Encyclopedia of Giftedness Creativity and Talent

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  • Author : Barbara Kerr
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Pages : 1112 pages
  • ISBN : 1412949718
  • Rating : /5 from reviews
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Download or Read online Encyclopedia of Giftedness Creativity and Talent full in PDF, ePub and kindle. this book written by Barbara Kerr and published by SAGE which was released on 15 June 2009 with total page 1112 pages. We cannot guarantee that Encyclopedia of Giftedness Creativity and Talent book is available in the library, click Get Book button and read full online book in your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile whenever and wherever You Like. The three-volume Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts from the fields of education, psychology, sociology, and the arts.

Creativity In College Students

Creativity In College Students
  • Author : M.S. Reddy
  • Publisher : Discovery Publishing House
  • Release : 27 January 2022
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Creativity is the very life blood of human civilization. It is the potentiality which influences human activity in almost all spheres of life. Most of the changes and advancements in the society are the products of creativity. The future of the mankind mainly depends upon the creative abilities of its people. Considering the importance of creativity, this study has been taken up to study the creativity of junior college students. The results indicate that girls are better in creativity than

On Intersubjectivity and Cultural Creativity

On Intersubjectivity and Cultural Creativity
  • Author : Martin Buber
  • Publisher : University of Chicago Press
  • Release : 01 October 1992
GET THIS BOOK On Intersubjectivity and Cultural Creativity

One of the foremost religious and social philosophers of the twentieth century, Martin Buber also wrote extensively on sociological subjects, particularly as these affected his philosophical concerns. Collected here, these writings offer essential insights into the human condition as it is expressed in culture and society. Buber's central focus in his sociological work is the relation between social interaction, or intersubjectivity, and the process of human creativity. Specifically, Buber seeks to define the nature and conditions of creativity, the conditions

Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy

Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy
  • Author : Michael A. Peters,Simon Marginson,Peter Murphy
  • Publisher : Peter Lang
  • Release : 27 January 2022
GET THIS BOOK Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy

This is a major work by three international scholars at the cutting edge of new research that investigates the emerging set of complex relationships between creativity, design, research, higher education and knowledge capitalism. It highlights the role of the creative and expressive arts, of performance, of aesthetics in general, and the significant role of design as an underlying infrastructure for the creative economy. This book tracks the most recent mutation of these serial shifts - from postindustrial economy to the

Musical Creativity

Musical Creativity
  • Author : Irène Deliège,Geraint A. Wiggins
  • Publisher : Psychology Press
  • Release : 16 October 2006
GET THIS BOOK Musical Creativity

This collection initiates a resolutely interdisciplinary research dynamic specifically concerning musical creativity. Creativity is one of the most challenging issues currently facing scientific psychology and its study has been relatively rare in the cognitive sciences, especially in artificial intelligence. This book will address the need for a coherent and thorough exploration. Musical Creativity: Multidisciplinary Research in Theory and Practice comprises seven sections, each viewing musical creativity from a different scientific vantage point, from the philosophy of computer modelling, through music

Creativity in the Classroom

Creativity in the Classroom
  • Author : Alane Jordan Starko
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 22 December 2021
GET THIS BOOK Creativity in the Classroom

Now in its seventh edition, Creativity in the Classroom helps teachers link creativity research and theory to the everyday activities of classroom teaching. Ideal reading for any course dealing wholly or partially with creativity and teaching, this foundational textbook covers definitions, research, and theory in the first half, and reflects on classroom practices in the second. Thoroughly revised and updated, the seventh edition features new research on neuroscience and creativity in specific disciplines; new sections on social-emotional learning, teaching engineering,

Secrets of Creativity

Secrets of Creativity
  • Author : Suzanne Nalbantian,Paul M. Matthews
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 26 August 2019
GET THIS BOOK Secrets of Creativity

Secrets of Creativity: What Neuroscience, the Arts, and Our Minds Reveal draws on insights from leading neuroscientists and scholars in the humanities and the arts to probe creativity in its many contexts, in the everyday mind, the exceptional mind, the scientific mind, the artistic mind, and the pathological mind. Components of creativity are specified with respect to types of memory, forms of intelligence, modes of experience, and kinds of emotion. Authors in this volume take on the challenge of showing

Spaces of Vernacular Creativity

Spaces of Vernacular Creativity
  • Author : Tim Edensor,Deborah Leslie,Steve Millington,Norma Rantisi
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 29 October 2009
GET THIS BOOK Spaces of Vernacular Creativity

Creativity has become part of the language of regeneration experts, urban planners and government policy makers attempting to revive the economic and cultural life of cities in the 21st century. Concepts such as the creative class, the creative industries and bohemian cultural clusters have come to dominate thinking about how creativity can contribute to urban renewal. Spaces of Vernacular Creativity offers a critical perspective on the instrumental use of arts and creative practices for the purposes of urban regeneration or

Creativity and Madness

Creativity and Madness
  • Author : Albert Rothenberg
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release : 27 January 1990
GET THIS BOOK Creativity and Madness

"In this excellent, concise volume, Rothenberg reports his current views on this fascinating subject... Well argued and judicious... I cannot recommend this book too highly."--Journal of the American Medical Association. "This intriguing theory will no doubt provoke lively debate both in and outside professional circles. For lay readers, however, the book's real pleasure lies in the substantive analyses of Sylvia Plath, August Strindberg, Emily Dickenson, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill, and William Faulkner."--Wilson Library Bulletin Intrigued by history's list

AI for Creativity

AI for Creativity
  • Author : Niklas Hageback
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 24 September 2021
GET THIS BOOK AI for Creativity

What is computational creativity? Can AI learn to be creative? One of the human mind’s most valuable features is the capacity to formulate creative thoughts, an ability that through quantum leap innovations has propelled us to the current digital age. However, creative breakthroughs are easier said than done. Appearing less frequently and more sporadically than desired, it seems that we have not yet fully cracked the creative code. But with the rapid advances in artificial intelligence which have come

Creativity A Sociological Approach

Creativity     A Sociological Approach
  • Author : Monika E. Reuter
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release : 17 September 2015
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Introducing the first macro-sociological perspective on the concept of creativity this book includes a review of ten domains which have studied creativity. It also explores the results of a six-year on-going research project comparing students' ideas on creativity with employers' and industry professionals' views.

Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond

Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond
  • Author : Leon Mann,Janet Chan
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 04 May 2011
GET THIS BOOK Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond

Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond illustrates the ways in which creativity spurs innovation – not only in the realms of business and management, where the innovation is regularly acknowledged and discussed, but throughout the social sciences. With contributions from experts in fields as far-flung as policy, history, economics, law, psychology, and education, in addition to business and management, this volume explores the manifold avenues for creativity and innovation within and across a multitude of disciplines.

Information Knowledge and Agile Creativity

Information  Knowledge and Agile Creativity
  • Author : Stéphane Goria,Pierre Humbert,Benoit Roussel
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 15 October 2019
GET THIS BOOK Information Knowledge and Agile Creativity

Information, Knowledge and Agile Creativity will enlighten entrepreneurs, and is ideal for facilitating an organization’s ability to react and adapt to its environment. Creativity is a system that engenders innovation. While integral at the conception stage, it is also important before and after this phase. This book offers a collection of tools, as well as a methodology, to estimate the agility of an organization to generate and transform ideas into solutions that are not only new but also adapted