Burial Rites

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  • Author : Church Publishing
  • Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
  • Pages : 128 pages
  • ISBN : 978186723xxxx
  • Rating : /5 from reviews

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Enriching Our Worship 3

Enriching Our Worship 3
  • Author : Church Publishing,
  • Publisher : Church Publishing, Inc.
  • Release : 01 February 2007
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These newly authorized rites are intended to be a supplement to the burial services in the Book of Common Prayer, adding a rich variety of new material from many sources, including prayers for one who has died in military service, for one of unknown faith, for an unbeliever, and for a member of an inter-faith family. All of the major pastoral issues of the Prayer Book rites are addressed from the reception of the body to the consecration of the

Old Norse Religion in Long term Perspectives

Old Norse Religion in Long term Perspectives
  • Author : Anders Andrén
  • Publisher : Nordic Academic Press
  • Release : 01 January 2006
GET THIS BOOK Old Norse Religion in Long term Perspectives

The study of Old Norse Religion is a truly multidisciplinary and international field of research. The rituals, myths and narratives of pre-Christian Scandinavia are investigated and interpreted by archaeologists, historians, art historians, historians of religion as well as scholars of literature, onomastics and Scandinavian studies. For obvious reasons, these studies belong to the main curricula in Scandinavia but are also carried out at many other universities in Europe, the United States and Australia a fact that is evident to any

Death and Burial in the Roman World

Death and Burial in the Roman World
  • Author : J. M. C. Toynbee
  • Publisher : JHU Press
  • Release : 31 October 1996
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The most comprehensive book on Roman burial practices—now available in paperback Never before available in paperback, J. M. C. Toynbee's study is the most comprehensive book on Roman burial practices. Ranging throughout the Roman world from Rome to Pompeii, Britain to Jerusalem—Toynbee's book examines funeral practices from a wide variety of perspectives. First, Toynbee examines Roman beliefs about death and the afterlife, revealing that few Romans believed in the Elysian Fields of poetic invention. She then describes the

Anglo Saxon Deviant Burial Customs

Anglo Saxon Deviant Burial Customs
  • Author : Andrew Reynolds
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Release : 26 March 2009
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Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs is the first detailed consideration of the ways in which Anglo-Saxon society dealt with social outcasts. Beginning with the period following Roman rule and ending in the century following the Norman Conquest, it surveys a period of fundamental social change, which included the conversion to Christianity, the emergence of the late Saxon state, and the development of the landscape of the Domesday Book. While an impressive body of written evidence for the period survives in the

Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record

Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record
  • Author : Eileen M. Murphy
  • Publisher : Oxbow Books
  • Release : 19 August 2008
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This edited volume contains twelve papers that present evidence on non-normative burial practices from the Neolithic through to Post-Medieval periods and includes case studies from some ten countries. It has long been recognised by archaeologists that certain individuals in a variety of archaeological cultures from diverse periods and locations have been accorded differential treatment in burial relative to other members of their society. These individuals can include criminals, women who died during childbirth, unbaptised infants, people with disabilities, and supposed

The Archaeology of Death and Burial

The Archaeology of Death and Burial
  • Author : Mike Parker Pearson
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Release : 03 September 2021
GET THIS BOOK The Archaeology of Death and Burial

The archaeology of death and burial is central to our attempts to understand vanished societies. Through the remains of funerary rituals we can learn not only about the attitudes of prehistoric people to death and the afterlife, but also about their way of life, their social organisation and their view of the world. This ambitious book reviews the latest research in this huge and important field, and describes the sometimes controversial interpretations that have led to rapid advances in our

Natural Burial

Natural Burial
  • Author : Douglas Davies,Hannah Rumble
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Release : 26 July 2012
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From the 1990s the British developed an interest in natural burial, also known as woodland, green, or ecological burial. Natural burial constitutes part of a long, historical legacy for British funeral innovation; from Victorian cemetery monuments and garden cemeteries through the birth and rise of cremation to the many things done with cremated remains. The book sets natural burial in the context of such creative dealing with death, grief, mourning, and the celebration of life. Themes from sociology and anthropology

The Role of Anglo Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation in Comparison and in Context AD 500 750

The Role of Anglo Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation  in Comparison and in Context AD 500 750
  • Author : Adam McBride
  • Publisher : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd
  • Release : 31 January 2020
GET THIS BOOK The Role of Anglo Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation in Comparison and in Context AD 500 750

This book explores the role of great hall complexes in kingdom formation through an expansive and ambitious study, incorporating new fieldwork, new quantitative methodologies and new theoretical models for the emergence of high-status settlements and the formation and consolidation of supra-regional socio-political units.

Household and Family Religion in Antiquity

Household and Family Religion in Antiquity
  • Author : John Bodel,Saul M. Olyan
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 15 February 2012
GET THIS BOOK Household and Family Religion in Antiquity

The first book to explore the religious dimensions of the familyand the household in ancient Mediterranean and West Asianantiquity. Advances our understanding of household and familial religion,as opposed to state-sponsored or civic temple cults Reconstructs domestic and family religious practices in Egypt,Greece, Rome, Israel, Mesopotamia, Ugarit, Emar, and Philistia Explores many household rituals, such as providing forancestral spirits, and petitioning of a household's patron deitiesor of spirits associated with the house itself Examines lifecycle rituals – from pregnancy and

Encyclopedia of the Yoruba

Encyclopedia of the Yoruba
  • Author : Toyin Falola,Akintunde Akinyemi
  • Publisher : Indiana University Press
  • Release : 20 June 2016
GET THIS BOOK Encyclopedia of the Yoruba

The Yoruba people today number more than 30 million strong, with significant numbers in the United States, Nigeria, Europe, and Brazil. This landmark reference work emphasizes Yoruba history, geography and demography, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, religion, and art. The 285 entries include biographies of prominent Yoruba figures, artists, and authors; the histories of political institutions; and the impact of technology and media, urban living, and contemporary culture on Yoruba people worldwide. Written by Yoruba experts on all continents, this encyclopedia provides