Making Sense Of The Social World Interactive Ebook

✏Book Title : Making Sense of the Social World Interactive eBook
✏Author : Daniel F. Chambliss
✏Publisher : SAGE Publications, Incorporated
✏Release Date : 2012-03-02
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1452225370
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Making Sense of the Social World Interactive eBook Book Summary : This dynamic new Interactive eBook version of the Fourth Edition of Daniel F. Chambliss and Russell K. Schutt’s Making Sense of the Social World is ideal for students in online and traditional courses who prefer a more contemporary, multimedia-integrated presentation for learning. It provides students with integrated links to engaging video and audio as well as access to complete academic and professional articles, all from the same pages found in the printed text. Students will also have immediate access to study tools such as highlighting, bookmarking, note-taking, and more! Students: Still need to purchase an Access Code? Just select the "Buy Item Now" button on this page to purchase your individual access code. Bundle Option Bundle the Print Version of Chambliss’ Making Sense of the Social World, Fourth Edition with the Interactive eBook for FREE! Bundle ISBN: 978-1-4129-9155-1

📒Making Sense Of The Social World ✍ Daniel F. Chambliss

✏Book Title : Making Sense of the Social World
✏Author : Daniel F. Chambliss
✏Publisher : Pine Forge Press
✏Release Date : 2010
✏Pages : 327
✏ISBN : 9781412969390
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Making Sense of the Social World Book Summary : Making Sense of the Social World is an engaging and innovative introduction to social research for students who need to understand methodologies and results, but who may never conduct the research themselves. It provides a balanced treatment of qualitative and quantitative methods, integrating substantive examples and research techniques, and is written in a less formal style than many comparable texts, with examples drawn from everyday experience: a text that students actually like to read!The text covers all the essential elements of social research methods including validity, causation, experimental and quasi-experimental design, and techniques of analysis - topics cited as most challenging for students. A student study site with journal articles and online interactive exercises, and chapter examples with emphasis on everyday experiences and current newsworthy issues assist student's understanding.This Third Edition now contains:- A new chapter with revised material on evaluation research- A new chapter on research ethics.- More contemporary web-based research instruction.- Updated End-of-chapter exercises, including new ethics exercises.- Boxed features: "When Things Go Wrong in Social Research"

✏Book Title : Understanding the Social World Interactive Ebook
✏Author : Russell K. Schutt
✏Publisher : Sage Publications, Incorporated
✏Release Date : 2016-02-16
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1506338658
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Understanding the Social World Interactive Ebook Book Summary :

✏Book Title : Bundle Schutt Understanding the Social World Schutt Understanding the Social World Interactive EBook Student Version
✏Author : Russell K. Schutt
✏Publisher : Sage Publications, Incorporated
✏Release Date : 2016-03-04
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1506340318
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Bundle Schutt Understanding the Social World Schutt Understanding the Social World Interactive EBook Student Version Book Summary : This bundle includes Schutt: Understanding the Social World and Schutt: Understanding the Social World Interactive eBook Student Version

✏Book Title : Making Sense of Research in Nursing Health and Social Care
✏Author : Pam Moule
✏Publisher : SAGE
✏Release Date : 2018-01-08
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9781526430915
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Making Sense of Research in Nursing Health and Social Care Book Summary : What is research and how does it work in the context of nursing, health and social care? Now in its 6th edition, this easy to read guide keeps on providing a concise overview of the different research methods and terminology and helps readers understand how research is implemented in practice. The new edition includes: o Case examples of real research from a variety of settings and countries o Updates in light of the new NMC standards, more on critical appraisal tools and service improvement o Chapter learning outcomes and key points o A companion website featuring an interactive glossary, reflective exercises and free access to SAGE journal articles for students, as well as SAGE videos and seminar notes for lecturers and more This is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of nursing and health in the UK and internationally.

✏Book Title : Understanding Social Problems
✏Author : Linda Mooney
✏Publisher : Cengage Learning
✏Release Date : 2014-03-20
✏Pages : 608
✏ISBN : 9781285746500
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Understanding Social Problems Book Summary : Mooney, Knox, and Schacht’s UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL PROBLEMS uses a theoretically balanced, reader-friendly approach to provide a comprehensive exploration of social problems. The book progresses from a micro to macro level of analysis, focusing first on such problems as illness and health care, drugs and alcohol, and family problems, and then broadening to the larger issues of poverty and inequality, population growth, aging, environmental problems, and conflict around the world. The social problem in each chapter is framed in a global as well as U.S. context. In every chapter, the three major theoretical perspectives are applied to the social problem under discussion, and the consequences of the problem, as well as alternative solutions, are explored. Pedagogical features such as “Animals and Society,” “The Human Side,” and “Self and Society” enable you to grasp how social problems affect the lives of individuals and apply your understanding of social problems to your own life. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

📒Art And The Senses ✍ Francesca Bacci

✏Book Title : Art and the Senses
✏Author : Francesca Bacci
✏Publisher : Oxford University Press
✏Release Date : 2011-08-04
✏Pages : 642
✏ISBN : 9780199230600
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Art and the Senses Book Summary : The senses play a vital role in our health, our social interactions, and in enjoying food, music and the arts. The book provides a unique interdisciplinary overview of the senses, ranging from the neuroscience of sensory processing in the body, to cultural influences on how the senses are used in society, to the role of the senses in the arts.

📒Godwired ✍ Rachel Wagner

✏Book Title : Godwired
✏Author : Rachel Wagner
✏Publisher : Routledge
✏Release Date : 2012-03-12
✏Pages : 272
✏ISBN : 9781136512131
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Godwired Book Summary : Godwired offers an engaging exploration of religious practice in the digital age. It considers how virtual experiences, like stories, games and rituals, are forms of world-building or "cosmos construction" that serve as a means of making sense of our own world. Such creative and interactive activity is, arguably, patently religious. This book examines: the nature of sacred space in virtual contexts technology as a vehicle for sacred texts who we are when we go online what rituals have in common with games and how they work online what happens to community when people worship online how religious "worlds" and virtual "worlds" nurture similar desires. Rachel Wagner suggests that whilst our engagement with virtual reality can be viewed as a form of religious activity, today’s virtual religion marks a radical departure from traditional religious practice – it is ephemeral, transient, rapid, disposable, hyper-individualized, hybrid, and in an ongoing state of flux.

✏Book Title : The Mobile Connection
✏Author : Rich Ling
✏Publisher : Elsevier
✏Release Date : 2004-06-25
✏Pages : 244
✏ISBN : 0080518931
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Mobile Connection Book Summary : Has the cell phone forever changed the way people communicate? The mobile phone is used for “real time coordination while on the run, adolescents use it to manage their freedom, and teens “text to each other day and night. The mobile phone is more than a simple technical innovation or social fad, more than just an intrusion on polite society. This book, based on world-wide research involving tens of thousands of interviews and contextual observations, looks into the impact of the phone on our daily lives. The mobile phone has fundamentally affected our accessibility, safety and security, coordination of social and business activities, and use of public places. Based on research conducted in dozens of countries, this insightful and entertaining book examines the once unexpected interaction between humans and cell phones, and between humans, period. The compelling discussion and projections about the future of the telephone should give designers everywhere a more informed practice and process, and provide researchers with new ideas to last years. *Rich Ling (an American working in Norway) is a prominent researcher, interviewed in the new technology article in the November 9 issue of the New York Times Magazine. *A particularly "good read", this book will be important to the designers, information designers, social psychologists, and others who will have an impact on the development of the new third generation of mobile telephones. *Carefully and wittily written by a senior research scientist at Telenor, Norway's largest telecommunications company, and developer of the first mobile telephone system that allowed for international roaming.

✏Book Title : Narrative Theory Literature and New Media
✏Author : Mari Hatavara
✏Publisher : Routledge
✏Release Date : 2015-06-19
✏Pages : 326
✏ISBN : 9781317524625
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Narrative Theory Literature and New Media Book Summary : Offering an interdisciplinary approach to narrative, this book investigates storyworlds and minds in narratives across media, from literature to digital games and reality TV, from online sadomasochism to oral history databases, and from horror to hallucinations. It addresses two core questions of contemporary narrative theory, inspired by recent cognitive-scientific developments: what kind of a construction is a storyworld, and what kind of mental functioning can be embedded in it? Minds and worlds become essential facets of making sense and interpreting narratives as the book asks how story-internal minds relate to the mind external to the storyworld, that is, the mind processing the story. With essays from social scientists, literary scholars, linguists, and scholars from interactive media studies answering these topical questions, the collection brings diverse disciplines into dialogue, providing new openings for genuinely transdisciplinary narrative theory. The wide-ranging selection of materials analyzed in the book promotes knowledge on the latest forms of cultural and social meaning-making through narrative, necessary for navigating the contemporary, mediatized cultural landscape. The combination of theoretical reflection and empirical analysis makes this book an invaluable resource for scholars and advanced students in fields including literary studies, social sciences, art, media, and communication.