The Mammoth Book of Women s Erotic Fantasies

The Mammoth Book of Women s Erotic Fantasies
  • Author : Sonia Florens
  • Publisher : Robinson Publishing
  • Release : 01 January 2011
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What do women really want? What are their most intimate erotic desires? The confessions gathered together in this volume come from 50 perfectly ordinary women from all parts of the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Europe, North America and Australia. They offer up their most private dreams and most closely kept sexual secrets. Some of their fantasies are shocking, others playful, but all are utterly captivating. The stories lay bare the often bizarre nature of female desire, a buried thread in sometimes


  • Author : Tony Mitchell
  • Publisher : Carlton Books Limited
  • Release : 01 April 2001

Fetish collects together for the first time in one volume the best of S&M fantasy photography.


  • Author : B Sharise Moore
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release : 13 August 2008

On Ido, island of Sphinx people, love and monogamy are strictly prohibited, physical pleasures abound, and a brewing civil war pits youth and virility against age and experience.


  • Author : Mark Darcy,Mark Malyon
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release : 12 February 2016
GET THIS BOOK Anticipation

Anticipation Volume One is an Anthology of Erotic Fantasies. Featuring 'Valentines Gift' and erotic love story. Caroline is only thinking of shutting up her shop, when a stranger comes in to buy a Valentines Gift for his bitch girlfriend. 'Neighbourhood Watch' Lydia's lesbian fantasy comes true. When her husband goes away for the weekend four strangers bring a fantasy to life. Sensual Woman, A new workmate becomes a new playmate when Karen starts a new job. 'Wet Through' a story

Siobhan s Desire Fae Lovers Book 2

Siobhan s Desire   Fae Lovers  Book 2
  • Author : Siera Saunders
  • Publisher : JSC Publishing
  • Release : 10 November 2013
GET THIS BOOK Siobhan s Desire Fae Lovers Book 2

Siobhan! Unseen, Lachlan had watched her grow from child to woman. Drawn to her as he'd been to no other through the long centuries of his life. Unlike the other humans that he and his brother had played with, a single night of bed sport with Siobhan would never be enough. Lachlan intended to claim her body and soul—for all time. Drawn repeatedly to the border of the crumbling estate where she'd played as a child, Siobhan had resisted

Epic Erotic Fantasy

Epic Erotic Fantasy
  • Author : Carl East
  • Publisher : Carl East
  • Release : 31 August 2020
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The tales in this book are as follows: Story 1 - Soul Mates Story 2 - The Gifted Story 3 - The Gifted 2 Story 4 - Almost Good Story 5 - Demi-Human’s Story 6 - Demon’s Servitude – Book 1 Story 7 - Demon’s Servitude – Book 2 Story 8 - Erotic Quests Story 9 - The Sorceress and Her Apprentice Story 10 - Too Familiar Story 11 - The Sight Story 12 - The Sight 2 Story 13 - The Sight 3 These tales are graphic in nature and are intended for adults only. All

Best Erotic Fantasy Science Fiction

Best Erotic Fantasy   Science Fiction
  • Author : Cecilia Tan
  • Publisher : Circlet Press
  • Release : 24 September 2021
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A compilation of the very best speculative erotica our editors could find. When Cecilia Tan founded Circlet Press in 1992, The house was one of the only places where readers who enjoyed a mixture of erotica with fantasy or science fiction could get their fix. Since then, paranormal romance has taken off to become the bestselling romance subgenre (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and even futuristic settings have taken hold in steamy romance (J. D. Robb), while the mainstream of science fiction and fantasy

Danger Centaurs and Desire A 6 Book Erotic Fantasy Collection

Danger  Centaurs  and Desire  A 6 Book Erotic Fantasy Collection
  • Author : Danica Slate
  • Publisher : Danica Slate
  • Release : 03 January 2014
GET THIS BOOK Danger Centaurs and Desire A 6 Book Erotic Fantasy Collection

This huge equine bundle contains six monstrous tales of women being taken by centaur lovers and imposing their wills upon hordes of strapping centaur stallions! This 6-book collection contains vulnerable and aggressive women, outdoor sex, group sex, huge insertions, beastly encounters, oral, anal, and lustful half-horse, half-man throngs. 1. Her Unbridled Desire: Taken by Centaurs For as long as she's lived, Arysta has loved horses. So entranced is she by their majestic beauty and strength that she really has no time

Club 42

Club 42
  • Author : Joanna Angel
  • Publisher : Cleis Press
  • Release : 09 February 2021

Angel is a powerhouse and has an enormous following in the adult entertainment/erotica industry. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone, and 511K followers on Twitter. Night Shift, Angel's first choose-your-own erotic fantasy book with Cleis Press received much praise for being sex positive, gender inclusive, open minded, and diverse. Readers love interactive books because they control the characters' fates, and if they don't like how it turns out, they can read the book all over again with new

The Classics Professor

The Classics Professor
  • Author : Michael Hemmingson,Mary Anne Mohanraj
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 24 September 2021
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"The Classics Professor" is a beautiful woman at a prestigious New York university whose cold professional facade masks a powerful eroticism. With a crisscrossing narrative and endless plot scenarios, which can play out differently in each reading, this is the ideal book for the modern-day erotica reader in search of adventure.

Spell Of The Piper Fae Lovers Book 4

Spell Of The Piper   Fae Lovers  Book 4
  • Author : Siera Saunders
  • Publisher : JSC Publishing
  • Release : 27 August 2015
GET THIS BOOK Spell Of The Piper Fae Lovers Book 4

Grace's visit to her family's isolated mountain cabin yields an unexpected and lusty bounty when she meets Alec, the single and very sexy nephew of the cabin's caretaker. But when a seductive and mysterious piper also appears on the scene, one thing becomes crystal clear. Grace's long, dry spell is most definitely over. READER ADVISORY: This is an erotic fantasy short story (approximately 9,000 words in length) featuring hot, graphic sexual situations involving the magical Fae (also known as faeries -

Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat
  • Author : Lauren Hawkeye,Eve Langlais,Cynthia Sax
  • Publisher : Quarry Press (TX)
  • Release : 15 May 2014
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Hot on the success of Northern Heat (Series Number 1) comes this new collection of erotic romance novellas by some of the best authors writing in the most popular erotic romance genres: contemporary erotic; fantasy and futurist; and regency romance.Opal Carew, who has won the prestigious Reader's Choice Award, is also the author of a dozen erotic romances, including Illicit, Bliss, Office Slave, and Celestial Mates. RT Book Reviews gives Pleasure Bound 4 ½ stars and says, "Steamy” doesn't begin to describe