The Power of Sweetness and the Sweetness of Power

Produk Detail:
  • Author : Sidney Wilfred Mintz
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Pages : 20 pages
  • ISBN : 9789036800891
  • Rating : /5 from reviews
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Refined Tastes

Refined Tastes
  • Author : Wendy A. Woloson
  • Publisher : Johns Hopkins University Press+ORM
  • Release : 30 April 2003
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A look at sugar in 19th-century American culture and how it rose in popularity to gain its place in the nation’s diet today. American consumers today regard sugar as a mundane and sometimes even troublesome substance linked to hyperactivity in children and other health concerns. Yet two hundred years ago American consumers treasured sugar as a rare commodity and consumed it only in small amounts. In Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionery, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America, Wendy A. Woloson demonstrates

A History of Global Consumption

A History of Global Consumption
  • Author : Ina Baghdiantz McCabe
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 27 August 2014
GET THIS BOOK A History of Global Consumption

In A History of Global Consumption: 1500 – 1800, Ina Baghdiantz McCabe examines the history of consumption throughout the early modern period using a combination of chronological and thematic discussion, taking a comprehensive and wide-reaching view of a subject that has long been on the historical agenda. The title explores the topic from the rise of the collector in Renaissance Europe to the birth of consumption as a political tool in the eighteenth century. Beginning with an overview of the history of consumption

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice
  • Author : Jon Stobart
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 01 December 2016
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Consumers in eighteenth-century England were firmly embedded in an expanding world of goods, one that incorporated a range of novel foods (tobacco, chocolate, coffee, and tea) and new supplies of more established commodities, including sugar, spices, and dried fruits. Much has been written about the attraction of these goods, which went from being novelties or expensive luxuries in the mid-seventeenth century to central elements of the British diet a century or so later. They have been linked to the rise

Inhuman Bondage

Inhuman Bondage
  • Author : David Brion Davis
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 05 June 2008
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The author's lifetime of insight as the leading authority on slavery in the Western world is summed up in this compelling narrative that links together the profits of slavery, the pain of the enslaved, and the legacy of racism in a sweeping and compelling history of the institution of slavery in the United States. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture.

The History of Everyday Life

The History of Everyday Life
  • Author : Alf Ludtke
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Release : 21 May 1995
GET THIS BOOK The History of Everyday Life

Alltagsgeschichte, or the history of everyday life, emerged during the 1980s as the most interesting new field among West German historians and, more recently, their East German colleagues. Partly in reaction to the modernization theory pervading West German social history in the 1970s, practitioners of alltagsgeschichte stressed the complexities of popular experience, paying particular attention, for instance, to the relationship of the German working class to Nazism. Now the first English translation of a key volume of essays (Alltagsgeschichte: Zur

Bad Foods

Bad Foods
  • Author : Michael E Oakes
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 24 October 2017

Bad Foods demonstrates how a variety of historical or political events and personalities have shaped our current views of good nutrition. On several occasions in American history concerns have arisen over the safety of our food supply (e.g., harmful ingredients in processed foods) and the potential that processing might deplete foods of their nutrients. These concerns help explain how food characteristics such as freshness, natural, organic, and unprocessed have become important to Americans. Bad Foods traces how the food

Beyond the Fruited Plain

Beyond the Fruited Plain
  • Author : Kathryn Cornell Dolan
  • Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
  • Release : 01 December 2014
GET THIS BOOK Beyond the Fruited Plain

Agriculture in the United States has changed dramatically in the last two hundred years. Economic transformation marked by the expansion of the industrial economy and big business has contributed to an increase in industrial food production. Amid this change, policymakers and cultural critics have debated the best way to produce food and wealth for an expanding population with imperialistic tendencies. In a sweeping overview, Beyond the Fruited Plain traces the connections between nineteenth-century literature, agriculture, and U.S. territorial and

Consumption and the Making of Respectability 1600 1800

Consumption and the Making of Respectability  1600 1800
  • Author : Woodruff D. Smith
  • Publisher : Psychology Press
  • Release : 07 December 2021
GET THIS BOOK Consumption and the Making of Respectability 1600 1800

Tying together of several distinct cultural patterns during this century to create a culture of respectability and its impact on popular culture, trade, politics, social dynamics, and literature, this original and thoughtful work provides a comprehensive and much-needed understanding of the origins of modern consumption and all of its cultural implications.

Citizen Coke The Making of Coca Cola Capitalism

Citizen Coke  The Making of Coca Cola Capitalism
  • Author : Bartow J. Elmore
  • Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
  • Release : 03 November 2014
GET THIS BOOK Citizen Coke The Making of Coca Cola Capitalism

"Citizen Coke demostrate[s] a complete lack of understanding about . . . the Coca-Cola system—past and present." —Ted Ryan, the Coca-Cola Company How did Coca-Cola build a global empire by selling a low-price concoction of mostly sugar, water, and caffeine? The easy answer is advertising, but the real formula to Coke’s success was its strategy, from the start, to offload costs and risks onto suppliers, franchisees, and the government. For most of its history the company owned no bottling plants,

Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Author : R. Jon McGee,Richard L. Warms
  • Publisher : SAGE Publications
  • Release : 28 August 2013
GET THIS BOOK Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Social and cultural anthropology and archaeology are rich subjects with deep connections in the social and physical sciences. Over the past 150 years, the subject matter and different theoretical perspectives have expanded so greatly that no single individual can command all of it. Consequently, both advanced students and professionals may be confronted with theoretical positions and names of theorists with whom they are only partially familiar, if they have heard of them at all. Students, in particular, are likely to turn