Hate Notes

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  • Author : Vi Keeland
  • Publisher : Montlake Romance
  • Pages : 304 pages
  • ISBN : 9781503904484
  • Rating : 5/5 from 2 reviews

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I Think I Scared Her Growing Up With Psychosis

I Think I Scared Her  Growing Up With Psychosis
  • Author : Brooke Katz
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release : 02 April 2004
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In third grade I started hearing voices, seeing people chasing me, feeling paranoid, confused, and delusional. I can’t remember before third grade, but it is likely that I have had schizoaffective disorder all my life. I was afraid to tell anyone about my issues because I was afraid that the voices would kill me. There were two main voices: the blue and the red. They sometimes just mimicked me, or made me feel guilty about being bad, but they

Catching Light

Catching Light
  • Author : Joanna McClure
  • Publisher : North Atlantic Books
  • Release : 11 June 2013
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Joanna McClure's poems reveal the story of a central woman writer of the San Francisco Beat generation counterculture. Married to Beat poet Michael McClure soon after she arrived in San Francisco in 1954, Joanna McClure became a significant figure in the Beat poetry scene. Growing up on a ranch in the Arizona desert, Joanna developed early on a deep sensitivity to the beauty of nature. Her move to San Francisco as a young woman in 1951 launched a lifelong love affair with

Hate Notes

Hate Notes
  • Author : Gracie Graham
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release : 26 June 2021

Topher Elliot is high school royalty. The king of Lakeview prep. You know the type. Disgustingly rich. Blond-haired. Eyes the color of a clear, blue sky. And muscles for days. He also happens to be enemy #1, the bane of my existence. Only, now my scholarship is in jeopardy and, like the peasant I am, I must tutor the king himself if I want to graduate. Still, if I have to be around him, I might as well make it worth

The Essentials of Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The Essentials of Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • Author : Miriam Kinai
  • Publisher : Almasi Holistic Healthcare
  • Release : 12 February 2013
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The Essentials of Aromatherapy Essential Oils teaches you how to use essential oils to improve your physical, mental and emotional well being.The author's experience as a medical doctor and clinical aromatherapy practitioner have enabled her to write a highly informative guide for those who want to utilize the healing benefits of these natural aromatherapy oils.You will discover:* The safety information and therapeutic uses of 18 essential oils* How to blend essential oils* The characteristics and uses of 14 carrier oils*

Debating Hate Crime

Debating Hate Crime
  • Author : Allyson M. Lunny
  • Publisher : UBC Press
  • Release : 14 March 2017
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Debating Hate Crime examines the language used by parliamentarians, senators, and committee witnesses to debate Canada’s hate laws. Drawing on discourse analysis, semiotics, and critical psychoanalysis, Allyson Lunny explores how the tropes, metaphors, and other linguistic signifiers used in these debates expose the particular concerns, trepidations, and anxieties of Canadian lawmakers and the expert witnesses called before their committees. Lunny reveals the meaning and social signification of the endorsement of, and resistance to, hate law. The result is a

Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes
  • Author : Meghan Sharif
  • Publisher : Greenhaven Publishing LLC
  • Release : 15 July 2017

Hate crimes can take many forms. Assaulting someone, vandalizing their property, or simply making them feel threatened are all considered hate crimes when they are motivated by animosity for a particular group. Readers learn that these offenses often take place because the perpetrator has a fundamental misunderstanding or fear of the people in that targeted group. Informative charts and discussion questions for each chapter encourage readers to think critically about the way people’s biases can dictate their behavior in

Brand Hate

Brand Hate
  • Author : S. Umit Kucuk
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release : 29 September 2018

This book focuses on the concept of “brand hate” and consumer negativity in today’s digital markets. It explores the emotional detachment consumers generate against valued brands and how negative experiences affect their and other consumers' loyalty. It is almost impossible not to run into hateful language about companies and their brands in today’s digital consumption spaces. Consumer hostility and hate is not hidden and silent anymore but is now openly shared on many online anti-brand websites, consumer social

Hate Crime in the Media A History

Hate Crime in the Media  A History
  • Author : Victoria Munro
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Release : 12 May 2014
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A powerful, uncompromising explanation of how subtle sources of hatred contained throughout our media and culture have resulted in a tolerance for hate crimes in America. • Provides readers with an understanding of how deeply embedded in daily cultural practices the roots of hatred are in American culture • Spotlights the role of cultural institutions such as the media, political rhetoric, and the entertainment industry in fostering an atmosphere of hate • Portrays hate crime as unexceptional in American culture rather than isolated

Fourth and Goal

Fourth and Goal
  • Author : John Edward Avery Sr.
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Release : 22 April 2015
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When I got to the cemetery it was still dark. I found my way to my mothers grave. I told her my whole heart. I gave her a report about all her children . we are blame for everything that is broke or missing . I have to fight for them all the time. Pounene i am tired, I have no more to give, this is too much for me. I began to cry. I was so sure she would get up

Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out
  • Author : Rachel Simmons
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 27 September 2021

Identifies the subtle means by which girls behave aggressively toward one another and examines specific behaviors while explaining the importance of enabling girls to express anger and resolve conflicts.