📒Memories Of State ✍ Eric Davis

✏Book Title : Memories of State
✏Author : Eric Davis
✏Publisher : Univ of California Press
✏Release Date : 2005-02-28
✏Pages : 385
✏ISBN : 0520235460
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Memories of State Book Summary : “Eric Davis eschews traditional histories of Iraq that have tended to emphasize political personalities and struggles amongst them, and focuses instead on the relationships between culture and political control, civil society and state institutions, and intellectuals and policy makers. The result is an innovative and multi-layered analysis that is a pleasure to read.”—Adeed Dawish, author or Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: From Triumph to Despair "Eric Davis's book is a truly impressive tour de force of the cultural history of modern Iraq and the political struggles over the appropriation of national culture and memory. It is based not only on meticulous and detailed research, but also a thorough familiarity and sympathy with Iraqi society. Davis offers a particularly valuable cultural and intellectual history of modern Iraq, a country that has appeared in Western public discourse primarily in terms of its geo-political aspects and the bloody regime which ruled it until recent times."—Sami Zubaida, author of Law and Power in the Islamic World

📒Memories And Adventures ✍ Arthur Conan Doyle

✏Book Title : Memories and Adventures
✏Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
✏Publisher : Cambridge University Press
✏Release Date : 2012-02-16
✏Pages : 434
✏ISBN : 9781108044042
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Memories and Adventures Book Summary : First published in 1923, this autobiography explores Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's life from his school years to literary success and beyond.

✏Book Title : Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire
✏Author : Karl Galinsky
✏Publisher : Getty Publications
✏Release Date : 2016-01-01
✏Pages : 376
✏ISBN : 9781606064627
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire Book Summary : Memory studies — one of the most vibrant research fields of the present day — brings together such diverse disciplines as art and archaeology, history, religion, literature, sociology, media studies, and neuroscience. In scholarship on ancient Rome, studies of social and cultural memory complement traditional approaches, opening up new horizons as we contemplate the ancient world. The fifteen essays presented here explore memory in the Roman Empire, addressing a wide spectrum of cultural phenomena from a range of approaches. Ancient Rome was a memory culture par excellence and memory pervades all aspects of Roman culture, from literature and art to religion and politics. This volume is the first to address the cultural artifacts of Rome through the lens of memory studies. An essential guide to the material culture of Rome, this book brings important new concepts to the fore for both scholars of the ancient world and those of social and cultural memory throughout human history.

📒Memories And Commentaries ✍ Igor Stravinsky

✏Book Title : Memories and Commentaries
✏Author : Igor Stravinsky
✏Publisher : Univ of California Press
✏Release Date : 1981-01-01
✏Pages : 183
✏ISBN : 0520044029
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Memories and Commentaries Book Summary : For the first time in one volume--the celebrated Stravinsky and Craft Conversations Few would dispute that Igor Stravinsky was the greatest composer of the twentieth century. Conductor and writer Robert Craft was his closest colleague and friend, and for over twenty-one years he lived with the Stravinskys in their Hollywood home. In the early 1950s he accompanied the composer on his concert tours, and from the mid-1950s to Stravinsky's death in 1971 he co-conducted his concerts. Together Stravinsky and Craft published five acclaimed collections known as the Conversations series, which sprung from informal talks between the two men. In this newly edited and re-structured one-volume version, Craft brings Stravinsky's reflections on his childhood, his family life, professional associates, and personal relationships into sharper focus and places the major compositions in their cultural milieux. The Conversations books are the only published writing attributed to Stravinsky that are actually "by him" in terms of fidelity to his thoughts and opinions, making this volume required reading for all fans and students of Stravinsky's music.

📒Memories Of Underdevelopment ✍ Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

✏Book Title : Memories of Underdevelopment
✏Author : Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
✏Publisher : Rutgers University Press
✏Release Date : 1990
✏Pages : 258
✏ISBN : 0813515378
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Memories of Underdevelopment Book Summary : Includes the complete English continuity script of the film, Memorias del subdesarollo (Memories of underdevelopment) directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea and the complete English translation (entitled 'Inconsolable memories') of Edmundo Desnoes' novel of the same name on which it was based.

✏Book Title : The Cognitive Neuropsychology of False Memories
✏Author : Daniel L. Schacter
✏Publisher : Psychology Press
✏Release Date : 1999
✏Pages : 320
✏ISBN : 0863776930
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Cognitive Neuropsychology of False Memories Book Summary : People sometimes remember events that never happened. These illusory or false memories have important practical implications in various aspects of everyday life, and also have significant theoretical implications for cognitive and neuropsychological models of memory. Cognitive psychologists and neuropsychologists have long been aware of false recognition, confabulation, and related kinds of memory distortions, but during the past several years research on these topics has increased rapidly. In recognition of this emerging domain of interest, this special issue of Cognitive Neuropsychologyis devoted to the cognitive neuropsychology of false memories. Edited by Daniel L. Schacter, the special issue features experimental and theoretical contributions from leading cognitive psychologists, neuropsychologists, and neurologists that explore such issues as false recognition after frontal lobe damage, the nature of confabulation, amnesia and false memories, physiological correlates of memory illusions, memory distortions in normal and abnormal aging, and computational models of true and false memories. gical correlates of memory illusions, memory distortions in normal and abnormal aging, and computational models of true and false memories.

📒Perilous Memories ✍ T. Fujitani

✏Book Title : Perilous Memories
✏Author : T. Fujitani
✏Publisher : Duke University Press
✏Release Date : 2001-05-31
✏Pages : 471
✏ISBN : 9780822381051
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Perilous Memories Book Summary : Perilous Memories makes a groundbreaking and critical intervention into debates about war memory in the Asia-Pacific region. Arguing that much is lost or erased when the Asia-Pacific War(s) are reduced to the 1941–1945 war between Japan and the United States, this collection challenges mainstream memories of the Second World War in favor of what were actually multiple, widespread conflicts. The contributors recuperate marginalized or silenced memories of wars throughout the region—not only in Japan and the United States but also in China, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Okinawa, Taiwan, and Korea. Firmly based on the insight that memory is always mediated and that the past is not a stable object, the volume demonstrates that we can intervene positively yet critically in the recovery and reinterpretation of events and experiences that have been pushed to the peripheries of the past. The contributors—an international list of anthropologists, cultural critics, historians, literary scholars, and activists—show how both dominant and subjugated memories have emerged out of entanglements with such forces as nationalism, imperialism, colonialism, racism, and sexism. They consider both how the past is remembered and also what the consequences may be of privileging one set of memories over others. Specific objects of study range from photographs, animation, songs, and films to military occupations and attacks, minorities in wartime, “comfort women,” commemorative events, and postwar activism in pursuing redress and reparations. Perilous Memories is a model for war memory intervention and will be of interest to historians and other scholars and activists engaged with collective memory, colonial studies, U.S. and Asian history, and cultural studies. Contributors. Chen Yingzhen, Chungmoo Choi, Vicente M. Diaz, Arif Dirlik, T. Fujitani, Ishihara Masaie, Lamont Lindstrom, George Lipsitz, Marita Sturken, Toyonaga Keisaburo, Utsumi Aiko, Morio Watanabe, Geoffrey M. White, Diana Wong, Daqing Yang, Lisa Yoneyama

✏Book Title : What Your Childhood Memories Say about You and What You Can Do about It
✏Author : Kevin Leman
✏Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
✏Release Date : 2012-04-23
✏Pages : 240
✏ISBN : 1414329598
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏What Your Childhood Memories Say about You and What You Can Do about It Book Summary : What are your earliest childhood memories? Were you afraid of the dark? Can you remember a particularly embarrassing moment? Those memories—along with the words and emotions you use to describe them—hold the key to understanding the person you are today! Drawing on examples from his own life, the lives of celebrities, as well as case studies from his private practice, renowned psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman helps you apply these same techniques to uncover why you are the way you are. Remember, “The little boy or girl you once were, you still are!” So unlock that memory bank—pick a memory, any memory—and discover what makes you tick!

✏Book Title : Oral History and Public Memories
✏Author : Paula Hamilton
✏Publisher : Temple University Press
✏Release Date : 2009-08-21
✏Pages : 320
✏ISBN : 9781592131426
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Oral History and Public Memories Book Summary : Oral history is inherently about memory, and when oral history interviews are used "in public," they invariably both reflect and shape public memories of the past. Oral History and Public Memories is the only book that explores this relationship, in fourteen case studies of oral history's use in a variety of venues and media around the world. Readers will learn, for example, of oral history based efforts to reclaim community memory in post-apartheid Cape Town, South Africa; of the role of personal testimony in changing public understanding of Japanese American history in the American West; of oral history's value in mapping heritage sites important to Australia's Aboriginal population; and of the way an oral history project with homeless people in Cleveland, Ohio became a tool for popular education. Taken together, these original essays link the well established practice of oral history to the burgeoning field of memory studies.

📒Ferroelectric Memories ✍ James F. Scott

✏Book Title : Ferroelectric Memories
✏Author : James F. Scott
✏Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
✏Release Date : 2000-05-05
✏Pages : 248
✏ISBN : 3540663878
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Ferroelectric Memories Book Summary : The first comprehensive text on ferroelectric memories, this book by Prof Scott of Cambridge University, author of 300 publications on ferroelectrics and the most cited papers on ferroelectric thin-film science, contains chapters on device design, processing, testing, and device physics - breakdown, leakage currents, switching mechanisms, and fatigue. State of the art device designs are illustrated among the books many figures. More than 500 up-to-date references and 76 problems for students make it useful both as a research reference and as a text for graduate or advanced undergraduate students.