Alternative Universities

📒Alternative Universities ✍ David J. Staley

✏Book Title : Alternative Universities
✏Author : David J. Staley
✏Publisher : Johns Hopkins University Press
✏Release Date : 2019-03-26
✏Pages : 280
✏ISBN : 9781421427416
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Alternative Universities Book Summary : How can we re-envision the university? Too many examples of what passes for educational innovation today—MOOCs especially—focus on transactions, on questions of delivery. In Alternative Universities, David J. Staley argues that modern universities suffer from a poverty of imagination about how to reinvent themselves. Anyone seeking innovation in higher education today should concentrate instead, he says, on the kind of transformational experience universities enact. In this exercise in speculative design, Staley proposes ten models of innovation in higher education that expand our ideas of the structure and scope of the university, suggesting possibilities for what its future might look like. What if the university were designed around a curriculum of seven broad cognitive skills or as a series of global gap year experiences? What if, as a condition of matriculation, students had to major in three disparate subjects? What if the university placed the pursuit of play well above the acquisition and production of knowledge? By asking bold "What if?" questions, Staley assumes that the university is always in a state of becoming and that there is not one "idea of the university" to which all institutions must aspire. This book specifically addresses those engaged in university strategy—university presidents, faculty, policy experts, legislators, foundations, and entrepreneurs—those involved in what Simon Marginson calls "university making." Pairing a critique tempered to our current moment with an explanation of how change and disruption might contribute to a new "golden age" for higher education, Alternative Universities is an audacious and essential read.

✏Book Title : Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development
✏Author : Walter Leal Filho
✏Publisher : Springer
✏Release Date :
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 9783030156046
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development Book Summary :

✏Book Title : Alternative Entry Programs to University for Mature Age Students
✏Author : Marguerite Mary Cullity
✏Publisher : UoM Custom Book Centre
✏Release Date : 2010-10-01
✏Pages : 263
✏ISBN : 9781921775147
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Alternative Entry Programs to University for Mature Age Students Book Summary : Australia has a long history of accepting unmatriculated, return-to-study and equity group mature age learners into undergraduate courses. Universities enrol mature age students on the basis of, for example, their equity background, prior learning, work experiences, scores on a mature age entrance test, or results in an alternative entry program. This study examined the nature and outcomes of four alternative entry programs (AEPs) to higher education for mature age learners (21 years plus). Alternative entry programs provide mature age students with a way to explore their academic aptitude for, and confidence to, study.

✏Book Title : Building Better Universities
✏Author : Jos Boys
✏Publisher : Routledge
✏Release Date : 2014-11-13
✏Pages : 248
✏ISBN : 9781135127633
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Building Better Universities Book Summary : Building Better Universities provides a wide-ranging summary and critical review of the increasing number of groundbreaking initiatives undertaken by universities and colleges around the world. It suggests that we have reached a key moment for the higher education sector in which the services, location, scale, ownership, and distinctiveness of education are being altered dramatically, whether universities and colleges want it or not. These shifts are affecting traditional assumptions about both the future ‘shape’ of higher education institutions, and the roles of—and relationships between—learners, teachers, researchers, managers, businesses, communities and other stakeholders. Building Better Universities aims to bridge the gap between educational ideas about what the university is, or should be ‘for’, and its day-to-day practices and organisation. It roams across strategic, operational, and institutional issues; space planning and building design; and technological change, in order to bring together issues that are often dealt with separately. By analysing the many challenges faced by higher education in the contemporary period, and exploring the various ways universities and colleges are responding, this powerful book aims to support a ‘step-change’ in debates over the future of higher education, and to enable senior managers and faculty to develop more strategic and creative ways of enabling effective twenty-first-century learning in their own institutions.

✏Book Title : Alternative Pathways to the Baccalaureate
✏Author : Nancy Remington
✏Publisher : Stylus Publishing, LLC
✏Release Date : 2013-04-02
✏Pages : 224
✏ISBN : 9781579228774
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Alternative Pathways to the Baccalaureate Book Summary : “This book does an excellent job of tracing the history of the movement and where it stands today. It discusses the political context when these discussions happen in states and the education implications when institutions take on this additional mission. This book may or may not convert those who are concerned about ‘mission creep’ of community colleges, but it sure will give them something to think about. Clearly we cannot continue to do business as we have always done and expect to meet the growing demand for college educated citizens. This book provides some thoughts on how to create a new model going forward and it deserves serious consideration.” —from the Foreword by Carol D’Amico The premise of this book is that, in a globalized economy dependent on innovation and knowledge, higher education must provide greater, more affordable access to the acquisition of higher-level skills and knowledge for a greater proportion of the population. The purpose of this book is to open up a debate about the status quo. Should four-year institutions remain the near-exclusive conferrers of the baccalaureate? Or is there a legitimate role for community colleges who already educate over half the undergraduate population of the United States, at lower cost with few barriers to access? The contributors examine the capacities of four-year colleges to deliver training for technical occupations; the ability of community colleges to deliver rigorous, high-quality courses; and issues of access, affordability, faculty development, and responsiveness to changing needs. A chapter devoted to student voices provides the critical perspective of this constituency. The book concludes by describing examples of implementation across the United States, reviewing different models of articulation as well as promising practices that include eliminating the need for transfer altogether. Alternative Pathways to the Baccalaureate provides vital information and new research for policymakers, community college leaders, and scholars of higher education to provoke much-needed debate. Published in association with the Community College Baccalaureate Association

📒Directory Of United States Traditional And Alternative Colleges And Universities ✍ National Association of State Approved Colleges and Universities

✏Book Title : Directory of United States Traditional and Alternative Colleges and Universities
✏Author : National Association of State Approved Colleges and Universities
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1984
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : STANFORD:36105031053148
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Directory of United States Traditional and Alternative Colleges and Universities Book Summary :

✏Book Title : Guide to alternative colleges and universities
✏Author : Wayne Blaze
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1974
✏Pages : 141
✏ISBN : UOM:39015015196853
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Guide to alternative colleges and universities Book Summary :

✏Book Title : Trick or Treatment The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine
✏Author : Edzard Ernst
✏Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
✏Release Date : 2008-08-17
✏Pages : 352
✏ISBN : 0393069869
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Trick or Treatment The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine Book Summary : The truth about the potions, lotions, pills and needles, pummelling and energizing that lie beyond the realms of conventional medicine. Whether you are an ardent believer in alternative medicine, a skeptic, or are simply baffled by the range of services and opinions, this guide lays to rest doubts and contradictions with authority, integrity, and clarity. In this groundbreaking analysis, over thirty of the most popular treatments—acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic, and herbal medicines—are examined for their benefits and potential dangers. Questions answered include: What works and what doesn't? What are the secrets, and what are the lies? Who can you trust, and who is ripping you off? Can science decide what is best, or do the old wives' tales really tap into ancient, superior wisdom?In their scrutiny of alternative and complementary cures, authors Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst also strive to reassert the primacy of the scientific method as a means for determining public health practice and policy.

✏Book Title : Privatization and Public Universities
✏Author : Douglas M. Priest
✏Publisher : Indiana University Press
✏Release Date : 2006
✏Pages : 299
✏ISBN : 0253347351
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Privatization and Public Universities Book Summary : Today's public institutions of higher education are facing difficult financial times. In this book, experts in the fields of higher education, development, technology, and philanthropy thoughtfully explore the challenges of improving the quality of education and research while facing reduced state support. They explore some of the important revenue-generating and cost-reduction tools, examine their usefulness, and discuss their implications for both the university and the constituencies it serves. As institutions seek to maximize tuition income, capitalize on the creative activity of the faculty, and apply a plethora of IT products to the delivery of instruction and administrative support, they introduce a great deal of change into the environment. Some of these changes may have the desired effects, but regardless of their success or failure, they will alter the fabric of public higher education.

📒The University In Transformation ✍ Sohail Inayatullah

✏Book Title : The University in Transformation
✏Author : Sohail Inayatullah
✏Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
✏Release Date : 2000-01
✏Pages : 270
✏ISBN : 0897897188
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏The University in Transformation Book Summary : Leading scholars examine the future of the university based upon historical and emerging issues and trends.