Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit

✏Book Title : Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit
✏Author : Tori Hartman
✏Publisher : Watkins Media Limited
✏Release Date : 2014-06-03
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781780288413
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit Book Summary : The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit guides you in opening up your intuition, removing blockages from your life, improving your relationships and realizing your highest potential. Week by week, you will explore the 49 fables, beginning with “Renewal.” This standalone book can also be used in conjunction with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Each fable is associated with one of the major chakras and has its own shade of color. There are five days of activity per week, each requiring just fifteen minutes. On Monday, you read the fable and set your intention for the week. On Tuesday, you explore the meaning of the week’s color. Wednesday is the Journal Journey, when you complete a written task. On Thursday there are exercises in self-understanding, to be done alone or in a group. Friday has a guided meditation. Through short bursts of activity each day, the fables will seep into your life, giving you new perspectives and helping you to make the changes you truly want.

✏Book Title : Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
✏Author : Tori Hartman
✏Publisher : Watkins Pub Limited
✏Release Date : 2014-06-17
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1780287518
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Book Summary : "I ADORE these cards. They are immensely valuable for shifting perspective and creating profound new growth." SARK, Author, Artist, Succulent Wild Woman Set your intentions, break through blockages and learn ways to manifest your dreams using the 49 cards and guidebook of this extraordinary divination system! Each original card connects with a major chakra and represents one of the mystical fables revealed by angels to psychic Tori Hartman over 25 years ago following a near-death experience. This oracle deck contains 49 unique chakra cards, each with its own fairy-tale image, as well as a detailed guidebook that includes divination spreads, chakra-by-chakra insight to guide you on your journey, and a personal inquiry and focused meditation for each card. The divination spreads range from basic one-card readings to intention spreads that tap into and activate your manifesting energy – even the more complex Chakra Layout is still easy-to-use, as all the spreads are. This new deck is set to become a classic for those interested in developing their intuition and card divination. “Read and experience this book! Each poignant and thought-provoking story will give you the feeling of a long lost treasure – uncovered truths just for the reader.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator ofThe New York Times Best-selling Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul “Color is the energy vibration of the Universe. Tori's lovely toolkit can help you tune in and tune up with the rich magic of the spectrum. She makes it fun and fascinating!” Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, authors ofKarma Cards, The Enchanted Tarot and Goddess, Guide Me!

✏Book Title : How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others Chakra Wisdom Oracle
✏Author : Tori Hartman
✏Publisher : Watkins Media Limited
✏Release Date : 2017-07-18
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781786780461
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others Chakra Wisdom Oracle Book Summary : This easy-to-use, step-by-step book will help readers gain a profound understanding of how to work with Tori Hartman’s bestselling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. This book is aimed at all those who want to work with the hugely successful Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, whether they are seeking to read for themselves at a more profound level, to learn to read for friends and family, or even to start reading for clients professionally. It offers a useful starting point for those new to the cards, as well as enhanced information not featured elsewhere for those already proficient in using them. This highly practical book explains step by step how to prepare for and then conduct a reading session, whether you are working on your own or with others. It includes multiple exercises and covers every aspect of oracle card reading, such as: • The difference between an oracle and the tarot • How to bypass your conscious mind and trust your intuition • How to contact and work with the Great Spirits through the cards • How to engage the “neutral observer” • How to interpret each of the 49 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards through the Seven Aspects (journey card or life lesson / what's inherited / what's current / the journey ahead / darkness / dawn / light) • Developing your own personalised spreads • The ethics of reading for others and how to do so safely This is a must-read for anyone interested in using oracle cards and taking their skills to the next level.

✏Book Title : 52 week Journey of Self discovery With the Lost Fables
✏Author : Venkateswara Rao
✏Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
✏Release Date : 2015-06-17
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9781329220638
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏52 week Journey of Self discovery With the Lost Fables Book Summary : Allow me to say first how privileged and honoured I am to share this profound chakra journey with you. If you’ve decided to commit to this 52-week spiritual journey, you’re probably already highly intuitive. Something in this book has called to you and now your intuitive energy is about to expand even further!

📒Oracle Card Journal ✍ Cordelia Blake

✏Book Title : Oracle Card Journal
✏Author : Cordelia Blake
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2018-03-28
✏Pages : 100
✏ISBN : 1986927946
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Oracle Card Journal Book Summary : This journal is an empowering tool to record your sacred spiritual journey with the Oracle deck of your choice. Add writing in this diary to your supply toolkit whether doing card readings as part of your spiritual path for daily guidance or meditation, in tune with the lunar cycle, or simply when you feel called. Deepen your practice by journaling this enchanted ritual. On each page document: Card deck used Date Layout Query Thoughts & Notes This book is a wonderful accompaniment to explore messages from any or all of the wonderful decks available such as angel, goddess, shaman, crystal, fairy, dolphin, chakra, gaia, biblical, romance, mermaid, moon, numerology, saints, warrior, sacred geometry, spirit animal, rune, native wisdom and medicine, archangel, and witchcraft. Journaling women, men, and kids will enjoy this notebook as a gift to guide and focus the powerful internal ritual of working with an Oracle or tarot deck. Whether seeking intuitive mystical wisdom, divination, healing, shifting energy, receiving universal, divine, higher self, or angelic guidance, achieving balance, creating abundance, living a more purposeful life, tuning into the sacred magic of the universe, practicing gratitude or working with a card deck for entertainment.

📒You Are Enough ✍ Cassie Mendoza-Jones

✏Book Title : You Are Enough
✏Author : Cassie Mendoza-Jones
✏Publisher : Hay House, Inc
✏Release Date : 2016-04-01
✏Pages : 304
✏ISBN : 9781401933852
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏You Are Enough Book Summary : You are Enough explores why we have become so worried about what other people think of us, and what our infatuation with comparison can cause on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. If you are sick of striving, or feeling like a perfectionist comparer, here are the practical tools for getting out of the comparison trap, so that you can learn to accept yourself as you are, and revel in the sense of peace and ease that this brings. Are you sick of giving yourself a hard time? Have you had enough of comparing yourself to others? Do you feel that nothing you do is good enough? It doesn’t have to be this way. Because guess what? Your worth is innate—you can’t earn it with accomplishments or by hitting your goals … which means you can’t lose it when you think you haven’t done enough. It’s time to let go of the negative thoughts that keep telling you that you’ll only be more when you work harder … that keep you stuck, constantly comparing yourself to those around you. It’s time to understand what your body is trying to tell you when you’re burning out, pushing yourself to your limits, and chasing self-worth, achievements and perfectionism. You are enough. Knowing this starts with accepting yourself. And the shift to true self-acceptance is realising you’re already enough.