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✏Book Title : Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Adult Coloring Books
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2018-10-16
✏Pages : 124
✏ISBN : 1948191857
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : Over 60 Unique Country Farm Images To Color Charming Natural Scenes, Christmas Flower Designs, Farm Yard Animals and Farm House Settings To Help You Relax and Relief Stress This Adult Coloring Book is Special For everyone who loves to Color Country Farms and Gardens. It's perfect gift for the "Country Farm Lovers." You'll Discover Over Sixty designs of different Farm House and Gardens Around the World Featuring Cute Animals like Fox, Hedgehog, Horses, Cattle, birds, Rabbits, Chickens and so much More. Each Page Features Breathtaking Drawings waiting to be brought to life by your favorite hues, coloring pencils, markers, watercolor pens etc This Pattern ranges From Complex to Simple Designs. Let's join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring! Order Your Copy Now To Get Started Immediately

✏Book Title : Primitive Country An Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Nichole Aguilar
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2017-04-05
✏Pages : 66
✏ISBN : 9781365871689
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Primitive Country An Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : Primitive Country: An Adult Coloring Book is based on the simplicity of the earlier Primitivism art movement. Within this book there are illustrations of beautiful woodland and farmland scenes that portray many aspects of country living.

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✏Book Title : Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Adult Coloring Books Illustrators Alliance
✏Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
✏Release Date : 2016-01-21
✏Pages : 66
✏ISBN : 1523625074
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : *** 30 UNIQUE ILLUSTRATIONS DESIGNED BY 9 TALENTED ARTISTS *** *** LIMITED TIME NEW YEAR'S SALE *** *** ALL OUR BOOKS ARE $5.97 $12.49 *** Preview of what's inside => FREE GIFTS INSIDE Additional 20+ Unique Illustrations ($27 Value) Report Revealing Top 10 Tools Every Coloring Enthusiast Should Have Exclusive Discounts for New Book Releases and More Free Designs Relax and step away from everyday life stress!Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. Nowadays our lives become busier and more complicated. Technology escalation moves us through waves of emails and social networks' notifications. This constant stimulation of expectations, obligations and stress has left us burnt out and distanced from the joys of the present. Finding a moment of calm can be a challenge. Recently, coloring has been discovered a wonderful activity for anyone who wants to relax, de-stress and release mind from overwhelming thoughts. The growing popularity of adult coloring books proves its positive simplicity and being a trendy way to find yourself focused and unwind from the hectic pace of modern life! Channel stress and anxiety into artistic fulfillment. Escape to the world of inspiration suitable for both, beginners and advanced colorists, anyone who loves coloring joy. There are no instructions, no rights or wrongs, and there is no need for expensive art supplies. Color in any way you wish to create unique and exquisite pieces. Coloring can benefit those who find it difficult to discover their inner artist when faced with a blank page. Switch off and lose yourself in the flow of coloring. The book features Valentine's Day themed illustrations, full of love and happiness. Features: 30 beautiful, stress-relieving patterns, designed to engage and spark imagination to unleash your inner creativity. Different levels of detail, from easy to difficult (for different eyes). Pick a picture depending on your mood and start your de-stressing journey. Print it on large 8.5x11 high quality paper and you'll have plenty of space to be creative and work on the details. When you are done, you will have unique piece of art, worth framing and displaying. Perfect for decorating with colored pencils, gel pens, markers, porous point pens or crayons. Share your coloring passion. Give your friend a gift of relaxation or sit and enjoy it together. You don't need creative experience. If you find it difficult to discover your inner artist - you will still benefit. Coloring alone is calming, just add color! Scroll up and get it now! Check out what others are saying..."I have found out that it doesn't matter what I am coloring, the coloring itself is very calming." - Sandra "Good activity for a tea with friends, great stress reliever after hours of corporate work!" - Jacob "I get every release from the series, designs are original and the books are not overpriced like some of the others." - Elizabeth *Please note that if you are using markers or gel pens, consider using scrap paper behind the page you're coloring to prevent bleed-through. ____ Tags: adult coloring books best sellers, coloring books for adults relaxation, artists illustrators, flowers mandala fantasy, zentangle coloring book, animals geometric, stress relieving patterns, coloring pages for adults, meditation, adult coloring pencils pen crayons markers, creative inspirations, color me calm, extreme art, dream catcher happy balance wow, stress relief coloring book, really cool relaxing colouring, doodle invasion, mindfulness meditation, halloween coloring book, coloring books for grownups, anti-stress management

✏Book Title : Adult Coloring Book
✏Author :
✏Publisher : Blue Star Coloring
✏Release Date : 2015-04-01
✏Pages : 100
✏ISBN : 1941325122
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : Filled with intricate, detailed, and inspiring patterns & designs, this adult coloring book provides hours of stress relief and mental relaxation. Your instructions for maximum enjoyment are simple: 1. Break out your crayons or colored pencils. 2. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer, whatever. 3. Stop thinking about your job, your credit score, your reputation with your co-workers, your goals, your waistline, your retirement savings, etc. 4. Remind yourself that coloring is like dancing, or being alive. It doesn't have a point; it is the point. 5. Find your favorite page in the book. That is the beginning. 6. Start coloring. 7. If you notice at any point that you are having fun, forgetting your worries, daydreaming freely, feeling more creative, excitable, curious, delighted, relaxed or any combination thereof, breathe deeply and take a moment to enjoy it. Then, gently return your attention to coloring. 8. When you are satisfied or don't feel like it anymore, stop.

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✏Book Title : Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Coloring Books For Adults Relaxation
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2019
✏Pages : 60
✏ISBN : 194526070X
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : The latest coloring book from the coloring sensation. This coloring book for adults relaxation has over several beautiful designs to provide hours and days of fun, activity and stress relief. UNIQUE, RELAXING DESIGNS TO COLOR! Best Coloring Books for Adults Relaxation A broad range of levels of intricacy keep you excited and engaged for hours! Designs include garden designs, animals, mandalas, and paisley patterns Each coloring page is designed to help relax and stay inspired Perfect for every skill level! Perfect with your choice of coloring tools (crayon, gel pens, markers, colored pencils) Each coloring page is on one sheet and is printed one sided. Add To Cart Today! Guaranteed to love.

📒Spring Coloring Book ✍ Alisa Calder

✏Book Title : Spring Coloring Book
✏Author : Alisa Calder
✏Publisher : Creative Coloring Press
✏Release Date : 2017-02-12
✏Pages : 40
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Spring Coloring Book Book Summary : Download a printable copy of this adult coloring book bestseller This fantastic Spring coloring book by best-selling artist Alisa Calder is the perfect way to relax, relieve stress, and let your creativity flow.Contains 30 pages of spring designs filled with spring flowers, animals, nature, and more.Download and print on any type of paper.One full-size image per page.Large 8.5" x 11" pages.Perfect adult coloring book to unwind and de-stress.Provides hours of creative relaxation.Designs offer a range of complexity from beginner to advanced.Makes a great gift!Get your copy now. Just click the buy button and get ready to relax and start coloring ...Categories: spring coloring books, springtime coloring book, springtime adult coloring book, spring coloring book for grown-ups, spring flowers, flower coloring book, nature coloring book, animal coloring book

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✏Book Title : Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Coloring Books For Adults
✏Publisher : CreateSpace
✏Release Date : 2015-08-17
✏Pages : 86
✏ISBN : 1516927990
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : The 40 unique detailed patterns are printed on large 8.5 x 11 high quality paper. Pages are printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Provides hours and hours of mindful calm, stress relief and creative expression.

✏Book Title : Off Color An Adult Coloring Book
✏Author : Ash Lee
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2018-12-05
✏Pages : 142
✏ISBN : 9780359269389
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Off Color An Adult Coloring Book Book Summary : Off Color is body and sex positivity, eroticism and sensuality, self discovery, sexual growth and healing, mindful meditation, and simply sexy fun. Our mission is to use art to support body and sex positive movements, the LGBTQA] community, domestic and sexual violence victims, and intersectional feminist causes around the world. Each month a portion of the proceeds from the Off Color coloring book sales will go toward an organization that supports these causes.

📒Vampires ✍ Jade Summer

✏Book Title : Vampires
✏Author : Jade Summer
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 2017-10-27
✏Pages : 126
✏ISBN : 1979206902
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Vampires Book Summary : 30 Unique Images | 2 Copies of Every Image | Includes FREE Digital Version (PDF Format) Adult coloring books by Jade Summer are the perfect way to relieve stress, aid relaxation, and discover your inner-artist. Every coloring page will transport you into a world of your own where your responsibilities will seem to fade away... About Jade SummerJade Summer is a brand owned by Fritzen Publishing LLC. Our team's mission is to help people release their inner-artist and enjoy healthier lives with reduced stress. Join Our CommunityView completed coloring pages made by fans across the world and share your own creations. Jade Summer books are a gateway to an active and friendly community of fellow colorists. Single-sided Coloring PagesEach image is printed on a black-backed page to reduce bleed-through. Two Copies of Every ImageEnjoy coloring your favorite images a second time, color with a friend, or have an extra copy in case you make a mistake. This book contains 30 unique images. Includes FREE Digital VersionAs a special bonus, you can download a PDF and print your favorite images to color again. Makes the Perfect GiftSurprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Buy two copies and enjoy coloring together. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax... Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button.

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✏Book Title : Coloring Books
✏Author : Adult Coloring Books
✏Publisher : Tip Top Education
✏Release Date : 2016-09-25
✏Pages :
✏ISBN : 1940282888
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

✏Coloring Books Book Summary : A Tip Top Coloring Book for Adults *30 ORIGINAL ART Designs *High Resolution, Professionally Printed Images *Printed on one side of the paper *Incredibly Fun and Relaxing *Butterflies *Flowers *Fun Fanciful Swirls A Simply Gorgeous Coloring Book for Adults!!!! (Teens love it too!)