📒George W Bush ✍ James Mann

✏Book Title : George W Bush
✏Author : James Mann
✏Publisher : Times Books
✏Release Date : 2015-02-03
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9781627792301
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏George W Bush Book Summary : The controversial president whose time in office was defined by the September 11 attacks and the war on terror George W. Bush stirred powerful feelings on both sides of the aisle. Republicans viewed him as a resolute leader who guided America through the September 11 attacks and retaliated in Afghanistan and Iraq, while Democrats saw him as an overmatched president who led America into two inconclusive wars that sapped the nation's resources and diminished its stature. When Bush left office amid a growing financial crisis, both parties were eager to move on. In this assessment of the nation's forty-third president, James Mann sheds light on why George W. Bush made the decisions that shaped his presidency, what went wrong, and how the internal debates and fissures within his administration played out in such a charged atmosphere. He shows how and why Bush became such a polarizing figure in both domestic and foreign affairs, and he examines the origins and enduring impact of Bush's most consequential actions—including Iraq, the tax cuts, and the war on terror. In this way, Mann points the way to a more complete understanding of George W. Bush and his times.

📒Beating Around The Bush ✍ Art Buchwald

✏Book Title : Beating Around the Bush
✏Author : Art Buchwald
✏Publisher : Seven Stories Press
✏Release Date : 2005
✏Pages : 231
✏ISBN : 9781583227145
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Beating Around the Bush Book Summary : Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald returns undaunted to examine the ridiculous people and preposterous events that we call our daily reality. Collected from his columns, with a foreword by Garry Trudeau, Buchwald’s satirical voice darts at politicians, power, corporations and the media without pause. A self-described troublemaker, Buchwald continues to represent the great American traits of skepticism, humor, and a refusal to compromise in the face of absurdity.

✏Book Title : George W Bush War Criminal
✏Author : Michael Haas
✏Publisher : ABC-CLIO
✏Release Date : 2009
✏Pages : 388
✏ISBN : 9780313364990
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏George W Bush War Criminal Book Summary : Documents 269 war crimes that George W. Bush and the members of his administration may have committed in violation of international and U.S. agreements and laws in the initiation and conduct of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

📒George H W Bush ✍ Marc Davis

✏Book Title : George H W Bush
✏Author : Marc Davis
✏Publisher : Capstone
✏Release Date : 2002-09
✏Pages : 64
✏ISBN : 0756502853
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏George H W Bush Book Summary : Uses historical contexts and general information to portray George Bush's presidency, detailing how events in his life shaped his fellow American's lives in the late twentieth century.

✏Book Title : Controversies of the George W Bush Presidency
✏Author : Nancy S. Lind
✏Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
✏Release Date : 2007
✏Pages : 193
✏ISBN : 0313340110
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Controversies of the George W Bush Presidency Book Summary : Controversial issues of the George W. Bush presidency are critically examined through pro and con primary documents.

📒Bush ✍ Jean Edward Smith

✏Book Title : Bush
✏Author : Jean Edward Smith
✏Publisher : Simon and Schuster
✏Release Date : 2016-07-05
✏Pages : 832
✏ISBN : 9781476741215
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Bush Book Summary : Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of the Year Distinguished presidential biographer Jean Edward Smith offers a “comprehensive and compelling” (The New York Times) life of George W. Bush, showing how he ignored his advisors to make key decisions himself—most disastrously in invading Iraq—and how these decisions were often driven by the President’s deep religious faith. George W. Bush, the forty-third president of the United States, almost singlehandedly decided to invade Iraq. It was possibly the worst foreign-policy decision ever made by a president. The consequences dominated the Bush Administration and still haunt us today. In Bush, a “well-rounded portrait…necessary and valuable in this election year” (Christian Science Monitor), Jean Edward Smith demonstrates that it was not Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, or Condoleezza Rice, but President Bush himself who took personal control of foreign policy. Bush drew on his deep religious conviction that important foreign-policy decisions were simply a matter of good versus evil. Domestically, he overreacted to 9/11 and endangered Americans’ civil liberties. Smith explains that it wasn’t until the financial crisis of 2008 that Bush finally accepted expert advice. As a result, he authorized decisions that saved the economy from possible collapse, even though some of those decisions violated Bush’s own political philosophy. “An excellent initial assessment of a presidency that began in controversy…and ended with the international and domestic failures that saddled Bush with the most sustained negative ratings of any modern president” (Dallas Morning News), this comprehensive evaluation will surely surprise many readers. “Written in sober, smooth, snark-free prose, with an air of thoughtful, detached authority, the book is nonetheless exceedingly damning in its judgments about George W. Bush’s years in office” (The Washington Post).

✏Book Title : 50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush
✏Author : Robert Sterling
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2004
✏Pages : 201
✏ISBN : 1932595023
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush Book Summary : Here are 50 witty, extravagantly sourced and take no prisoners style reasons why Americans need to take back America from the corrupt menace currently occupying the White House. Written by Konformist.com's webmaster Robert Sterling, with contributions, both visual and textual, from Russ Kick, Sam Smith, Greg Palast and Robbie Conal.

📒The Drama Of Dna ✍ Karen H. Rothenberg

✏Book Title : The Drama of DNA
✏Author : Karen H. Rothenberg
✏Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
✏Release Date : 2014
✏Pages : 211
✏ISBN : 9780199309351
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Drama of DNA Book Summary : Through the use of dramatic narratives, The Drama of DNA brings to life the complexities raised by the application of genomic technologies to health care and diagnosis. This creative, pedagogical approach shines a unique light on the ethical, psychosocial, and policy challenges that emerge as comprehensive sequencing of the human genome transitions from research to clinical medicine. Narrative genomics aims to enhance understanding of how we evaluate, process, and share genomic information, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for difficult decisions encountered by health care professionals, bioethicists, families, and society as this technology reaches the bedside. This innovative book includes both original genomic plays and theatrical excerpts that illuminate the implications of genomic information and emerging technologies for physicians, scientists, counselors, patients, blood relatives, and society. In addition to the plays, the authors provide an analytical foundation to frame the many challenges that often arise.

✏Book Title : The Bush Leadership the Power of Ideas and the War on Terror
✏Author : Assoc Prof David B MacDonald
✏Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
✏Release Date : 2012-08-01
✏Pages : 220
✏ISBN : 9781409456315
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The Bush Leadership the Power of Ideas and the War on Terror Book Summary : Foreign policy success or failure is often attributed to the role of leadership. This volume explores the relationship between President George W. Bush's leadership, the administration's stated belief in the power of ideas (and the ideas of power) and its approach to the war on terror. Drawing on the international expertise of ten American foreign policy and security specialists, this incisive and timely book combines theoretical perspectives on political leadership with rigorous empirical analysis of selected aspects of the Bush administration's post 9/11 foreign policy. As a result, this book sheds considerable light not just on the limited impact of President Bush's war on terror strategy, but also, more importantly, on why key ideas underpinning the strategy, such as US global primacy and pre-emptive war, largely failed to gel in a globalizing world.

✏Book Title : The George W Bush Foreign Policy Reader Presidential Speeches with Commentary
✏Author : John W. Dietrich
✏Publisher : Routledge
✏Release Date : 2015-06-03
✏Pages : 320
✏ISBN : 9781317456643
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The George W Bush Foreign Policy Reader Presidential Speeches with Commentary Book Summary : India has become one of the hottest business stories in the news. Covering the fast-growing economy, the twists and turns of domestic politics, labor in the large informal sector, the cultural roots of Hindu nationalism, the foreign relations roller coaster, the business of Bollywood, and a special chapter covering the range of new resources about India available on the web, this unique book highlights and illuminates India's vastly changing fortunes.