Still Loving You

📒Still Loving You ✍ Sheryl Lister

✏Book Title : Still Loving You
✏Author : Sheryl Lister
✏Publisher : Harlequin
✏Release Date : 2018-04-01
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781488081514
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Still Loving You Book Summary : Home flames still burning… Malcolm Gray is Lauren Emerson’s biggest regret. Eight years ago, a breakdown of trust cost her a beautiful future with the most charming man she’d ever met. Now a career-making opportunity brings the nutrition entrepreneur home, where she hopes to declare a truce with her ex-love, the star running back of the Los Angeles Cobras. But their first encounter unleashes explosive passion…and unwanted memories of the precious dreams they once shared. Malcolm can’t forgive Lauren for her betrayal after they had pledged their eternal devotion. But her play-stopping curves alone are a turn-on he can’t resist. He knows he’ll never get over her—nor does he want to… Is their love worth a second chance? Or is he risking heartbreak again? As they jockey for position, a new set of rules could change the game for both of them.

✏Book Title : Come Back Home My Son I Still Love You
✏Author : Zacharias Tanee Fomum
✏Publisher : ZTF Books Online
✏Release Date : 2015-03-20
✏Pages :
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Come Back Home My Son I Still Love You Book Summary : This book, “Come Back Home, My Son. I Still Love You”, is the first book in the series: “God Loves You.” The series has its goal to bring every human being into a reconciling experience with God that will set him free from all his sin and bring him into union with the living God; a union that begins in time and continues in eternity. In “Come Back Home, My Son. I Still Love You”, the deliberate separation from God is presented and the unhappy fruit that man reaps because of his separation from God is exposed. The love of God for rebellious and independent man is brought out clearly. Finally, the beauty of the warm reception that man received upon turning back from his erring ways and returning to his Father (God) and his Father’s house, is demonstrated very convincingly. This book is a must reading for you. You must read it to see most clearly the goodness of God towards you. You must read it to come to grips with the fact that you are living in independence from God by personal choice. You must read it to confront the consequences of your rebellion from God, consequences which are very clearly manifested in your life. You must read it in order to be fully persuaded of God ‘s limitless love for you, a love that has moved Him to work everything out, so that you may come back home to Him and to His love. You must read it so as to know what you must do to go back to God today. Finally, you must read it so as to go back to God today. Now read on.

📒I Still Love You ✍ Michael Ungar

✏Book Title : I Still Love You
✏Author : Michael Ungar
✏Publisher : Dundurn
✏Release Date : 2014-11-01
✏Pages : 232
✏ISBN : 9781459729858
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏I Still Love You Book Summary : Therapist Michael Ungar uses the struggles of three families and his own history to help the parents of difficult children. Family therapist Michael Ungar, internationally renowned for his work on child and youth resilience, takes us into his world each Wednesday, when he meets with three families with very troubled children. Here, Michael shares a side of himself that is not the all-knowing therapist: he too was a troubled teen, growing up in an emotionally and physically abusive home. In the book, Michael shares nine things that all troubled kids need from their parents that will help them turn their lives around and flourish: Structure Consequences Parent-child connections Lots of peer and adult relationships A powerful identity A sense of control A sense of belonging, spirituality, and life purpose Fair and just treatment by others Safety and support Hopeful in tone, and using knowledge gathered from Michael’s work around the world, I Still Love You shows that it is never too late to help our children change and reconnect with those who will always love them.

📒Why I Still Love You ✍ Gregory E. Lang

✏Book Title : Why I Still Love You
✏Author : Gregory E. Lang
✏Publisher : Cumberland House Publishing
✏Release Date : 2007
✏Pages : 128
✏ISBN : 1581825986
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Why I Still Love You Book Summary : Author Greg Lang writes of how he was forever changed after witnessing the death of his elderly aunt while her husband of fifty-one years held her hand in her final hours. Lang writes of his wife, "When I next laid eyes on Jill, I saw her differently. I held her differently. I loved her more." The affirmations found in Why I Still Love You will appeal both to couples who are struggling to keep their passions alive and wanting to breathe new life into their relationship and to those who are celebrating a marital milestone. The sensitive photographs of loving couples of many different ages and backgrounds complement the text. Falling in love is easy. We all search for the person who will complete us, the one who will fill our hearts with joy and bring a sense of security to our world. But staying in love is another matter. It requires effort to sustain a long-term romantic relationship, and it is no wonder that couples who are successful at it are often viewed as having something "special." In Why I Still Love You, Gregory E. Lang gives a hundred reasons for why romantic love flourishes as he honors couples who have created a lasting love.

📒Chance Of Loving You ✍ Terri Blackstock

✏Book Title : Chance of Loving You
✏Author : Terri Blackstock
✏Publisher : NavPress
✏Release Date : 2015-04-16
✏Pages : 384
✏ISBN : 9781496406620
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Chance of Loving You Book Summary : An anthology by three bestselling romance authors For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock Trying to launch her own design firm while waitressing on the side, Julie Sheffield was drawn to the kind man she waited on at the restaurant last night . . . until he stiffed her on the tip by leaving her half of a sweepstakes ticket. The Recipe by Candace Calvert Hospital dietary assistant Aimee Curran is determined to win the Vegan Valentine Bake-Off to prove she’s finally found her calling. But while caring for one of her patients—the elderly grandmother of a handsome CSI photographer—Aimee begins to question where she belongs. Hook, Line & Sinker by Susan May Warren Grad student Abigail Cushman has agreed to enter the annual Deep Haven fishing contest. She’s a quick learner, even if she doesn’t know the difference between a bass and a trout. But nothing could prepare her for competing against the handsome charmer she’s tried to forget since grief tore them apart. One chance for each woman to change her life . . . but will love be the real prize?

✏Book Title : Doctor Tang Can t Stop Loving You
✏Author : Si JiaXiaoKeAi
✏Publisher : Funstory
✏Release Date : 2020-04-22
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9781648972263
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Doctor Tang Can t Stop Loving You Book Summary : Fu Xixi married Tang Mufan, a male god doctor, with an unknown child, and lived happily ever after. Tang Mufan doted on his wife, and his husband's image was perfect. Dr. Tang, I was forcefully kissed by my ex-boyfriend. The next day, the former boyfriend company went bankrupt. Dr. Tang, I've been scammed by my superior. The next day, his superior disappeared without a trace, and Fussi successfully ascended to the throne. Doctor Tang, I was bullied by Xiao San. After that, Little San slapped himself in the face and asked for forgiveness. In her eyes, Dr. Don was her little luck. Later, however, she learned that all this was not what she had expected. AK CEO Tang Mofan and her ordinary husband were actually the same person. Fleeing in panic, it turned out that he and her had never belonged to the same world.

📒Still Love You ✍ Allie Everhart

✏Book Title : Still Love You
✏Author : Allie Everhart
✏Publisher : Waltham Publishing, LLC
✏Release Date : 2017-01-22
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1942781075
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Still Love You Book Summary : Willow has had her life planned out since she was a little girl. So when her boyfriend, Silas, proposed when they were still in high school, she turned him down. Marrying Silas was not part of the plan. Unlike Willow, Silas lives in the moment and lets his heart guide his decisions, which is why he asked Willow to marry him. When she said no, he needed to get away so he took off to do volunteer work overseas. Willow assumed she'd never see Silas again so she's shocked when he shows up at her dorm room. For the past two years, she's tried to forget him. Tried to move on. But she can't. He was her first love. Her only love. She still loves Silas, but is convinced they can't be together. They want different things in life. It would never work. So why can't she stop loving him?

✏Book Title : Saved by Grace by a Love That Never Fails
✏Author : Vicky Chapman
✏Publisher : Xulon Press
✏Release Date : 2007-11-01
✏Pages : 108
✏ISBN : 9781602667174
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Saved by Grace by a Love That Never Fails Book Summary : Chapman pens a love story full of hope and encouragement--a limitless love that God has for Christians. (Practical Life)

✏Book Title : The Love Series Complete Box Set
✏Author : Melissa Collins
✏Publisher : M Collins Author LLC
✏Release Date : 2015-04-21
✏Pages : 707
✏ISBN : 9780986388620
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Love Series Complete Box Set Book Summary : The entire series is together for a limited time. This box set includes the complete Love Series - Let Love In, Let Love Stay, Let Love Heal, Let Love Shine, Let Love Be, and Let Love Live. From New Adult to M/m Contemporary Romance, there's something in here for everyone. Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the couples of this bestselling series.

📒Unveiled ✍ Ms. Remy

✏Book Title : Unveiled
✏Author : Ms. Remy
✏Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
✏Release Date : 2008-08-06
✏Pages : 197
✏ISBN : 9781465322036
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Unveiled Book Summary : Unveiled, is a Poetic Portal N2 Life through Love, Lust, Pain and deceit. This anthology of adult poems contours the strengths and weaknesses of relationships. It distorts what seems real and makes a fantasy pure reality. My expressions are pure and simple with a twist. These poetic verses take on a life of their own and invite you to become a part of them. It will intoxicate your mind and free your spirit. It will take you into life, and touch on topics that most would not speak of. It leads you through lustful actions, allowing the flesh to lead; with no communication with the mind. Once the lust burns out it will then lead to pain. The feelings and experiences of pain leave a feeling of agony that cuts through to the bone. After pulling through the painful experiences, you are in a mist of confusion; thus leading you to search for the ultimate feeling. Love has no name, no protocol, no right or wrong way, its just love. Once you have experienced true lust, and real pain, you will understand that; you must live life to the fullest and be happy with your decisions. Love becomes the most dominant feeling and it transforms you, it changes the way you walk, you talk, you dress, it evens changes your way of writing. Layer by layer it all comes off, revealing the most inner thoughts and experiences, I give you, Unveiled!