Collision Of Realities

📒Collision Of Realities ✍ Lars Schmeink

✏Book Title : Collision of Realities
✏Author : Lars Schmeink
✏Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
✏Release Date : 2012-05-29
✏Pages : 372
✏ISBN : 9783110276718
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Collision of Realities Book Summary : Even though the fantastic (in its most inclusive definition) has been a part of our culture for as long as it exists, it has not been a prominent feature of European academic interest. With its inherent transgressive moment the fantastic allows for an ideal space of the cultural negotiation of political, social and physical boundaries, which should place it at the center of popular cultural research, not as is the case, at its periphery. But the commencing boom of fantastic themes in contemporary media production has facilitated a paradigmatic change in research, prompting a wide interest in the fantastic in all its forms, from fantasy to horror, from fairy tale to science fiction. This volume addresses this growing interest by reviewing the status of research on the fantastic in Europe so far and by providing a necessary outlook for the future. In the essays current trends, such as the liminality debate, as well as established discourses, as for example on genre theory, are brought together to show interested researchers a network of interdisciplinary (from literary, media and social studies) approaches towards the fantastic.

📒Collision ✍ Ron Bruguiere

✏Book Title : COLLISION
✏Author : Ron Bruguiere
✏Publisher : AuthorHouse
✏Release Date : 2011-02-24
✏Pages : 280
✏ISBN : 1456725246
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏COLLISION Book Summary : Hidden in a theater’s orchestra-level wall is the pass door. Step through it, and you will enter the backstage area, but beware, once you enter, you will encounter the realities dwelling in the kingdom of make-believe. In this seriocomical look at life, with a who’s who in the theater during the 1960s and 70s, attend the final days of the Golden Age of Theater and the beginnings of its new sounds – Hair and Company. You will read about Carol Channing prior to her acclaim in Hello, Dolly! Liza Minnelli’s stage debut and Judy Garland’s final stage appearance. Be a spectator during Hair’s first year. Reach for something other than a glass of Remy Martin as you watch cognac shatter a relationship with Maggie Smith. Observe a coterie of distinguished Broadwayites destroy a gift from the United States Government. Be a witness to Deborah Kerr’s strength knowing that she’s in a failed play, and Billy Dee Williams, the then hot-hunk with the chiseled body, take on the role of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Also appearing (in order of appearance) are Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly, Barbra Streisand, Barbara Cook, Stan Getz, Ethel Merman, Fred Astaire, Elaine Stritch, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, James Baldwin, Kim Stanley, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Fidel Castro, Doris Day, and Mae West. Fly to 1960s Havana; drive through France; experience the London of 1974, and visit Venice Beach, CA before it became an in-place. You’ll see reality warp into illusion, then comprehend how a young boy, whose own family turned to illusion during World War II, spiraled to drugs and alcohol at adulthood. You’ll also view that young gay man, who ignored reality in favor of illusion, immerse himself into a dark hole whose force of gravity was so intense that escape seemed improbable.

📒Virtual Realities ✍ Sabine Coquillart

✏Book Title : Virtual Realities
✏Author : Sabine Coquillart
✏Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
✏Release Date : 2010-11-26
✏Pages : 251
✏ISBN : 9783211991787
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Virtual Realities Book Summary : The articles by well-known international experts intend to facilitate more elaborate expositions of the research presented at the seminar, and to collect and document the results of the various discussions, including ideas and open problems that were identified. Correspondingly the book will consist of two parts. Part I will consist of extended articles describing research presented at the seminar. This will include papers on tracking, motion capture, displays, cloth simulation, and applications. Part II will consist of articles that capture the results of breakout discussions, describe visions, or advocate particular positions. This will include discussions about system latency, 3D interaction, haptic interfaces, social gaming, perceptual issues, and the fictional "Holodeck".

📒Collision Course ✍ Paul Manna

✏Book Title : Collision Course
✏Author : Paul Manna
✏Publisher : CQ Press
✏Release Date : 2010-10-12
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781483366302
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Collision Course Book Summary : What happens when federal officials try to accomplish goals that depend on the resources and efforts of state and local governments? Focusing on the nation's experience with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Manna's engaging case study considers just that question. Beyond the administrative challenges NCLB unleashed, Collision Course examines the dynamics at work when federal policymakers hold state and local governments accountable for results. Ambitions for higher performance collide with governing structures and practices. Were the collisions valuable for their potential to transform education policy, or has the law inflicted too much damage on state and local institutions responsible for educating the nation's youth? The results have been both positive and negative. As Manna points to increased capabilities in states and localities, he also looks at expanded bureaucratic requirements. Collision Course offers a balanced and in-depth assessment of a policy that has sparked heated debate over a broad expanse of time- from NCLB's adoption through its implementation to the Obama administration's attempts to shift away. Federalism, the policymaking process, and the complexity of education policy all get their due in this accessible and analytical supplement.

✏Book Title : Virtual Reality Software Technology
✏Author : Gurminder Singh
✏Publisher : World Scientific
✏Release Date : 1994
✏Pages : 344
✏ISBN : 9810218672
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Virtual Reality Software Technology Book Summary : Few technologies in recent years have attracted as much scientific, media and public attention as Virtual Reality. By providing a profoundly new paradigm for human-computer interaction, it is fundamentally changing the way people use and think about computers. Despite being in its infancy, Virtual Reality has found applications in such varied fields as entertainment, interactive arts, medicine, architecture, security, education, and financial analysis.The articles collected here were selected after thorough review and describe the state-of-the-art in Virtual Reality software and technology. Included are the latest results in software architectures, interaction techniques and devices, modeling techniques, and applications.

✏Book Title : Living in Uncertainty Living with Spirit
✏Author : John C. Woodcock
✏Publisher : iUniverse
✏Release Date : 2012-10-25
✏Pages : 152
✏ISBN : 1475958234
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Living in Uncertainty Living with Spirit Book Summary : Our ancestors lived in a world saturated with spiritual significance. Unusual events occurring within the contingencies of life were easily comprehended in terms of spiritual reality (the work of the gods for example) and the future was generally pictured in terms of the after-life. People could thus feel a measure of security in their present circumstances and some certainty about their future. In contrast, our ordinary existence today seems bereft of any spiritual significance, generating insecurity in our lives and uncertainty in the face of what has now become an unknown future. In this series of essays, the author describes unusual events in his own life that he chose to follow, or act upon. In so doing, he slowly discovered that a certain kind of non-random event can be a hint of unknown futures seeking to unfold into existence. These essays together form the outline of an art form, or method for proceeding from personal insecurity and uncertainty towards comprehension of the spiritual significance lying within ordinary life.

📒Theatre And Adaptation ✍ Margherita Laera

✏Book Title : Theatre and Adaptation
✏Author : Margherita Laera
✏Publisher : A&C Black
✏Release Date : 2014-08-28
✏Pages : 296
✏ISBN : 9781472522214
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Theatre and Adaptation Book Summary : Contemporary theatrical productions as diverse in form as experimental performance, new writing, West End drama, musicals and live art demonstrate a recurring fascination with adapting existing works by other artists, writers, filmmakers and stage practitioners. Featuring seventeen interviews with internationally-renowned theatre and performance artists, Theatre and Adaptation provides an exceptionally rich study of the variety of work developed in recent years. First-hand accounts illuminate a diverse range of approaches to stage adaptation, ranging from playwriting to directing, Javanese puppetry to British children's theatre, and feminist performance to Japanese Noh. The transition of an existing source to the stage is not a smooth one: this collection examines the practices and the complex set of negotiations each work of transition and appropriation involves. Including interviews with Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Handspring Puppet Company, Katie Mitchell, Rimini Protokoll, Elevator Repair Service, Simon Stephens, Ong Keng Sen and Toneelgroep Amsterdam, the volume reveals performance's enduring desire to return, rewrite and repeat.

📒Collision And Collusion ✍ Prof. Janine R. Wedel

✏Book Title : Collision and Collusion
✏Author : Prof. Janine R. Wedel
✏Publisher : St. Martin's Press
✏Release Date : 2015-03-17
✏Pages : 288
✏ISBN : 9781466892255
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Collision and Collusion Book Summary : When the Soviet Union's communist empire collapsed in 1989, a mood of euphoria took hold in the West and in Eastern Europe. The West had won the ultimate victory--it had driven a silver stake through the heart of Communism. Its next planned step was to help the nations of Eastern Europe to reconstruct themselves as democratic, free-market states, and full partners in the First World Order. But that, as Janine Wedel reveals in this gripping volume, was before Western governments set their poorly conceived programs in motion. Collision and Collusion tells the bizarre and sometimes scandalous story of Western governments' attempts to aid the former Soviet block. He shows how by mid-decade, Western aid policies had often backfired, effectively discouraging market reforms and exasperating electorates who, remarkably, had voted back in the previously despised Communists. Collision and Collusion is the first book to explain where the Western dollars intended to aid Eastern Europe went, and why they did so little to help. Taking a hard look at the bureaucrats, politicians, and consultants who worked to set up Western economic and political systems in Eastern Europe, the book details the extraordinary costs of institutional ignorance, cultural misunderstanding, and unrealistic expectations.

📒Beyond Help ✍ Camaron J. Thomas, Ph.D.

✏Book Title : Beyond Help
✏Author : Camaron J. Thomas, Ph.D.
✏Publisher : Author House
✏Release Date : 2011-10-31
✏Pages : 236
✏ISBN : 9781463432812
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Beyond Help Book Summary : We live in a time when attention spans are shrinking while demands on our emotions are accelerating at ever increasing rates. The media that once brought us news now seems determined to interpret it, forcing us to take sides rather than come to understanding. This growing white noise of conflict threatens to overwhelm our ability to find peace of mind. How can we clear away the unnecessary clutter and help ourselves, and others lead lives of true contentment and continuing growth? The answer to this question is found in a remarkable new book, Beyond Help, by Dr. Camaron J Thomas. It is a breakthrough guide that shows us, step by step, how we can help ourselves and others become better human beings in a dehumanizing world. Thomas’ text is profound yet easy to grasp and richly illustrated by examples taken from her long experience as a professional mediator. It leads the reader through the challenges and pitfalls of self-perception to the heights of the abiding presence; showing us how to cast debilitating baggage aside along the way so we can rise to our fullest potential. Beyond Help breaks the mold of self-help publications by empowering rather than manipulating the reader. It is a lifeline to anyone struggling to evolve in the turbulent waters racing beneath the surface of today’s social network.

📒Collision Of Empires ✍ G. Bruce Strang

✏Book Title : Collision of Empires
✏Author : G. Bruce Strang
✏Publisher : Routledge
✏Release Date : 2016-05-23
✏Pages : 398
✏ISBN : 9781317164173
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Collision of Empires Book Summary : Italy's invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 marked a turning point in interwar Europe. The last great European colonial conquest in Africa, the conflict represented an enormous gamble for the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. He faced a challenge not only from a stout Ethiopian defence, but also from difficult logistics made worse by the League of Nations' half-hearted sanctions. Mussolini faced down this opposition, and Italian troops, aided by air superiority and liberal use of yprite gas, conquered Addis Ababa within eight months, a victory that shocked many military observers of the time with its speed and suddenness. The invasion had enormous repercussions on European international relations. In the midst of a national election campaign, the British National Government had felt constrained to support the League, despite fears that sanctions through the League could lead to war with Italy. The concentration of the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean Sea alienated Mussolini and placed the French government on the horns of dilemma; should France support its military partner, Italy, or its more important potential ally, Great Britain? French attempts to mark out a middle ground did little to placate the Duce, and the crisis seemed to develop a deep rift between Fascist Italy and the Anglo-French democracies, while at the same time creating a crisis in Anglo-French relations. Mussolini turned towards Nazi Germany in an attempt to end his diplomatic isolation during the sanctions episode, although Hitler considered the Duce's friendship a mixed blessing. The question of American adherence to sanctions increased ill will between British politicians and the Roosevelt administration in Washington, as each tended to blame the other for the failure of oil sanctions and the collapse of collective security. The international crisis posed similarly thorny problems for the smaller powers of Europe, and for Japan and the Soviet Union. The crisis impeded common defence against Fascist expansionism while giving impetus to claims of the revisionist powers. Despite the tremendous importance of the international crisis, however, little new work on the subject has appeared in recent decades. In this volume, an international cast of contributors take a fresh look at the crisis through the lens of new evidence and new approaches to international relations history to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the crisis currently possible, and their work provides new frames of reference for exploring imperialism, collective security and genocide.