📒Physiology E Book ✍ Linda S. Costanzo

✏Book Title : Physiology E Book
✏Author : Linda S. Costanzo
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2017-03-15
✏Pages : 540
✏ISBN : 9780323511896
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Physiology E Book Book Summary : Renowned physiology instructor Dr. Linda Costanzo’s friendly, logical, easy-to-follow writing style makes Physiology, 6th Edition ideal for coursework and USMLE preparation. Well-designed figures and tables provide handy visuals for procedures or physiologic equations, and step-by-step explanations clarify challenging concepts. This full-color, manageably-sized text offers a comprehensive and consistent overview of core physiologic concepts at the organ system and cellular levels, making complex principles easy to understand. Information is presented in a short, simple, and focused manner – the perfect presentation for success in coursework and on exams. Chapter summaries and "Challenge Yourself" questions at the end of each chapter provide an extensive review of the material and reinforce understanding and retention. Equations and sample problems are integrated throughout the text. NEW! More Clinical Physiology Case Boxes relate to pathophysiology for a clinical context

📒Physiology E Book ✍ Linda S. Costanzo

✏Book Title : Physiology E Book
✏Author : Linda S. Costanzo
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2013-05-27
✏Pages : 520
✏ISBN : 9781455728138
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Physiology E Book Book Summary : Physiology is a comprehensive presentation of core physiologic concepts with a focus on mechanisms. Renowned physiology instructor Linda S. Costanzo covers important concepts in the field, both at the organ system and cellular levels. Easy to read and user-friendly, the revised fourth edition stresses essential and relevant content with absolute clarity and includes concise step-by-step explanations complemented by numerous tables and abundant illustrations. It provides information on the underlying principles of cellular physiology, the autonomic nervous system, and neurophysiology, as well as the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, acid-base, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and reproductive organ systems. This book is ideal as both a textbook and as a review guide for the boards. Provides step-by-step explanations and easy-to-follow diagrams clearly depicting physiologic principles. Integrates equations and sample problems throughout the text. Presents chapter summaries for quick overviews of important points. Contains boxed Clinical Physiology Cases to provide you with more clinical examples and a more thorough understanding of application. Provides questions at the end of each chapter for an extensive review of the material and to reinforce your understanding and retention. Offers a full-color design and all full-color illustrations throughout. Features increased coverage of pathophysiology in the neurophysiology, gastrointestinal, renal, acid-base, and endocrine chapters to emphasize this important component of the USMLE exam. Incorporates further practice in solving physiology equations through the inclusion of additional problem-solving questions throughout the text.

📒Physiology ✍ Sir Michael Foster

✏Book Title : Physiology
✏Author : Sir Michael Foster
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1874
✏Pages : 132
✏ISBN : OXFORD:590381210
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Physiology Book Summary :

📒Fundamentals Of Human Physiology ✍ Lauralee Sherwood

✏Book Title : Fundamentals of Human Physiology
✏Author : Lauralee Sherwood
✏Publisher : Cengage Learning
✏Release Date : 2011-01-01
✏Pages : 720
✏ISBN : 9780840062253
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Fundamentals of Human Physiology Book Summary : Organized around the central theme of homeostasis, FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY is a carefully condensed version of Lauralee Sherwood's HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY: FROM CELLS TO SYSTEMS. It provides clear, current, concise, clinically oriented coverage of physiology. Many analogies and frequent references to everyday experiences help students relate to the physiology concepts presented. Offering helpful art and pedagogical features, Sherwood promotes understanding of the basic principles and concepts of physiology rather than memorization of details and provides a foundation for future careers in the health professions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

📒Coffee ✍ R.J. Clarke

✏Book Title : Coffee
✏Author : R.J. Clarke
✏Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
✏Release Date : 1988-12-31
✏Pages : 388
✏ISBN : 1851661867
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Coffee Book Summary :

📒Modern Plant Physiology ✍ Rajiv Kumar Sinha

✏Book Title : Modern Plant Physiology
✏Author : Rajiv Kumar Sinha
✏Publisher : CRC Press
✏Release Date : 2004-01
✏Pages : 620
✏ISBN : 0849317142
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Modern Plant Physiology Book Summary : Essential for students of both undergraduate and postgraduate classes, Modern Plant Physiology addresses new developments in tissue culture, stress physiology, and secondary metabolities. This detailed and comprehensive handbook, written by a renowned figure in botanical education, focuses on many essential concepts, including: the metabolisms of nitrogen, amino acids, protein, fat, and nucleic acid; photosynthesis; photorespiration; hormones; senescence, aging and abscission; photoperiodism; and the physiology of flowering. The text offers tabulated differences between allied processes such as Fluorescence and Phosphorescence, thus providing a clear conception and better understanding of the subject matter.

📒Elements Of Physiology ✍ Johannes Müller

✏Book Title : Elements of Physiology
✏Author : Johannes Müller
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1843
✏Pages : 886
✏ISBN : HARVARD:32044011706751
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Elements of Physiology Book Summary :

📒Medical Physiology ✍ Walter F. Boron

✏Book Title : Medical Physiology
✏Author : Walter F. Boron
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2008-12-03
✏Pages : 1352
✏ISBN : 9781437720174
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Medical Physiology Book Summary : The updated 2nd edition of this accessible and in-depth resource firmly relates molecular and cellular biology to the study of human physiology and disease. Leading physiologists present you with practical, accurate coverage, continually emphasizing the clinical implications of the material. Each chapter explains the principles and organization of each body system, while more than 800 high-quality, full-color line drawings and prominently featured clinical examples clarify every concept. This exceptionally detailed and comprehensive guide to physiology is ideal for a rich, straightforward, state-of-the-art understanding of this essential subject. Provides clinical examples of disordered physiology in prominent boxes throughout the text for at-a-glance access to important content. Clarifies concepts with the use of 800 color drawings that feature balloon captions explaining key processes. Presents material in a consistent style to make the text readable and easy to understand. Offers a practical organization by body system for an intuitive and accessible approach to physiology. Features access to the complete contents of the book online, plus a full image collection, animations, 150 review questions, and supplemental web notes for more detailed information. Keeps you current with updated material, including a new chapter on Physiology of Aging and a new section on hemostasis. Offers the latest visual guidance with a revised and updated art program.

✏Book Title : Berne Levy Physiology Updated Edition E Book
✏Author : Bruce M. Koeppen
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2009-12-11
✏Pages : 848
✏ISBN : 9780323080309
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Berne Levy Physiology Updated Edition E Book Book Summary : Berne and Levy Physiology has long been respected for its scientifically rigorous approach and now includes major updates to bring you all of the latest knowledge in the field. Bruce M. Koeppen and Bruce A. Stanton present a honed and shortened edition that emphasizes the core information needed by students of physiology today and features a full-color design and artwork to enhance readability and enrich your comprehension of every concept. With access to the full contents online at Student Consult, this time-honored book delivers an in-depth understanding of physiology more powerfully and effectively than ever before. Describes all of the mechanisms that control and regulate bodily function using a clear and intuitive organ system-based approach. Provides a rich understanding of the body's dynamic processes through key experimental observations and examples. Includes Student Consult access to the complete and searchable contents of the book online, as well as relevant bonus content from other Student Consult titles, an image gallery, 10 physiology animations, and much more. Features updated coverage throughout to expand your understanding of the most current trends in physiology and medicine, including the latest cellular and molecular knowledge. Includes shaded boxes that highlight and explain important clinical and molecular information. Presents new section editors who ensure that you are getting the freshest, most clinically relevant information available today. Summarizes need-to-know information in each chapter with Key Points sections.

✏Book Title : Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E Book
✏Author : John E. Hall
✏Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
✏Release Date : 2010-07-19
✏Pages : 1120
✏ISBN : 9781437726749
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E Book Book Summary : The 12th edition of Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title's long tradition as one of the world's favorite physiology textbooks. The immense success of this book is due to its description of complex physiologic principles in language that is easy to read and understand. Now with an improved color art program, thorough updates reflecting today's medicine and science, this textbook is an excellent source for mastering essential human physiology knowledge. Learn and remember vital concepts easily thanks to short, easy-to-read, masterfully edited chapters and a user-friendly full-color design. See core concepts applied to real-life situations with clinical vignettes throughout the text. Discover the newest in physiology with updates that reflect the latest advances in molecular biology, cardiovascular, neurophysiology and gastrointestinal topics. Visualize physiologic principles clearly with over 1000 bold, full-color drawings and diagrams. Distinguish core concepts from more in-depth material with a layout that uses gray shading to clearly differentiate between "need-to-know" and "nice-to-know" information.