Please Kill Me

📒Please Kill Me ✍ Legs McNeil

✏Book Title : Please Kill Me
✏Author : Legs McNeil
✏Publisher : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
✏Release Date : 2014-01-28
✏Pages : 488
✏ISBN : 9780802192769
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Please Kill Me Book Summary : “Ranks up there with the great rock & roll books of all time.”—Time Out New York “Lurid, insolent, disorderly, funny, sometimes gross, sometimes mean and occasionally touching . . . Resounds with authenticity.”—The New York Times “No volume serves juicier dish on punk’s New York birth . . . Tales of sex, drugs and music that will make you wish you’d been there.”—Rolling Stone A contemporary classic, Please Kill Me is the definitive oral history of the most nihilistic of all pop movements. Iggy Pop, Richard Hell, the Ramones, and scores of other punk figures lend their voices to this decisive account of that explosive era. This 20th anniversary edition features new photos and an afterword by the authors. “Utterly and shamelessly sensational.”—Newsday

📒The Celestial Zone ✍ Tian Beng Wee

✏Book Title : The Celestial Zone
✏Author : Tian Beng Wee
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2016
✏Pages : 145
✏ISBN : 9814707279
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Celestial Zone Book Summary :

📒 Please Don T Kill Me ✍ William C. Dear

✏Book Title : Please Don t Kill Me
✏Author : William C. Dear
✏Publisher : Crossroad Press
✏Release Date : 2018-02-09
✏Pages : 256
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏ Please Don t Kill Me Book Summary : "I don't care who you hire, or what the company has to pay him … so long as he's the best there is." This anguished cry from the wife of murder victim Dean Milo would draw private investigator Bill Dear into one of the most frustrating and ultimately triumphant cases of his career. Dean Milo was a phenomenally successful businessman who had built a tiny family business into a $50 million-a-year corporation. Along the way he had established a lengthy list of enemies that began with his immediate family and stretched throughout the social and business community. His fast-track ride to the top came to a violent halt on August 11, 1980, when Milo was found dead in his luxurious Ohio home, shot twice in the head. A blank telegram form lay nearby. Four months after his death, the investigation remained a confusing collection of non sequiturs. Clues pointed toward Milo's involvement with the Mafia, the drug world, and the gay community. His own family refused to cooperate with the author¬ities. And time was ticking by … In desperation, Maggie Milo turned to Texas private eye Bill Dear. This is the gripping story of the remarkable collaboration between Dear and the police detectives of Akron, Ohio, that led to eleven convictions, an Ohio record. It is also a tale of the human weakness, desperation, and overwhelming greed that led to a sudden death.

✏Book Title : NHS Please Don t Kill Me
✏Author : Ray Radford
✏Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
✏Release Date : 2015-11-04
✏Pages : 200
✏ISBN : 9781785895012
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏NHS Please Don t Kill Me Book Summary : When you need the NHS, how can you make sure you get the best possible care? Have you ever thought about what you could do to influence and improve the quality of care you receive when using the NHS? Or do you just turn up hoping that the healthcare professional in front of you diagnoses and treats you accurately and in your best interests? Have you ever walked away from an appointment none the wiser, disappointed, confused or angry? Or worse – have you been mis-diagnosed or had unnecessary treatment? The NHS is something we all rely on. We hope that it will deliver the best possible service when we or our loved ones fall ill. It is regarded as a shining example and world leader in healthcare provision, but, in recent years, its reputation has been severely tarnished. Successive scandals have revealed shocking levels of care, harm, neglect, cover-ups and unnecessary deaths. If these multiple revelations have taught us anything it is that we have to be prepared - and able - to take personal responsibility to influence the quality of care we receive. Either we enable ourselves to rise to this challenge or risk becoming another unfortunate statistic. NHS Please Don't Kill Me! is a guide to help you receive the best possible care. By outlining the prevalent cultural and behavioural issues, it provides readers with essential skills and ideas that could reduce error and potentially save lives. It is an honest, transparent and factual book that reflects the real experiences of many people, including the authors.

✏Book Title : You Can t Kill Me Twice
✏Author : Charlyne Yi
✏Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
✏Release Date : 2019-11-19
✏Pages : 128
✏ISBN : 9781524858551
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏You Can t Kill Me Twice Book Summary : A deeply personal collection of poetry and art by the award-winning actor, comedian, and composer, Charlyne Yi. With a poetic voice that is by turns lyrical and plainspoken, Charlyne Yi writes about the uncertainty of relationships, the absurdity of societal expectations, family trauma, and identity. Deeply personal, these poems and accompanying line illustrations are playful and profound, sometimes darkly funny, and often acutely moving.

📒But Is It Garbage ✍ Steven L. Hamelman

✏Book Title : But is it Garbage
✏Author : Steven L. Hamelman
✏Publisher : University of Georgia Press
✏Release Date : 2004
✏Pages : 272
✏ISBN : 0820325872
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏But is it Garbage Book Summary : Trash has been blowing across the rock'n'roll landscape since the first amplified guitar riff tore through American mass culture. Throwaway tunes, wasted fans, crappy reviews, junk bins of remaindered albums: much of rock's quintessence is handily conveyed in terms of disposability and impermanence. Steven L. Hamelman sums up these rubbishy affinities as rock's "trash trope." Trash is an obvious physical presence on the rock scene -- think of Woodstock's littered pastures or the many hotel rooms redecorated by the Who. More intriguingly, Hamelman says, trash is the catalyst for a powerful mode of rock composition and criticism. It is, for instance, both cause and effect when performers like the Ramones or Beck at once critique junk culture and revel in it. But Is It Garbage? spills over with challenging insights into how rock's creators, critics, and consumers transform, and are transformed by, trash as a fact and a concept. In the music's preoccupation with its own trashiness readers will perceive a wellspring of rock innovation and inspiration -- one largely overlooked and little understood until now.

📒Mom And Me And Mom ✍ Maya Angelou

✏Book Title : Mom and Me and Mom
✏Author : Maya Angelou
✏Publisher : Hachette UK
✏Release Date : 2013-03-26
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9781405521710
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Mom and Me and Mom Book Summary : 'In the first decade of the twentieth century, it was not a good time to be born black, or woman, in America.' So begins this stunning portrait of Vivian Baxter Johnson: the first black woman officer in the Merchant Marines, purveyor of a gambling business and rooming house, and mother to Maya Angelou, beloved and bestselling author I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS. 'A brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman' BARACK OBAMA Anyone who's read the classic, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, knows Maya Angelou was raised by her paternal grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas. In Mom & Me & Mom, Angelou details what brought her mother to send her away and unearths the well of emotions Angelou experienced long afterward as a result. While Angelou's six autobiographies tell of her out in the world, influencing and learning from statesmen and cultural icons, Mom & Me & Mom shares the intimate, emotional story about her own family. 'She moved through the world with unshakeable calm, confidence and a fierce grace . . . She will always be the rainbow in my clouds' OPRAH WINFREY 'She was important in so many ways. She launched African American women writing in the United States. She was generous to a fault. She had nineteen talents - used ten. And was a real original. There is no duplicate' TONI MORRISON

📒Spinning Target ✍ Joseph Nazel

✏Book Title : Spinning Target
✏Author : Joseph Nazel
✏Publisher : Holloway House Publishing
✏Release Date : 1983
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 0870670905
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Spinning Target Book Summary :

📒Implac ✍ Zvi Zaks

✏Book Title : Implac
✏Author : Zvi Zaks
✏Publisher : eStar Books
✏Release Date : 2011-03-01
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9781612102016
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Implac Book Summary : Schools, churches and government all insisted that none of the sadistic and genocidal implac robots had survived the Great War, but Tommy McPherson never believed them. When he heard about a tunnel on the moon - one uncharted and too straight to be natural - he knew the time had come to investigate what was hidden there and face his most terrifying nightmares...

📒Death Benefits ✍ Sarah N. Harvey

✏Book Title : Death Benefits
✏Author : Sarah N. Harvey
✏Publisher : Orca Book Publishers
✏Release Date : 2010-10-01
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781554694570
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Death Benefits Book Summary : Royce (aka Rolly) is having a bad year. Not only has his mother dragged him across the country in order to be close to her aged father Arthur, a celebrated cellist, but he's also recovering from mono. When he convinces his mother to let him finish the school year by correspondence, he's left feeling isolated and lonely, and spends his time watching TV and plotting ways to get back to his friends in Nova Scotia. But before his plans can be implemented, his grandfather has a small stroke. Suddenly Arthur needs more care than Royce's mother can provide and, after a couple of hired care aides quit, Royce is pressed into service.