In The Wake Of Napoleon Being The Memoirs 1807 1809 Of Ferdinand Von Funck

✏Book Title : In The Wake Of Napoleon Being The Memoirs 1807 1809 Of Ferdinand Von Funck
✏Author : Lt.-General Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand von Funck
✏Publisher : Pickle Partners Publishing
✏Release Date : 2015-11-06
✏Pages : 255
✏ISBN : 9781786255013
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏In The Wake Of Napoleon Being The Memoirs 1807 1809 Of Ferdinand Von Funck Book Summary : Ferdinard von Funck (1761-1828) was born into sleepy Saxony, securely moored in a backwater of the eighteenth century, during the long reign of Frederick Augustus, the world forgetting it and only anxious to be by the world forgot. Even the ferment of the French Revolution had hardly ruffled its stagnant calm. Into this idyll of the eighteenth century burst Napoleon in full career with the methods of the nineteenth century in a hurry—as the progress of some high-powered modern tug in midstream leaves the heavy craft, moored against the bank, swaying and creaking waterlogged in its wash. By this time von Funck was a senior general in the newly re-organized Saxon army and Adjutant-general to Frederick Augustus, who had recently been raised to the dignity of a king for throwing his lot in with Napoleon. A very astute and balanced witness, the author has left a snapshot of Napoleon and his empire building at its apogee. As the title of the memoirs suggests, the record that General von Funck has left to posterity is that of the new Kingdom of Saxony, as he and his people struggled to come to terms with the full ramifications of being allied to Napoleon. Filled with anecdotes of the new King, his court, Napoleon and his senior ministers, the pages are a witty and full of interest. The memoirs were considered to be so explosive that they were not even published in Germany until 1928 with an English translation produced soon afterward.

✏Book Title : 1809 Thunder On The Danube
✏Author : Jack Gill
✏Publisher : Frontline Books
✏Release Date : 2010-06-15
✏Pages : 480
✏ISBN : 9781848325470
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏1809 Thunder On The Danube Book Summary : In this third volume John H. Gill brings to a close his magisterial study of the 1809 war between Napoleonic France and Habsburg Austria. This final volume begins with the principal armies of both antagonists recuperating on the Danube’s banks. As they prepared for the next encounter, important actions were taking place in distant theaters of war: Eugene brought his army into Hungary and won a crucial victory over Johann on the anniversary of Marengo, Prince Poniatowski’s Poles outflanked another Austrian archduke along the Vistula, and future marshal Marmont drove an Austrian force out of Dalmatia to join Napoleon at Vienna. These subsidiary campaigns all set the stage for the clash that would decide the war: the titanic Battle of Wagram. Second only in scale to the three-day slaughter at Leipzig in 1813, Wagram saw more than 320,000 men and 900 guns locked in two days of fury that ended with Austrian retreat. The defeat, however, was not entirely complete and Napoleon had to force yet another major engagement on the Austrians before Charles would accept a ceasefire. This under-appreciated battle at Znaim introduced an extended armistice that finally ended with a peace treaty signed in Vienna in October. Gill makes use of an impressive array of sources to present a lively account that covers the conflict from the diplomacy of emperors to the common soldiers suffering the privations of campaigning and the horrors of battle as they attempt to carry out their duties. Enriched with uncommon illustrations, more than 40 specially prepared maps, and extraordinary order of battle detail, this work concludes an unprecedented English language study of Napoleon’s last victorious war.

📒Napoleon S Invasion Of Russia ✍ George Nafziger

✏Book Title : Napoleon s Invasion of Russia
✏Author : George Nafziger
✏Publisher : Presidio Press
✏Release Date : 2009-05-06
✏Pages : 704
✏ISBN : 0307538818
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Napoleon s Invasion of Russia Book Summary : “An impressive source book on the conflict, high on information and data.”—Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research September 7, 1812, is by itself one of the most cataclysmic days in the history of war: 74,000 casualties at the Battle of Borodino. And this was well before the invention of weaspons of mass destruction like machine guns or breech-loading rifles. In this detailed study of one of the most fascinating military campaigns in history, George Nazfiger includes a clear exposition on the power structure in Europe at the time leading up to Napoleon’s fateful decision to attempt what turned out to be impossible: the conquest of Russia. Also featured are complete orders of battle and detailed descriptions of the opposing forces.

📒With Eagles To Glory ✍ John H Gill

✏Book Title : With Eagles to Glory
✏Author : John H Gill
✏Publisher : Frontline Books
✏Release Date : 2011-03-28
✏Pages : 534
✏ISBN : 9781848325821
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏With Eagles to Glory Book Summary : When Napoleon’s Grand Armee went to war against the might of the Habsburg empire in 1809, its forces included more than 100,000 allied German troops. From his earliest imperial campaigns, these troops provided played a key role as Napoleon swept from victory to victory and in 1809 their fighting abilities were crucial to the campaign. With Napoleon’s French troops depleted and debilitated after the long struggle in the Spanish War, the German troops for the first time played a major combat role in the centre of the battle line. Aiming at a union of German states under French protection to replace the decrepit Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon sought to expand French influence in central Germany at the expense of the Austrian and Prussian monarchies, ensuring France’s own security. The campaign Napoleon waged in 1809 was his career watershed. He suffered his first reverse at Aspern. Victory was achieved at Wagram was not the knock-out blow he had envisaged. In this epic work, John Gill presents an unprecedented and comprehensive study of this year of glory for the German soldiers fighting for Napoleon, When combat opened they were in the thick of the action, fighting within French divisions and often without any French support atall. They demonstrated tremendous skill, courage and loyalty.