Nanocurcumin Encapsulation Strategies Characteristics And Applications

ūüďíNanohybrids ‚úć Gaurav Sharma

Nanohybrids Book PDF
‚úŹBook Title : Nanohybrids
‚úŹAuthor : Gaurav Sharma
‚úŹPublisher : Materials Research Forum LLC
‚úŹRelease Date : 2021-01-20
‚úŹPages : 278
‚úŹISBN : 9781644901069
‚úŹAvailable Language : English, Spanish, And French

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‚úŹNanohybrids Book Summary : The book covers preparation, designing and utilization of nanohybrid materials for biomedical applications. These materials can improve the effectiveness of drugs, promote high cell growth in new scaffolds, and lead to biodegradable surgical sutures. The use of hybrid magneto-plasmonic nanoparticles may lead to non-invasive therapies. The most promising materials are based on silica nanostructures, polymers, bioresorbable metals, liposomes, biopolymeric electrospun nanofibers, graphene, and gelatin. Much research focuses on the development of biomaterials for cell regeneration and wound healing applications. Keywords: Biomedical Materials, Cell Growth, Cell Regeneration, Wound Healing, Surgical Sutures, Non-invasive Therapies , Drug Transport, Tissue Engineering, Cardiovascular Implants, Fracture Repair Implants, Biodegradable Materials, Hybrid Magneto-plasmonic Nanoparticles, Silica Nanostructures, Polymers, Bioresorbable Metals, Liposomes, Biopolymeric Electrospun Nanofibers, Graphene, Gelatin-based Hydrogels.

ūüďíNanostructures For Cancer Therapy ‚úć Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

Nanostructures For Cancer Therapy Book PDF
‚úŹBook Title : Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy
‚úŹAuthor : Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
‚úŹPublisher : Elsevier
‚úŹRelease Date : 2017-04-11
‚úŹPages : 920
‚úŹISBN : 9780323461504
‚úŹAvailable Language : English, Spanish, And French

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‚úŹNanostructures for Cancer Therapy Book Summary : Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy discusses the available preclinical and clinical nanoparticle technology platforms and their impact on cancer therapy, including current trends and developments in the use of nanostructured materials in chemotherapy and chemotherapeutics. In particular, coverage is given to the applications of gold nanoparticles and quantum dots in cancer therapies. In addition to the multifunctional nanomaterials involved in the treatment of cancer, other topics covered include nanocomposites that can target tumoral cells and the release of antitumoral therapeutic agents. The book is an up-to-date overview that covers the inorganic and organic nanostructures involved in the diagnostics and treatment of cancer. Provides an examination of nanoparticle delivery systems for cancer treatment, illustrating how the use of nanotechnology can help provide more effective chemotherapeutic treatments Examines, in detail, the different types of nanomaterials used in cancer therapy, also explaining the effect of each Provides a cogent overview of recent developments in the use of nanostructured materials in chemotherapeutics, allowing readers to quickly familiarize themselves with this area