Lethal But Legal

📒Lethal But Legal ✍ Nicholas Freudenberg

Lethal But Legal Book PDF
✏Book Title : Lethal But Legal
✏Author : Nicholas Freudenberg
✏Publisher : Oxford University Press
✏Release Date : 2014-04
✏Pages : 324
✏ISBN : 9780199937196
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Lethal But Legal Book Summary : Examines the links between unhealthy consumer products, business-influenced politics, and the challenges of disease, arguing that commercial interests have a greater impact on health care than scientists and policymakers.

📒Lethal Punishment ✍ Margaret Vandiver

Lethal Punishment Book PDF
✏Book Title : Lethal Punishment
✏Author : Margaret Vandiver
✏Publisher : Rutgers University Press
✏Release Date : 2005-12-22
✏Pages : 304
✏ISBN : 9780813541068
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Lethal Punishment Book Summary : Why did some offenses in the South end in mob lynchings while similar crimes led to legal executions? Why did still other cases have nonlethal outcomes? In this well-researched and timely book, Margaret Vandiver explores the complex relationship between these two forms of lethal punishment, challenging the assumption that executions consistently grew out of-and replaced-lynchings. Vandiver begins by examining the incidence of these practices in three culturally and geographically distinct southern regions. In rural northwest Tennessee, lynchings outnumbered legal executions by eleven to one and many African Americans were lynched for racial caste offenses rather than for actual crimes. In contrast, in Shelby County, which included the growing city of Memphis, more men were legally executed than lynched. Marion County, Florida, demonstrated a firmly entrenched tradition of lynching for sexual assault that ended in the early 1930s with three legal death sentences in quick succession. With a critical eye to issues of location, circumstance, history, and race, Vandiver considers the ways that legal and extralegal processes imitated, influenced, and differed from each other. A series of case studies demonstrates a parallel between mock trials that were held by lynch mobs and legal trials that were rushed through the courts and followed by quick executions. Tying her research to contemporary debates over the death penalty, Vandiver argues that modern death sentences, like lynchings of the past, continue to be influenced by factors of race and place, and sentencing is comparably erratic.

Asbestos Still Lethal Still Legal The Need To Better Protect The Health Of American Workers And Their Families Hearing Book PDF
✏Book Title : Asbestos still lethal still legal the need to better protect the health of American workers and their families hearing
✏Author :
✏Publisher : DIANE Publishing
✏Release Date :
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1422324427
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Asbestos still lethal still legal the need to better protect the health of American workers and their families hearing Book Summary :

📒Questions And Answers In Lethal And Non Lethal Violence ✍ Homicide Research Working Group. Annual Workshop

Questions And Answers In Lethal And Non Lethal Violence Book PDF
✏Book Title : Questions and Answers in Lethal and Non lethal Violence
✏Author : Homicide Research Working Group. Annual Workshop
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1993
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : UCR:31210012344402
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Questions and Answers in Lethal and Non lethal Violence Book Summary :

The Future Of Non Lethal Weapons Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Future of Non lethal Weapons
✏Author : Nick Lewer
✏Publisher : Psychology Press
✏Release Date : 2002
✏Pages : 193
✏ISBN : 0714653098
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Future of Non lethal Weapons Book Summary : These essays explore the increase in interest in non-lethal weapons. Such devices have meant that many armed forces and law enforcement agencies are able to act against undesirables without being accused of acting in an inhumane way. Topics for discussion in this volume include: an overview of the future of non-lethal weapons; emerging non-lethal technologies; military and police operational deployment of non-lethal weapons; a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of non-lethal weapons; changes in international law needed to take into account non-lethal technologies; developments in genomics leading to new chemical incapacitants; implications for arms control and proliferation; the role of non-lethal weapons in human rights abuses; conceptual, theoretical and analytical perspectives on the nature of non-lethal weapons development.

📒Lethal Guardian ✍ M. William Phelps

Lethal Guardian  Book PDF
✏Book Title : Lethal Guardian
✏Author : M. William Phelps
✏Publisher : Pinnacle Books
✏Release Date : 2008-12-01
✏Pages : 480
✏ISBN : 9780786027200
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Lethal Guardian Book Summary : "A dark, true account of obsession." --Gregg Olsen "Phelps dares to tread where few others will: into the mind of a killer." --TV Rage Smart, gorgeous redhead Beth Carpenter was a successful attorney in Connecticut's upscale coastal towns. Her brother-in-law, Anson "Buzz" Clinton, was a former exotic dancer--and, Beth decided, unsuitable to be her precious niece's guardian. On a cold spring night, when passing motorists discovered Clinton's bullet-riddled body along an interstate's exit ramp, detectives began to unravel a twisted trail of sex games, lies, greed, and family secrets. The investigation would cross the Atlantic Ocean before finally bringing justice home. With a revealing new update, this classic true-crime thriller is a gripping account of obsession, manipulation, and cold-blooded murder. "Phelps is a true-crime veteran." --New York Post "Anything by Phelps is an eye-opening experience." --Suspense Magazine "Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers." --Allison Brennan Includes 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos

Law Violence And The Possibility Of Justice Book PDF
✏Book Title : Law Violence and the Possibility of Justice
✏Author : Austin Sarat
✏Publisher : Princeton University Press
✏Release Date : 2001-12-09
✏Pages : 181
✏ISBN : 0691048452
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Law Violence and the Possibility of Justice Book Summary : In deeply original essays, the authors build on the seminal work of Robert Cover--one of the few legal scholars ever to consider the question of law and violence. In striving to situate his insights within current political, social, economic, and cultural contexts, they contemplate diverse and interrelated subjects surrounding the theme of law and violence. Among these are the purpose of law as punishment, the increasing number of executions in the United States, prison violence, racial disparity in sentencing, and the meaning of torture. The result is a remarkable volume that stimulates us to reconsider connections that we too often leave unexplored.

The Modern Art Of Dying Book PDF
✏Book Title : The Modern Art of Dying
✏Author : Shai J. Lavi
✏Publisher : Princeton University Press
✏Release Date : 2009-01-10
✏Pages : 240
✏ISBN : 1400826772
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏The Modern Art of Dying Book Summary : How we die reveals much about how we live. In this provocative book, Shai Lavi traces the history of euthanasia in the United States to show how changing attitudes toward death reflect new and troubling ways of experiencing pain, hope, and freedom. Lavi begins with the historical meaning of euthanasia as signifying an "easeful death." Over time, he shows, the term came to mean a death blessed by the grace of God, and later, medical hastening of death. Lavi illustrates these changes with compelling accounts of changes at the deathbed. He takes us from early nineteenth-century deathbeds governed by religion through the medicalization of death with the physician presiding over the deathbed, to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Unlike previous books, which have focused on law and technique as explanations for the rise of euthanasia, this book asks why law and technique have come to play such a central role in the way we die. What is at stake in the modern way of dying is not human progress, but rather a fundamental change in the way we experience life in the face of death, Lavi argues. In attempting to gain control over death, he maintains, we may unintentionally have ceded control to policy makers and bio-scientific enterprises.

📒Non Lethal Weapons ✍ David A. Koplow

Non Lethal Weapons Book PDF
✏Book Title : Non Lethal Weapons
✏Author : David A. Koplow
✏Publisher : Cambridge University Press
✏Release Date : 2006-04-03
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9781139456968
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Non Lethal Weapons Book Summary : Too often, military and law enforcement authorities have found themselves constrained by inadequate weaponry. An emerging category of 'non-lethal weapons' carries promise for resolving this dilemma, proffering new capabilities for disabling opponents without inflicting death or permanent injury. This array of much more sophisticated technologies is being developed, and could emerge for use by soldiers and police in the near future. These augmented capabilities carry both immense promise and grave risks: they expand the power of law enforcement and military units, enabling them to accomplish assigned missions with greater finesse and reduced casualties. But they may also be misused - increasing maligned applications and inspiring leaders to over-rely upon a myth of 'bloodless combat'. This book explores the emerging world of non-lethal weapons by examining a series of case studies - recent real-world scenarios from five confrontations around the world where the availability of a modern arsenal might have made a difference.

Legal Executions In Nebraska Kansas And Oklahoma Including The Indian Territory Book PDF
✏Book Title : Legal Executions in Nebraska Kansas and Oklahoma Including the Indian Territory
✏Author : R. Michael Wilson
✏Publisher : McFarland
✏Release Date : 2014-01-10
✏Pages : 376
✏ISBN : 9780786489091
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

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✏Legal Executions in Nebraska Kansas and Oklahoma Including the Indian Territory Book Summary : Since colonial days, administration of the death penalty—whether by hanging, firing squad, electrocution, or lethal injection—has persisted as one of the most controversial ethical and practical issues of American jurisprudence. This volume chronicles every legal execution in Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, including Indian Territory, through December 2010. Each case history includes a detailed description of the crime, the pursuit and capture of the suspect, his or her pre-trial experiences, the trial, sentencing, incarceration, execution, and its aftermath.