Do Cows Meow

📒Do Cows Meow ✍ Salina Yoon

✏Book Title : Do Cows Meow
✏Author : Salina Yoon
✏Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
✏Release Date : 2012
✏Pages : 18
✏ISBN : 1402789564
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Do Cows Meow Book Summary : Rhyming text and flaps reveal a variety of farm animals and the sounds they make, including ducks, cows, and horses. On board pages.

📒Do Cows Say Meow ✍ Moira Butterfield

✏Book Title : Do Cows Say Meow
✏Author : Moira Butterfield
✏Publisher : Barrons Juveniles
✏Release Date : 2008
✏Pages : 16
✏ISBN : 0764161474
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Do Cows Say Meow Book Summary : Presents questions about the sounds different animals make such as "Do goats growl?" and "Do hamsters hoot?" with the answers hidden beneath the flaps.

✏Book Title : Cats and Cows and Moos and Meows
✏Author : Mrs P.
✏Publisher : AuthorHouse
✏Release Date : 2011-04
✏Pages : 28
✏ISBN : 9781456734640
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Cats and Cows and Moos and Meows Book Summary : Is he a cat or a cow? This is the question Mother Cat begins to ask when her triplet kittens are born on the Barnaby farm. The Barnaby triplets, Abby, Aidan and Savannah each choose their very own favorite kitten to love. Rusty and Dusty, the first two, look and act very much alike and their days on the farm are joyful! Moo, the third kitten, is different from his brothers in all ways. Look at those black and white spots! Just watch how he lays in the mud and plays with those cows! Why won't he lie still while Mother Cat tries to feed and bathe him? Life for Moo is extremely difficult from the beginning. What happens when Moo joins forces with his friends, the cows, Mavis and Milly and Molly and Tilly, to help his brothers, will delight and surprise you and show that despite our differences, we can all be friends.

✏Book Title : A to Zoo Subject Access to Children s Picture Books 10th Edition
✏Author : Rebecca L. Thomas
✏Publisher : ABC-CLIO
✏Release Date : 2018-06-21
✏Pages : 1636
✏ISBN : 9781440834356
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏A to Zoo Subject Access to Children s Picture Books 10th Edition Book Summary : Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

📒Bewitching Familiar ✍ Caroline Burnes

✏Book Title : Bewitching Familiar
✏Author : Caroline Burnes
✏Publisher : Harlequin
✏Release Date : 2010-11-01
✏Pages : 384
✏ISBN : 9781426883996
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Bewitching Familiar Book Summary : TIMELESS LOVE After narrowly escaping death in the present, Abigail West mysteriously awakened in Salem, Massachusetts—in the year 1692! She was suddenly living someone else's life, and as a self-supporting female she was viewed suspiciously by the hot-tempered townsfolk. Even worse, from the future she'd brought the last two things she needed—a black cat named Familiar and a sexy gray-eyed man… Sam Truesdale was honor bound to help prosecute witches in Salem—but he also wanted to save Abigail from the gallows. The russet-haired woman had instantly stolen his heart, but she also kept insisting that Sam himself was from another century. Did Sam dare believe that Abigail was telling the truth? Were they both really from the future—or had he merely been bewitched?

✏Book Title : Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals 2nd Edition
✏Author : Penny Peck
✏Publisher : ABC-CLIO
✏Release Date : 2015-01-26
✏Pages : 225
✏ISBN : 9781610697842
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals 2nd Edition Book Summary : This manual is a "one-stop shop" on how to present storytimes to suit different audiences including bilingual learners, special needs children, and those in a variety of settings such as Head Start, preschools, and day care situations. • Features strategies for using sign language and adapting storytime for special needs children • Includes ideas for expanding storytimes using hands-on learning, crafts, toys, and play

📒Baby And Meow ✍ Joan Shortridge

✏Book Title : Baby and Meow
✏Author : Joan Shortridge
✏Publisher : JoanShortridge
✏Release Date :
✏Pages : 18
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Baby and Meow Book Summary : This is part 3 of 4 parts to a series, Baby and Meow, eBook for children 8-12. In this part, the Short animals and children are invited to go on a hayride at the farm. They go back to the farm, have the hayride and discover a mysterious garden on the farm. Without permission they sneak out after dark and spy out the garden, becoming trapped in it. To their surprise the fruits and vegetables come alive at night and their only way out is to know bible verses. This part is somewhat comical also.

✏Book Title : Meow Said the Cow
✏Author :
✏Publisher : Arthur a Levine
✏Release Date : 2011-05-01
✏Pages : 40
✏ISBN : 0545318610
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Meow Said the Cow Book Summary : A noisy rooster causes a disgruntled cat to cast a magic spell that creates confusion among the other farm animals.

📒Meow Said The Cow ✍ Sarah Mazor

✏Book Title : Meow Said the Cow
✏Author : Sarah Mazor
✏Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
✏Release Date : 2018-08-27
✏Pages : 42
✏ISBN : 1726238253
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Meow Said the Cow Book Summary : Meow Said the Cow is the second in the hilarious Auntie Lily series that is a perfect read right before sleep. The mood is lightened with Auntie Lily's silly rhymes, which guarantees bedtime with a smile: ) Silly Auntie Lily Loves cows big and small She tells us cow stories That make no sense at all Loony goofy stories Always told in rhyme 'Cause silly Auntie Lily Is silly all the time Have fun and help your child develop with Meow Said the Cow - the hilarious second volume in the READY TO READ children's books series about funny, silly cows in nonsensical situations that will have you and your kids rolling with laughter.

📒Dinosaur Discovery ✍ Salina Yoon

✏Book Title : Dinosaur Discovery
✏Author : Salina Yoon
✏Publisher : Lift-The-Flap Adventures
✏Release Date : 2017-04-04
✏Pages : 14
✏ISBN : 1454920874
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Dinosaur Discovery Book Summary : Introduce young readers to amazing dinosaurs with this interactive "Lift-the-Flap Adventures" book! Lift the flap . . . and enter the prehistoric world! From Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops to Stegosaurus and Velociraptor, this fun and interactive board book introduces toddlers to some favorite dinosaurs. When kids look under the flap, they'll see a detail of each animal and discover fun facts in rhyming verse.