw darts at a portrait of his rival's beloved daughter Marguerite, shouting 'there's one in the eye for Matisse!' And Willem de Kooning's twisted friendship with Jackson Pollock didn't stop him taking up with his friend's lover barely a year after Pollock's fatal car crash. In The Art of Rivalry, Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee explores how, as both artists struggled to come into their own, they each played vital roles in provoking the other's creative breakthroughs - ultimately determining the course of modern art itself.

📒Art And Rivalry ✍ Carol Bishop-Gwyn

✏Book Title : Art and Rivalry
✏Author : Carol Bishop-Gwyn
✏Publisher : Knopf Canada
✏Release Date : 2019-10-08
✏Pages : 368
✏ISBN : 9780345808448
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Art and Rivalry Book Summary : The unauthorized biography of Canada's most famous artist couple and the rivalry that drove them. She painted as if with pure light, radiant colours making quotidian kitchen scenes come alive with sublimated drama. He painted like clockwork, each stroke precise and measured with exquisite care, leaving no angle unchecked and no subtlety of tone unattended. Some would say Mary Pratt was fire and Christopher, ice. And yet Newfoundland's Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (or Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner...) presented their marriage as a portrait of harmony and balance. But balance off the canvas rarely makes great art, and the Pratts' art was spectacular. As a youth at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Mary pursued her future husband, a prodigious art talent, and supported his determination to study painting instead of medicine. They married and removed themselves to a Newfoundland outport where his painting alone provided the means to raise a family. But as Mary's own talents became evident and she sought her own hours at the easel, when not raising their four children, and as rumours of Christopher's affair with a young model spread, the Pratts' harmonious exterior slowly cracked, to scandal in Newfoundland and fascination across the country. A marriage ended, and gave way to a furious competition for dominance in Canadian art.

📒A Portrait Of Rivalry ✍ Douglas G. Waters

✏Book Title : A Portrait of Rivalry
✏Author : Douglas G. Waters
✏Publisher : Archway Publishing
✏Release Date : 2013-08-26
✏Pages : 178
✏ISBN : 9781480801370
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏A Portrait of Rivalry Book Summary : American colonial artists John Copley and Benjamin West were both born into humble circumstances in 1738. As young boys, they both wanted to be artists. As teenagers, they embarked on their artistic careers. They met each other for the first time in London in 1774, clashing as they sought the same goals: wealth and artistic fame. In A Portrait of Rivalry, author Douglas G. Waters examines the histories of these two eighteenth-century American painters and their competition to achieve artistic dominance in London. Their struggle began against the backdrop of America’s fight to gain independence from the realm of King George III, coincidently born the same year as the two artists. Filled with colorful characters—including a wax lady and spy, a noble Englishman with too many wives, a preacher unworthy of the cloth, and a con artist—A Portrait of Rivalry focuses on the lives of the two artists, revealing why they created the paintings they did and who achieved everlasting fame.

✏Book Title : Sebastian Smee on the Inner Life in the Digital Age
✏Author : Sebastian Smee
✏Publisher : Black Incorporated
✏Release Date : 2018-11-26
✏Pages : 98
✏ISBN : 1760640719
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Sebastian Smee on the Inner Life in the Digital Age Book Summary : We live in an age of constant distraction. Is there a price to pay for this? In this superb essay, renowned critic Sebastian Smee explores the fate of the inner life in the age of the internet. Throughout history, artists and thinkers have cultivated the deep self, and seen value in solitude and reflection. But today, with social media, wall-to-wall marketing and the agitation of modern life, everything feels illuminated, made transparent. We feel bereft without our phones and their cameras and the feeling of instant connectivity. It gets hard to pick up a book, harder still to stay with it. Without nostalgia or pessimism, Sebastian Smee evokes what is valuable and worth cultivating- he guides us from the apparent fullness of the app-filled world towards a more complex sense of self, and the inner life. If we lose this, Smee asks, what do we lose of ourselves? "Every day I spend hours and hours on my phone . . . We are all doing it, aren't we? It has come to feel completely normal. Even when I put my device aside and attach it to a charger, it pulses away in my mind, like the throat of a toad, full of blind, amphibian appetite." Sebastian Smee, Net Loss

📒Matisse And Picasso ✍ Jack Flam

✏Book Title : Matisse and Picasso
✏Author : Jack Flam
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2008-08-04
✏Pages : 296
✏ISBN : 9780786723836
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Matisse and Picasso Book Summary : Matisse and Picasso achieved extraordinary prominence during their lifetimes. They have become cultural icons, standing not only for different kinds of art but also for different ways of living. Matisse, known for his restraint and intense sense of privacy, for his decorum and discretion, created an art that transcended daily life and conveyed a sensuality that inhabited an abstract and ethereal realm of being. In contrast, Picasso became the exemplar of intense emotionality, of theatricality, of art as a kind of autobiographical confession that was often charged with violence and explosive eroticism. In Matisse and Picasso, Jack Flam explores the compelling, competitive, parallel lives of these two artists and their very different attitudes toward the idea of artistic greatness, toward the women they loved, and ultimately toward their confrontations with death.

✏Book Title : The Art of Rhetoric in Alexandria
✏Author : R.W. Smith
✏Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
✏Release Date : 2012-12-06
✏Pages : 184
✏ISBN : 9789401017053
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Art of Rhetoric in Alexandria Book Summary :

📒The Art Of Living ✍ Rittik Chandra

✏Book Title : The Art of Living
✏Author : Rittik Chandra
✏Publisher : BookRix
✏Release Date : 2014-01-18
✏Pages : 160
✏ISBN : 9783730971840
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Art of Living Book Summary : Philosopher Rittik Chandra's "The Art of Living- An Ideal Way to Live Your Life" provides the pathway that leads to an improved quality of living. It will help to develop unused potential, and lead a peaceful and productive life. When you create a vision for yourself, set a high standard for your life and truly believe in your future, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. If you are a person who is seeking self-improvement and wanting to be on the path on constantly upward spiral of success, then this book is for you.

📒Geisha In Rivalry ✍ Kafu Nagai

✏Book Title : Geisha in Rivalry
✏Author : Kafu Nagai
✏Publisher : Tuttle Publishing
✏Release Date : 2011-08-30
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9781462900756
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Geisha in Rivalry Book Summary : Geisha in Rivalry, first published as Udekurabe in 1918, has a secure place among Kafu Nagai's masterpieces. Set against the backdrop of Tokyo's Shimbashi geisha district, a company of vivid characters play out their drama of illicit love, shady intrigue, and unrelenting rivalry. In the forefront are the geisha: some powerful and spiteful like the imperious Rikiji, some crude and obvious like the gaudy Kikuchiyo, some naive and pathetic like the heroine Komayo, and all engaged in finding a place for themselves in a world that offers no easy route of escape from their profession. Here, too, are the patrons of the geisha: the playboys, the actors, the successful businessmen, and the "upstart gentlemen" of late Meiji society. And here, again, are those who make the machinery of this world function: the geisha house proprietors, the teahouse mistresses, the actors' retainers, the servants. And, finally, here are the parasites of the demimonde, who live off its other denizens through guile and deceit. Through this often sordid but fascinating pageant move the figures of the geisha Komayo, her lovers, and the women who conspire to steal them from her.

📒The Art Of Being Jewish In Modern Times ✍ Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

✏Book Title : The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times
✏Author : Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
✏Publisher : University of Pennsylvania Press
✏Release Date : 2008
✏Pages : 449
✏ISBN : 9780812240023
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times Book Summary : The wide-ranging portrayal of modern Jewishness in artistic terms invites scrutiny into the relationship between creativity and the formation of Jewish identity and into the complex issue of what makes a work of art uniquely Jewish. Whether it is the provenance of the artist, as in the case of popular Israeli singer Zehava Ben, the intention of the iconography, as in Ben Shahn's antifascist paintings, or the utopian ideals of the Jewish Palestine Pavilion at the 1939 New York World's Fair, clearly no single formula for defining Jewish art in the diaspora will suffice. The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times is the first work to analyze modern Jewry's engagement with the arts as a whole, including music, theater, dance, film, museums, architecture, painting, sculpture, and more. Working with a broad conception of what counts as art, the book asks the following questions: What roles have commerce and politics played in shaping Jewish artistic agendas? Who determines the Jewishness of art and for what purposes? What role has aesthetics played in reshaping religious traditions and rituals? This richly illustrated volume illuminates how the arts have helped Jews confront the various challenges of modernity, including cultural adaptation and self-preservation, economic diversification, and ritual transformation. There truly is an art to being Jewish in the modern world--or, alternatively, an art to being modern in the Jewish world--and this collection fully captures its range, diversity, and historical significance.

📒Renaissance Rivals ✍ Rona Goffen

✏Book Title : Renaissance Rivals
✏Author : Rona Goffen
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2002
✏Pages : 521
✏ISBN : 0300094345
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Renaissance Rivals Book Summary : "For the great Renaissance masters, the creation of art was not only an intellectual or aesthetic exercise. It was a contest. The artists of sixteenth-century Italy knew each other's work, knew each other's patrons, and knew each other - sometimes as friends and colleagues, sometimes as enemies, but always as rivals. This book views the lives and greatest works of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Titian through the prism of their ardent rivalry. Rona Goffen, one of the most highly respected scholars of the Italian Renaissance today, brings the artists to life in this lively account of their impassioned strivings to outdo both living competitors and the masters of antiquity." "Quoting from poems, letters, treatises, contracts, and other contemporary writings, the author demonstrates the extent to which artists, as well as their patrons and colleagues, characteristically thought about art in the context of rivalry. Renaissance patrons often stipulated in contracts with artists that their commissions be more beautiful than works made for other patrons. The artists themselves competed for commissions. Goffen brings into sharp focus the immediacy, intensity, and complexity of artistic rivalry among the Renaissance masters, recovering for us the emotional and professional circumstances that brought about their magnificent creations."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved