Divine Promise And Human Freedom In Contemporary Catholic Thought

✏Book Title : Divine Promise and Human Freedom in Contemporary Catholic Thought
✏Author : Kevin A. McMahon
✏Publisher : Lexington Books
✏Release Date : 2015-07-01
✏Pages : 310
✏ISBN : 9781498500364
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Divine Promise and Human Freedom in Contemporary Catholic Thought Book Summary : A series of studies in metaphysics, historical theology, moral theology, and political philosophy, Divine Promise and Human Freedom in Contemporary Catholic Thought offers the insights of separate analyses employing distinctive methods proper to individual disciplines, through which there nonetheless runs the common Catholic focus on the sacramental, and hence the human.

✏Book Title : Introduction to Moral Theology Catholic Moral Thought Volume 1
✏Author : Romanus Cessario
✏Publisher : CUA Press
✏Release Date : 2001
✏Pages : 268
✏ISBN : 9780813210704
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Introduction to Moral Theology Catholic Moral Thought Volume 1 Book Summary : The present volume, the first in the new Catholic Moral Thought series, responds to the need for a new introduction to the basic and central elements of Catholic moral theology written in the light of Veritatis splendor.

✏Book Title : Abortion Religious Freedom and Catholic Politics
✏Author : James Hitchcock
✏Publisher : Transaction Publishers
✏Release Date : 2016-11-30
✏Pages : 189
✏ISBN : 9781412863834
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Abortion Religious Freedom and Catholic Politics Book Summary : Throughout its history the Catholic Church has taken positions on many subjects that are in one sense political, but in another sense are primarily moral, such as contraception, homosexuality, and divorce. One such issue, abortion, has split not only the United States, but Catholics as well. Catholics had to confront these issues within the framework of a democratic society that had no official religion. Abortion, Religious Freedom, and Catholic Politics is a study of opposing American Catholic approaches to abortion, especially in terms of laws and government policies. After the ruling of Roe vs. Wade, many pro-life advocates no longer felt their sentiments and moral code aligned with Democrats. For the first time, Catholics, as an entire group, became involved in U.S. politics. Abortion became one of the principal points of division in American Catholicism: a widening split between liberal Catholic Democrats who sought to minimize the issue and other Catholics, many of them politically liberal, whose pro-life commitments caused them to support Republicans. James Hitchcock discusses the 2016 presidential campaign and how it altered an already changed political landscape. He also examines the Affordable Care Act, LGBT rights, and the questions they raise about religious liberty.

📒Divine Revolution ✍ Dean Brackley

✏Book Title : Divine Revolution
✏Author : Dean Brackley
✏Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
✏Release Date : 2004-09-27
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781592447107
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Divine Revolution Book Summary : A compelling exploration of one of the central issues - if not 'the' central issue - facing theology in our time: the relation between transcendent salvation and temporal liberation. What does the salvation that the church proclaims mean for the poor of the world? In 'Divine Revolution', Dean Brackley presents in a comprehensive yet manageable way what Catholic theology has to say about this complex and urgent topic. He addresses the historical as well as the systematic dimensions of the question, providing insights that point toward an understanding of the issues that challenge conservative and liberal interpretations alike. In a work of great daring and clarity, Brackley surveys the confusion surrounding the social-historical dimension of salvation in Catholic thought. He shows the irony of the fact that, after 2,000 years, what salvation means for the poor in relationship to their concrete plight remains a 'quaestio disputata' for official, Magisterial teaching. Going deeply into the relationship of salvation and liberation, Brackley explores the thought of Maritain, Rahner, and Gutierrez to demonstrate how the 'synbolon' of the Reign of God that Jesus announces transcends the tired theological distinctions of all sides in the debate. Drawing from developments in feminist and Protestant theology, as well as contemporary social theory, 'Divine Revolution' offers a fresh understanding of what it means to participate in God's revolutionary reign. Catholic tradition, Brackley argues, has great potential to articulate a hope which responds to the suffering of the poor in our time. When conventional wisdom says compassion-fatigued Americans are tired of hearing about the poor, Brackley responds, The poor are far more tired of being poor. They, too, would like to move on to other things, but they cannot.

📒Waters Of Promise ✍ Brandon C. Jones

✏Book Title : Waters of Promise
✏Author : Brandon C. Jones
✏Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
✏Release Date : 2012-09-05
✏Pages : 178
✏ISBN : 9781621896791
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Waters of Promise Book Summary : Many Christians who practice believer baptism struggle to answer basic questions about it, such as: What does it mean to be baptized? How does baptism relate to faith? What does God do through baptism? In Waters of Promise, Brandon Jones seeks to answer these questions by drawing from Scripture, theology, history, and church practice. The resulting recovery of the link between covenant theology and believer baptism may change not only how you think about baptism but also how your church practices it.

📒The New Concise Catholic Dictionary ✍ Reynolds R. Ekstrom

✏Book Title : The New Concise Catholic Dictionary
✏Author : Reynolds R. Ekstrom
✏Publisher : Twenty Third Publications
✏Release Date : 1995
✏Pages : 298
✏ISBN : 0896226220
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The New Concise Catholic Dictionary Book Summary : This information-packed book presents an overview of the teachings, facts, beliefs, and values that are special and basic to the Catholic community. It is conveniently cross-referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. A "must" for every personal reference library.

📒Best Thoughts Of Best Thinkers ✍ Hialmer Day Gould

✏Book Title : Best Thoughts of Best Thinkers
✏Author : Hialmer Day Gould
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1904
✏Pages : 643
✏ISBN : UOM:39015024448899
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Best Thoughts of Best Thinkers Book Summary :

📒Freedom ✍ Nigel Warburton

✏Book Title : Freedom
✏Author : Nigel Warburton
✏Publisher : Psychology Press
✏Release Date : 2001
✏Pages : 252
✏ISBN : 0415212464
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Freedom Book Summary : This work is an introductory textbook to the arguments about individual freedom. The text introduces and assesses the key arguements for and against individual freedom and toleration, and views the concepts of negative and positive freedom.

✏Book Title : The Second Vatican Council on Other Religions
✏Author : Gerald O'Collins
✏Publisher : OUP Oxford
✏Release Date : 2013-03-28
✏Pages : 240
✏ISBN : 9780191652905
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Second Vatican Council on Other Religions Book Summary : Many observers greeted the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) as the most important religious event in the twentieth century. Its implementation and impact are still being felt in the Catholic Church, the wider Christian world, and beyond. One sea change that Vatican II brought concerned Roman Catholic attitudes towards Judaism, Islam, and other religions. Gerald O'Collins breaks fresh ground by examining in detail five documents from the Council which embodied a new mind set about other religious faiths and mandated changes that quickly led to international and national dialogues between the Catholic Church and the followers of non-Christian religions. The book also includes chapters on the insights that prepared the way for the re-thinking expressed by Vatican II, and on the follow-up to the Council's teaching found in the work of Pope John Paul II and Jacques Dupuis. O'Collins ably illustrates how the Council made a startling advance in official Catholic teaching about followers of other living faiths. Carefully researched, the book is written in the clear, accessible style that readers of previous works by O'Collins will recognize.

✏Book Title : Human Rights Virtue and the Common Good
✏Author : Ernest L. Fortin
✏Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
✏Release Date : 1996
✏Pages : 332
✏ISBN : 084768279X
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Human Rights Virtue and the Common Good Book Summary : Volume Three of Ernest Fortin: Collected Essays discusses the current state of Christianity--especially twentieth-century Catholic Christianity--and the problems with which it has had to wrestle in the midst of rapid scientific progress, profound social change, and growing moral anarchy. In this volume, Fortin discusses such topics as Christianity and the liberal democratic ethos; Christianity, science, and the arts; Ancients and Moderns; papal social thought; virtue and liberalism; pagan and Christian virtue; and the American Catholic church and politics.